Sunday, December 29, 2013

DKNY Be Delicious Fresh Blossom

Ever since I've heard about the DKNY Be Delicious perfume (green apple scent), I've always wanted one. But seeing as the price was out of my budget in perfume buying, I never had the guts to go all out and buy one.

I went on a trip with my family excluding my bro (exam time sadly for him), for 2 weeks during October to Macau & Hong Kong. I pretty much went crazy in Sasa seeing most of the products a lot cheaper than here in Aus, so the first thing on my list to buy was the DKNY Be Delicious.
But obviously I bought the Fresh Blossom perfume, reason being was that I smelt the Fresh Blossom when I was at Macau and I fell in love with the scent more, so when I went to Hong Kong I bought the Fresh Blossom at a Sasa near Langham Place.

It costed $576 HK ($82 AUD). I know you can get it cheaper here in Aus for around $60 during sales, but I guess it was an impulse buy.

Pink and white box packaging!

I absolutely love the packaging and how the button is at the top while the dispenser is on the side, it's so unique compared with the modern day perfumes. But the downside to it is that you cant use a Travolo or a refillable perfume bottle with it.
The bottom is also flat so it wont roll around if you leave it on a flat surface.

As for the scent, I'm going to be using trusty google to describe it. 

Heart Notes: Muget, Rose & Jasmine
Top Notes: Grapefruit, Cassis & Apricot
Base Notes: Blond woods & Smooth Skin Accord

But all I say is that it smells fresh.

It's now my go-to perfume, I've been using 2 sprays of it whenever I'm out and lasts around 5 hours before it dies down. 
I will definitely repurchase this when I run out.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Lanolips Lip Ointment with Colour in Rhubarb

I purchased this a while back and I somehow ended up having it with my lip products abandoned after a couple of uses. It was a 'meh' product for me but I decided to give it another go.

I've heard a lot about the Lanolips products and all the raves, but the prices were puting me off in purchasing their lip ointments. I found the Lip ointment in Rhubard for only $2 in Priceline (in a bargain bin)! Yes 2 dollars. It was the last one as well, so of course I had to buy it.

I found the texture to be thick but not sticky. It felt a bit like lipgloss, and if you dont know me well, I really don't like lipgloss. Which is probably why I didnt use it a lot in the first place.

It did make my lips a shade darker, but wasn't too noticable.
When I do use it, I only use it before I go to bed or randomly through the day which defeats the purpose of the color.
I find that when I apply it to my lips it lasts 1-2 hours, after around 30 minutes to an hour the ointment starts to look more like a lip balm rather than a gloss which is what I like about it.

But in terms of it being moisturising or not, it does work but it doesnt really wow me compared to the Lucas Papaw Ointment.
I wouldn't repurchase this but considering I got it for $2, I dont regret buying it.

Daiso Nose Pack

 Daiso is known for selling a range of products for only $2.80 (in Australia that is), storage, snacks, stationary, toys, kitchen supplies, makeup and many many more.
The only things I really buy there is storage tubs and their puff and sponge detergent which I think mostly everyone in the beauty community knows about.
Lucky for me I live 5 minutes away from a Daiso store so I popped in the makeup section and found the Daiso Nose Pack.
I actually knew about this product awhile ago after seeing some review on a Daiso pore strip that was black. but sadly for me I couldnt find it in my Daiso store, only the white pore strips (have no idea what the difference is though, besides the colour)

 Being the only pore strip I know that is applied directly onto the nose, I had no idea how to apply it. At first I used my finger but it was way too messy to deal with so I ended up using a q-tip/cotton bud to apply it with (cutting it in half and using the plastic end).

If I could give a word of advice I would not recommend putting a thin layer but instead a thicker amount on your pores. But not too thick that the product comes dripping down. As the picture below shows, the thinner the layer is the harder it is to peel off, and I found it hard to remove with water after  (a makeup wipe works well though).
I like to use this around once every 1-3 weeks, if I can be bothered.
I found this product to be too time consuming compared to actual pore strips like the Biore Strips.
I mean the application time would take around 1-3 minutes then the waiting time takes forever depending on how thick you apply it, it usually takes me around 20-30 minutes for it to fully dry. 

The after effect
 It does dry out the nose when you peel off the strip which is a down side.
But it does the job well.

For $2.80 I would consider repurchasing but I think for now, I'll just stick with my Biore strips.