Thursday, December 24, 2015

Merry Christmas Eve Guys! || Update post

Its been 2 months since my last post and I have to admit, I have been in that time of month where I've been procrastinating my butt off with blogging. And for those who doesn't know, I tend to have those couple months off each year where i just stop writing blog posts as a little break that happens naturally. 
*Insert "Sorry" by the Biebs* 
I think it is now time to get back on track, but instead of doing my usual reviews as a comeback, I think its a better idea to let you guys know what I've been doing since my last post and hopefully it will spark that motivation that i usually get with blogging.


Year 12
Last month I happened to be finishing my year 12, which I have to say was such a memorable year and I will miss it. There was a lot of studying going on for the 3 weeks, worth it? maybe?! 
I did get my ATAR and the scores I got for each subject and Im pretty happy with them...the raw scores I mean, the scaling messed me up badly and sadly i didnt get the ATAR i needed for the "dream" course of Bachelor of Education/Bachelor of Arts but I did find a little pathway that will allow me to get into second year after doing the first year of the pathway course! Now to wait until I get accepted *fingers crossed*

Obviously with year 12 over and done with, schoolies is a must, or atleast a celebration!
I did go with 5 of my very close friends, shoutout to the squid squad!!!
Anywho we decided on doing a day trip to Peninsula Hot Springs to just chill with each other and relax after the hard ass studying our asses off. 
Literally the most relaxing place ever.
Highly recommend doing the massages cause oh my gosh it is heavenly and relaxing.
The breakfasts and the bathing spots were also a 10/10.
Coming on a good day makes it so much more better as well I have to say!

P Plates On
After much driving I finally got my P's!! Literally after getting my license I went on a kmart and hungry jacks run with my friend as a little celebration. I ended up going places everywhere on the same week cause obviously getting your licence and having the freedom to drive without parents is usually a dream. I am currently driving the family car when my parents don't go out or work but other than that I am trying to save up for a car before uni starts.

Part Time Fruit Ninja
Ive been working at Woolies for nearly 3 years now and it has nearly hit 5-6 months since I've been working at a new Woolies store in the produce department and I love it to bits!!
Only last week my manager decided to put me on part time and I guess my pro to that is a second discount card which I still have yet to apply. I do plan on doing a Working at Woolies part 2/Produce edition once Ive hit the one year milestone or until I know the ins/outs of produce just to let you guys know the deets! (it is in the making as you read this, spoiler alert! It is pretty long!)

Christmas Week
Sadly I have/will be working the entire Christmas week excluding monday + Christmas day. But thats my dedication towards saving up for a car.
Im actually writing this post on my work break. And I have to say that it is pretty packed at work atm.
Anyways I did open up an early Christmas present from the Bro and I died, I have finally got the Marc Jacobs Daisy Perfume which I have been longing for, I found the hard way that you don't need that much for it to smell as I did spray my usual amount and I feel like i could've been smelled out from a mile away, whoops. 
Anyways my family doesn't celebrate Christmas but we do give a present to each other which is the only Christmassy thing we do, other than that everyones usually working. Me on the other hand, I will be sleeping the night today at my friends house after work to celebrate Christmas with her family. I AM PUMPED. 

I hope you guys have an amazing Christmas or even an amazing day if you don't celebrate it. 
Happy holidays!

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Long hair is back?! || Irresistible Me*

I feel as though once someone gets the big chop, half the time they usually regret it and complain about short hair. For me, I still love my short hair (that has quickly grown out to be a medium length).

A little fact here, but my goal is to get rid of all the previous/past bleach/dyed parts of my hair so i can get my natural hair colour back and have fun with a new canvas. My hair is still half brown so i do have a long way to go to get it back but it the meantime I was lucky enough to choose a product from Irresistible Me.

As they are known for their extensions, I thought why not just try them out as Ive never thought about trying hair extensions out.Just letting you all know, I am a complete hair extension newbie, so I just played it safe and went for the Silky Touch range as its their best-selling line. I choose Silky Natural Black Extensions in 18 inches and 140G which I assume was going to be perfect for my thin hair which is in need of volume.

For their extensions, you're allowed to choose the weight as well as the length of them.

The different weights and the length included that are available:

200g (10 pieces) - 14", 18", 20", 22", 24"
140g (8 pieces) - 14", 18"
100g (7 pieces)- 14", 16"

After opening the lid?!

The extensions arrived pretty fast and can I say that any company or brand that sends out their products in their own packaging wins me over any day!

Coming in a black box with pretty artwork when you open it, yes it deserves it own picture.


Sample weft
Anyways, with myself and online shopping I tend to find myself buying sizes that are either a size too small and large so I try to make sure I only buy things that I know will fit. But with extensions it is a hit or miss if you end up with a different hair colour. Luckily for me I had the perfect shade. 
The extensions come in a plastic zip bag with two pockets, the bigger pocket stores all your extensions while the second pocket contains a sample weft of hair that you should open first to make sure the colour, length and the quality is what you're wanting incase of return. (I found that to be such a smart idea). 

My hair is thin and is pretty much half natural colour and half pink/brown (pink dye is gradually fading) so obviously the extensions don't blend in with the coloured parts, but since i am planning on getting my natural hair colour back, it will have to wait until I use it out in public.
So first time trying out the extensions, I think it was a horrible first attempt, where my straight hair contrasted against the wavy long hair and being able to feel the clips as well, didn't exactly put me off extensions as seeing past it, it flooded me with memories of having long hair again. I think i spent about 10 minutes gushing over the hair. 
Anyways I tried it a second time but this time I straightened the extensions beforehand and planned out what clips to put in my hair. 
From the bottom of my head going towards the top, I used 3 clips, 4 clips, 2x 2 clips, which stayed pretty well on my head.

