Saturday, October 31, 2015

Long hair is back?! || Irresistible Me*

I feel as though once someone gets the big chop, half the time they usually regret it and complain about short hair. For me, I still love my short hair (that has quickly grown out to be a medium length).

A little fact here, but my goal is to get rid of all the previous/past bleach/dyed parts of my hair so i can get my natural hair colour back and have fun with a new canvas. My hair is still half brown so i do have a long way to go to get it back but it the meantime I was lucky enough to choose a product from Irresistible Me.

As they are known for their extensions, I thought why not just try them out as Ive never thought about trying hair extensions out.Just letting you all know, I am a complete hair extension newbie, so I just played it safe and went for the Silky Touch range as its their best-selling line. I choose Silky Natural Black Extensions in 18 inches and 140G which I assume was going to be perfect for my thin hair which is in need of volume.

For their extensions, you're allowed to choose the weight as well as the length of them.

The different weights and the length included that are available:

200g (10 pieces) - 14", 18", 20", 22", 24"
140g (8 pieces) - 14", 18"
100g (7 pieces)- 14", 16"

After opening the lid?!

The extensions arrived pretty fast and can I say that any company or brand that sends out their products in their own packaging wins me over any day!

Coming in a black box with pretty artwork when you open it, yes it deserves it own picture.


Sample weft
Anyways, with myself and online shopping I tend to find myself buying sizes that are either a size too small and large so I try to make sure I only buy things that I know will fit. But with extensions it is a hit or miss if you end up with a different hair colour. Luckily for me I had the perfect shade. 
The extensions come in a plastic zip bag with two pockets, the bigger pocket stores all your extensions while the second pocket contains a sample weft of hair that you should open first to make sure the colour, length and the quality is what you're wanting incase of return. (I found that to be such a smart idea). 

My hair is thin and is pretty much half natural colour and half pink/brown (pink dye is gradually fading) so obviously the extensions don't blend in with the coloured parts, but since i am planning on getting my natural hair colour back, it will have to wait until I use it out in public.
So first time trying out the extensions, I think it was a horrible first attempt, where my straight hair contrasted against the wavy long hair and being able to feel the clips as well, didn't exactly put me off extensions as seeing past it, it flooded me with memories of having long hair again. I think i spent about 10 minutes gushing over the hair. 
Anyways I tried it a second time but this time I straightened the extensions beforehand and planned out what clips to put in my hair. 
From the bottom of my head going towards the top, I used 3 clips, 4 clips, 2x 2 clips, which stayed pretty well on my head.

Left: Normal hair length Right: Extensions

[hi five to me for attempting to hide my coloured hair haha]

I found that for my own hair, 140g is a lot of hair, it contains 8 clips but I managed to fit in 4 and bunching it all up in a ponytail it is pretty heavy! 

I have to admit, it has made me miss my old hair so much but then again I think they have persuaded me into cutting my hair shorter so I can just live off extensions rather than ruining my own hair, you know?!

But honestly I love these. I still have yet to play with them a bit more and making sure it fits with my thin hair but 100% real hair, long, soft and perfect color fit for me. I will be purchasing some more for the sake of bleaching them and dying them some fun colours!

I found out that they do sales on some occasions (25% off for halloween recently) but the extensions I got retail for $139. So make sure to snatch them up when their on sale cause its a pretty damn good deal.

Irresistible Me

*Product was sent to me to review, as always the review is my honest opinion on it.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Long time no Haul?! || Ft Birthday Beauty Gifts & more!

I feel like it has been awhile since my last major haul?! 
I think I've done pretty well in holding my crazy makeup spree craze just for the sake of saving up, but low and behold, we just need one of those days where spoiling yourself with the beauty of makeup should make your day a little bit better. Especially when having quite the stressful time in preparing for the upcoming exams. *cries in the corner*
But to be honest this 'haul' is pretty much the products I've gathered up that have either been bought or given to me as a gift from August to September.


Sadly 'Cherry Cordial' melted slightly in the lid :(
Even though Ive heard about Gerard Cosmetics, I never really thought to look at any of their products as it never did interest me. But I randomly came across their website and saw that they were having a 4 for $36 US sale (About $50AU) so it was quite the impulsive decision to go for it! I picked up the colours French Toast, Berry Smoothie, Rodeo Drive and Cherry Cordial as they were the only colours I was leaning towards. Still have yet to try them, but can I just say the packaging is so damn gorgeous and looks like such a luxury product for a cheap price!

While I was trying to top up my Myki at my local Terry White Chemist, I came across the Ulta range that was having a 50% sale, most of the lipsticks were sold out and the leftover ones were the colours that weren't my type except for one that caught my eye, the Ulta 3 Matte Lipstick in Rose Bloom was a little daunting from the tube but matte lipsticks are my love. I have used this for the past few days and it is the most gorgeous colour ever, will be doing a LOTD with this one soon! 

My brother went to Sydney for Defqon and with constant nagging to him about Sephora and getting the answer of 'NO' he texted me one afternoon and asked me what I wanted from Sephora! (#1 brother much?!). His phone was about to die so I made sure it was clear that I just wanted the Kat Von D Liquid Liner in Brown and Black and any blue liner but he didn't get me that cause he didn't see the point in blue eyeliner...  

Aside from the lipstick I featured from my birthday, my friend also got me The Body Shop Skinny Thin Felt Eyeliner. She told me she always saw me with a winged eyeliner so she got me a liner and it was pretty exciting getting a new eyeliner to try as majority of my liners were running low!! And it's always nice to know that my go to makeup look leaves an impression off my friends :')

I don't think I've made this quite public on my blog yet, but I did do the big chop so most of the brown in my hair is gone and my roots are back out and free! Which means, I needed a change of eyebrow products. I bought the Etude House Drawing Eyebrow Pencil in a black shade from BeautyNetKorea. With just this pencil alone it is too dark and bold for my liking but in combination with my Anastasia Dip Brow in Dark brown, it makes the perfect shade, can I just say it is my favourite eyebrow pencil aswell. (Throwback to my review of the eyebrow pencil!!)

I felt a little empty after using up my all time favourite lip balm, the Nivea Essential Care Lipbalm but as I was walking through the beauty aisle of my Woolies, I saw that the Nivea range was $2 each so I pick up 2 of the lip balms to stock up.

Leaving the best till last!
I got a $70 Mecca gift card from two of my lovely friends on my birthday Steph + Alex, THANKS SO MUCH GUYS (tbh you guys need to let Steph know that she needs to start blogging again).
 I don't have the heart to step inside a Mecca as knowing me I would probably end up going over my card limit but I think it was time to go spoil myself. Im a big online shopper so I ended up getting everything on the Mecca website. I picked up the Urban Decay All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray in hope that my makeup would last when summer comes along. My current eye primer was slowly coming down to an end so I added the Nars Smudgeproof Eyeshadow Base into my cart. I saw the Stila Midnight Magic Eyeliner Set and thought why the hell not?! Ive always wanted to see if their liquid liner was as good as it sounds and I needed a navy blue pencil eyeliner to try out, the set was perfect for me! Lastly my bronzer is starting to get outdated and I figured it may be the reason why Ive been getting itchy around the cheekbones, so I got the Too Faced Milk Chocolate Soleil Bronzer which smells like heaven.

Disclaimer: All these products were either bought by me or given to me as a gift