Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Too Faced Shadow Insurance

Having oily lids can be a pain especially with all the eye makeup never lasting an hour without creasing, fading or even melting off. I had a school formal awhile back and decided that I might as well invest in an eye primer just incase any eye-makeup-mishaps happen. 
I was tossing between purchasing the Urban Decay Primer Potion or the Too Faced Shadow Insurance but of course us Aussie bloggers know that we cant get Urban Decay unless purchased online so I decided to just get the TFSI (I got mine at Kit Cosmetics for $26.95). I had my doubts about this product so I was hesitant to buy this, but after 5 hot sweaty hours of dancing, my eye makeup actually stayed in place.

The packaging is in a squeeze tube, which is more hygienic compared to the doe footed applicator and is also a plus since you can control the amount of product you want!
\When I first opened it, I found that a small amount of liquid comes out first then the product, so it helps to have a tissue or paper towel near you if you plan on getting this. 
Also the opening is quite small which is perfect because only a little goes a long way! Not even a pea size is needed, only a small blob is what I use for my lid and the lower lashline. 

When I applied this on my lid, the texture felt odd to me, it had a very liquidy/oily feeling to it (kind of like moisturiser) , which is why you dont need a lot since it spreads out smoothly. But you get a matte base once you finish applying the primer.
I found that it was just a tad harder to blend out my pencil eyeliner compared to having no primer, but it did make it last a heck lot longer so I really have no complaints.

Cheap Steals!

Being the typical self, I always end up going to the beauty section of the supermarket after buying the groceries. Just in case any items have gone down in price for clearance or if any sales have started I will always go down the aisle looking at every single product. 
I was shopping at Coles yesterday and found a few products which had been marked down and a few products that were just cheaper than it's original price.
I would like you to first guess the price of the products below then continue reading.

Biore Scrub: $2
Maybelline Illegal Length Mascara: $3
Maybelline Dream Matte Powder: $3
Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick: $3

I actually picked the Biore scrub at the clearance shelf, there was a lot of other skincare products which were under $5. There was the Invisible Zinc products for $4 which I was tempted to get but I had to limit myself. 
I then went to the beauty section of Coles and I saw that Maybelline was having a buy 2 get the third free, then I saw a few products with their prices highlighted, they were under $3! I squealed on the inside when I saw it, 2 of their mascaras were $3 but IU just picked one of them. Then I saw the powder for $3 then there was a few lipsticks which I didn't really want but I picked up a mauve colour just to give to my mum, I mean it was for free so why not?! 

Did you pick up any bargains this week?!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Daiso Cleansing Pad

Having those extra dead skin cells hanging off my face has always been one of my beauty pet peeves, especially during the colder weathers (thank god it's nearly over!). I've always been a BB cream type of girl but I always put off using it, knowing that I will have to suffer with the fact that it will emphasis on my dry areas.

I remember seeing the Sasatini Facial Cleaning Brush and all the raves it was getting, but when I asked my dad to buy it from Sasa it was all sold out. So I decided to just go get the one at Daiso, I was actually expecting it to not work at all but it actually works like a charm.

The only reason I thought it wasnt going to work was because of the small sample at the top of the packaging, (it lets you get the feel of it before you buy it). It felt too rubbery and felt like it would pull my skin everywhere, also compared to the Sasatini one the bristles were too close together and reminded me a lot like the fish eggs on my sushi.

Teardrop shaped

If you havent realised, the instructions on how to use this does not make sense. I mean "You please paint the face entire surface with facial cleansing cream." that just made it look 10 times worse than it actually is, the quality and all.

The back

So at first, I had no idea how I had to hold it then I realised the thing at the back and the gap at the bottom had something to do with how it was supposed to be held. I didn't take a picture of it and I only realised when I used it, the gap at the bottom is supposed to be where you put your fingers in then you use your two fingers to hold the fountain thing at the back. Yeah its hard to explain but you just have to play around with it.

I pair this cleansing pad with my Hadalabo Tamagohada Daily Facewash and gently rub it on my face in circular motions. So like I said before, how I thought it would feel rubbery and pull on my skin, it difinitely does not do that. It's very gentle on my skin (but it does state that this isn't for people with sensitive skin so just letting the people with sensitive skin know!) and I don't have sensitive skin.
I found that this did exfoliate most of my skin but not all. I still did have a dry patch of dead skin cells between my eyebrows but the dead skin cells around my cheeks did lessen, which was better than nothing!.

I'm still using this after weeks and the results are still the same, so if you do suffer from a lot of dead skin cells hanging on your face I would suggest this as it is only $2.80 (quite a bargain)

I purchased this with my own money and this is all my honest opinion.