Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Purr by Katy Perry

Celebrity fragrances have always been on the top of my wishlists, they're usually highly raved about in terms of the scent and/or the bottle.
The fragrance I have always wanted to own (besides many other celeb perfumes)  had always been Katy Perry's Purr and Meow, mainly because of the perfume bottle, I mean come on a cat?! How can I not refuse?

side of the box, with the ingredients

I bought the perfume at Priceline for $29 a few months ago on sale (near the end of November). So sadly the sale is over now but I know Mychemist is currently selling the 30ml one for $19.99! 
I was really tempted to get the 100ml bottle (bigger bottle = bigger cat haha!) but my Dad strictly forbid me to buy big bottles of perfume unless I like it and it is cheap, but I'm thankful that he did that because the bottle is the perfect size to sit on my desk and also because I wasn't a big fan of the scent. 

I am horrible at describing things, let alone scents. So with the help of internet I was able to find that it was best described as a "florally-apple-peach scent."
It does have a sweet side to it kind of like a mix of vanilla and peach. As for the floral scent it isn't overpowering but it is noticeable enough to know that it is a floral scent. (my mum uses floral fragrances a lot so this perfume reminds me of my mum). 
The scent lasts on the skin or clothes for around 5 hours, when you first spray it the scent can be quite floral but it starts to die down to a sweet scent after awhile which I like.
Also can I say how much I like the spray?! it sprays a nice mist compared to the Fantasy by Brittany Spears, one spray with that is usually too much for me to handle!

The front and back of the bottle!
As for the pacakaging it is the most adorable perfume bottle I've seen! (apart from the Harajuku Lovers Fragrances...)  I like how they added a collar to the cat and bejewelled the cat eyes, made it seem a lot more cat-like. But the down side to the packaging was the part where you have to open the cats head to get to the spray, I mean opening it was easy but when you tried to attach the head back, I had to apply a lot of force to it which felt like I was going to break it.

Close-up of the collar!
I wouldn't repurchase this fragrance because I know I won't finish this any time soon, so far I've used it 2-3 times. I also have a lot of other fragrances to try out, this just wasn't a favourite of mine.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Orly Nail Lacquer Thinner

Excuse the ugly pixelated background, the background was just too messy .. which you'll probably see on the other pictures anyways :(
I remember when I was little, I used to borrow my mums nail polish to paint my own nails. She always had the same exact polish for years and the consistency of the polish changed overtime and became very thick, gloopy and unusable. I always thought that it was because the nail polish "expired" but that wasn't the case when I heard about Nail Polish Thinners.

I heard Saaammage talk about this in her October Favorites and I was pretty keen to get it afterwards, but I couldn't find this in any stores or any nail polish thinners that was being sold nearby. So I gave up the search and went to buy it on ebay. [link here] (I actually recieved this last year around the start of December so I forgot how long it took to arrive, but I know for sure that it was quick)

When I opened the cap, the applicator was like a dropper. It's super easy to control the amount you drop in, I just squeezed on the bottle slowly till a droplet formed.
The smell of the thinner smelt a lot like nail polish, which was surprising, I was expecting a heavy chemical smell.
So on the bottle it said to put in 1-2 drops to thickened Nail Polish, shake well and to add more if necessary.  I put around 3 drops, but added a few more drops when it was still thick. There was a time where I put more than 5 drops and the nail polish was still thick, but I guess it takes time for it to settle. 

I tested the thinner on my Daiso Nail Polish which had been so thick and gloopy, I was on the verge of chucking it out and getting a new one! The first 3 pictures was when it was thick and the bottom 3 is after I used the thinner, you can compare on the last two pictures (top and bottom) that it stopped being thick, HG product? I think so. 

Back in its original state! Swatched the colour over NYC Color in 'Lemon' 

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Wotnot Natural Organic Facial Wipes

I was sent these Wotnot Natural Organic Facial Wipes awhile ago and I've been replacing them as my make-up removers for the lazy days!

You can get the Wotnot Facial Wipes Travel Case which comes with 20 wipes or the normal facial wipes that have 25, tbh I would save up getting the travel case first then start buying the facial wipes since you can reuse the travel case and refill them for on the go or if you are going out on holidays! 

I thought the case was really unique since I have never seen wipes being stored in a case like this. It has a mirror on the bottom which I thought was very handy! But I would rather have it on the top in case it gets stained or scratched without me noticing until I look underneath. Probably just a small OCD thing for me.

Inside it came with 20 wipes which you can store make-up wipes after you finished using the ones that was in it before. You could also store your favourite makeup wipes, it doesn't have to be Wotnot branded!

As for the actual wipes, the first thing I noticed from it was the size of the wipes, it was a lot bigger than your average facial wipes. They also store a lot of moisture in it so 1 wipe is usually enough to wipe my full face of makeup (but I only do my brows, eyeliner, bronzer, concealer and some tinted moisturiser daily).

So far I've started using this after I ran out the current wipes I was using and they've done a really good job, they're 100% natural, soft on the skin, good on the environment and do well on removing makeup!

You can find these on the Wotnot website, they also stock them at a range of different stores around Australia (link here)! I only just found out that they stocked them nearby where I live so that is quite handy for me! :D 
They also have this campaign where you can swap your current facial wipes with the Wotnot facial wipes!

Website: Wotnot

Sunday, March 3, 2013

February Empties!

Excuse the poor image quality, my camera settings have gone weird but should be fine after I fix it!

EOS Lipbalm in Honeysuckle Honeydew 

Did a review on this last year, and managed to finish it this year. Which is pretty ironic considering that I did say that it was my favourite lip balm but it did start to lose it's 'shazam' after a few uses. It didn't really moisturise my lips that well, so I put it to the side and started to branch out on different lip balms to try.
Sadly I wouldn't repurchase this again but I would love to try out the other EOS lipbalms since the taste of the Honeysuckle Honeydew tastes so good! Makes me wonder what the other ones are like.

|| Review here ||

Nivea Essential Care Lipbalm

Made a post about this product on my last post, there's no words on how amazing this product is! Would I repurchase this? I already have.

|| Review here ||

Sex in the City Perfume Spray in 'LOVE'

Got this probably around 2 years ago at K-Mart when I bought the Sex in the City Perfume, costed $8 and came with a perfume spray. The scent was basically the same as the perfume but in a deodorant/spray form. I always left it in my gym bag whenever I had PE/sport at school, I wasn't a big fan on the packaging as it felt pretty cheap and dodgy. Would I repurchase this? No, there are far better deodorants out there that I've used and have yet to use!

Daiso Cosmetic Paper/ Oil Blotting Paper

I'm so glad that there's a Daiso within a walk reach of me. If you don't know what Daiso is, its basically a store that sells everything for $2.80! (well maybe not everything, but a lot of things). I bought this Oil Blotting Paper which I think contained 250 sheets. I'm a very oily person, I wake up with an oily face and through the day I will have an oily face so Oil Blotting Paper is a must have for me. Would I repurchase this? Yes!

Pantene Pro-V Nature Fusion Conditioner

This conditioner ran out way too fast IMO, I used it up within 1-2 weeks daily. I have a bad habit of using a generous amount of conditioner but my past conditioners never ran out that quickly... anyways would I repurchase this? No, it felt like a 'meh' conditioner it me.

Face Mask (Have no idea of the name)

Didn't feel like it made a difference to my skin, my skin still felt the same after using this. Would I repurchase this? No