Sunday, July 26, 2015

Lets talk feet?! || Scholl Velvet Smooth Review + GIVEAWAY!*

So it has been awhile, 3 months to be exact and I have missed blogging so much but with limited time I'm still trying to balance out my life to fit blogging into my timetable.
Anywho I am back though, with another review!

This is a little different as I dont think Ive ever brought up the topic of feet.
As there are a majority of people who think feet are quite gross and i have to admit i am one of those people. But when has there been a time when you think about purchasing products for your feet and im not talking about socks and shoes?!

I was contacted by Scholl and was sent 2 of their Velvet Smooth products to try out and it clicked in my mind that I dont really treat my feet as much as i do with my nails.
To be honest my feet arent that bad in terms of being dry, I just know my feet are pretty prone to getting the hard skin on feet (calluses) everytime i go out for long periods of time, my feet are slightly drier in the winter months aka now, but its not to the point where i want to drench my feet with hydration.

First off with the Scholl Express Pedi it was one that intrigued me the most with how it would work but then it also intimidated the crap out of me.
The express pedi is an electronic foot file so for the lazy people out there neglecting the use of the standard manual foot file due to the 'i cant be bothered' excuse this bad boy is quite the helper, making everything 3 times more faster (for what i think) and is also somewhat fun, though more on that later.

Equipped with a detachable microlumina roller head which contains synthetic diamonds that helps buffs off the hard and dry skin. 4 double A batteries are included so there is no need to purchase any extra.
The way to use it is by turning the express pedi on (twisting the silver ring above the handle) and gently gliding the roller head on any hard and dead skin. [Dont use the same spot for more than 3-4 seconds at a time.]
Bringing back the intimidating thought i get from this, my first impression of this was that it would feel like sandpaper grinding against my feet. Although it does look like it, i was obviously wrong and it definitely doesnt leave a mark that sandpaper would leave.

The roller head in action
 Using the Express Pedi, i found that it was oddly satisfying seeing the dry skin turn into dust and gradually fade off the feet in seconds, bonus points in the entertaining section there! 
It also doesnt feel too bad as you dont feel much happening as it is a barrier of hard skin.
The only thing i didnt like much about this product was the packaging. Even though you wouldn't think to bring it on travel, it is a bulky product and has some weight to it. The plastic cover that you put above the roller head, was a bit of an annoyance as it easily came off loose.
Other than that, it really does the job in reducing the hard skin. I can agree that it will remove the dry skin on the calluses so theyre less visible.

More info on the product [here]

The Scholl Velvet Smooth Cream is the favourite one of the two.
It's not as exciting as the first as it is a foot cream but it is like butter and heaven combined!
Containing MarineActiv, Daymoist CLR, Vitaman A,E and Omega 6, it is packed full of hydrating properties! 

With the packaging it is the typical 'hand cream' style, loving how the lid is at the bottom aswell so you can get every last bit of product without the hassle of squeezing from bottom to top. 

Its safe to say that yes this cream hydrates the shiz out of my feet and i did do a little test of using the Express Pedi on my right foot and the cream on my left and the one without the cream on did feel just a tad more rough.
But the winning factor of this was the fact that it wasnt greasy and that it absorbed into the skin so damn quick! 
Now they said on the packaging that it absorbs in 60 seconds and they need to change that cause it felt like under 10 seconds that it did its magic.

More info on the product [here]

Winter time is probably the best time to be caring for the feel as once summer is on its way, we gotta take our feet out from the boots and expose our feet into the sandals and thongs.
Luckily Scholl has provided me with an extra set of the products i mentioned above which means a giveaway!!

Terms and Conditions
  • Need to have parents permission as i will be needing a mailing address to be able to send the products out.
  • Must be following me on GFC or Bloglovin (i will be checking!)
  • This giveaway is international so anyone can enter as long as i can send the products to your country!
  • The giveaway ends on 2/8/15 at midnight


*Disclaimer: products were sent to me for reviewing


  1. Dry skin - all those horrible little patches of flaky dehydrated skin on your face thanks to the cold weather!

    1. Oh my gosh yes! And when none of your moisturisers help combat it aswell

  2. omggg i've been seeing this product everywhere!! I've been really wanting to try it because my skin gets so dry during winter as well but I can't find a good remedy for it >_<
    i think the part where it turns the dead skin into dust must've been really entertaining :') Would be pretty cool to try except I really can't justify the price o_o!!

    1. Oh and what i dislike about winter...? Almost everything LOL the lack of winter clothes that I own and the freezing winter breezes T^T

    2. The dust is the most satisfying part imo hahah
      Cant agree more! Winter is my least favourite weather, sucks having a wardrobe thats based around the warmer seasons :'(

  3. Definitely the flaky skin and itchiness.

  4. the dry patchy skin and my lips tend to get purple no matter how much i moisturize them!

  5. Ahh i would love to have one of these. Actually before reading this review, i'd thought would want to give it a try but keep thinking that it might not work.Thanks for this review