Left: Normal hair length Right: Extensions

[hi five to me for attempting to hide my coloured hair haha]

I found that for my own hair, 140g is a lot of hair, it contains 8 clips but I managed to fit in 4 and bunching it all up in a ponytail it is pretty heavy! 

I have to admit, it has made me miss my old hair so much but then again I think they have persuaded me into cutting my hair shorter so I can just live off extensions rather than ruining my own hair, you know?!

But honestly I love these. I still have yet to play with them a bit more and making sure it fits with my thin hair but 100% real hair, long, soft and perfect color fit for me. I will be purchasing some more for the sake of bleaching them and dying them some fun colours!

I found out that they do sales on some occasions (25% off for halloween recently) but the extensions I got retail for $139. So make sure to snatch them up when their on sale cause its a pretty damn good deal.

Irresistible Me

*Product was sent to me to review, as always the review is my honest opinion on it.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Long time no Haul?! || Ft Birthday Beauty Gifts & more!

I feel like it has been awhile since my last major haul?! 
I think I've done pretty well in holding my crazy makeup spree craze just for the sake of saving up, but low and behold, we just need one of those days where spoiling yourself with the beauty of makeup should make your day a little bit better. Especially when having quite the stressful time in preparing for the upcoming exams. *cries in the corner*
But to be honest this 'haul' is pretty much the products I've gathered up that have either been bought or given to me as a gift from August to September.


Sadly 'Cherry Cordial' melted slightly in the lid :(
Even though Ive heard about Gerard Cosmetics, I never really thought to look at any of their products as it never did interest me. But I randomly came across their website and saw that they were having a 4 for $36 US sale (About $50AU) so it was quite the impulsive decision to go for it! I picked up the colours French Toast, Berry Smoothie, Rodeo Drive and Cherry Cordial as they were the only colours I was leaning towards. Still have yet to try them, but can I just say the packaging is so damn gorgeous and looks like such a luxury product for a cheap price!

While I was trying to top up my Myki at my local Terry White Chemist, I came across the Ulta range that was having a 50% sale, most of the lipsticks were sold out and the leftover ones were the colours that weren't my type except for one that caught my eye, the Ulta 3 Matte Lipstick in Rose Bloom was a little daunting from the tube but matte lipsticks are my love. I have used this for the past few days and it is the most gorgeous colour ever, will be doing a LOTD with this one soon! 

My brother went to Sydney for Defqon and with constant nagging to him about Sephora and getting the answer of 'NO' he texted me one afternoon and asked me what I wanted from Sephora! (#1 brother much?!). His phone was about to die so I made sure it was clear that I just wanted the Kat Von D Liquid Liner in Brown and Black and any blue liner but he didn't get me that cause he didn't see the point in blue eyeliner...  

Aside from the lipstick I featured from my birthday, my friend also got me The Body Shop Skinny Thin Felt Eyeliner. She told me she always saw me with a winged eyeliner so she got me a liner and it was pretty exciting getting a new eyeliner to try as majority of my liners were running low!! And it's always nice to know that my go to makeup look leaves an impression off my friends :')

I don't think I've made this quite public on my blog yet, but I did do the big chop so most of the brown in my hair is gone and my roots are back out and free! Which means, I needed a change of eyebrow products. I bought the Etude House Drawing Eyebrow Pencil in a black shade from BeautyNetKorea. With just this pencil alone it is too dark and bold for my liking but in combination with my Anastasia Dip Brow in Dark brown, it makes the perfect shade, can I just say it is my favourite eyebrow pencil aswell. (Throwback to my review of the eyebrow pencil!!)

I felt a little empty after using up my all time favourite lip balm, the Nivea Essential Care Lipbalm but as I was walking through the beauty aisle of my Woolies, I saw that the Nivea range was $2 each so I pick up 2 of the lip balms to stock up.

Leaving the best till last!
I got a $70 Mecca gift card from two of my lovely friends on my birthday Steph + Alex, THANKS SO MUCH GUYS (tbh you guys need to let Steph know that she needs to start blogging again).
 I don't have the heart to step inside a Mecca as knowing me I would probably end up going over my card limit but I think it was time to go spoil myself. Im a big online shopper so I ended up getting everything on the Mecca website. I picked up the Urban Decay All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray in hope that my makeup would last when summer comes along. My current eye primer was slowly coming down to an end so I added the Nars Smudgeproof Eyeshadow Base into my cart. I saw the Stila Midnight Magic Eyeliner Set and thought why the hell not?! Ive always wanted to see if their liquid liner was as good as it sounds and I needed a navy blue pencil eyeliner to try out, the set was perfect for me! Lastly my bronzer is starting to get outdated and I figured it may be the reason why Ive been getting itchy around the cheekbones, so I got the Too Faced Milk Chocolate Soleil Bronzer which smells like heaven.

Disclaimer: All these products were either bought by me or given to me as a gift

Monday, September 28, 2015

Never-ending Acne Solution || Skin B5*

 Once upon a time (not that long ago) I had what I would say, clear skin. Free from acne but the occasional pimple here and there during my time of month but a monster of some sort attacked me, and I was left with the battle scars of acne upon my forehead. 
...Okay I may be exaggerating with my love of disney movies, hoping some prince or skincare product would swipe me of my feet and help fix up my acne but obviously it aint a fairytale this time Angel *insert crying face*.

Anyways the real story of my acne started about a year or so ago. From having clear skin and the occasional blemish usually around my nose and forehead. But I noticed that I started getting quite bumpy upon my forehead and my tea tree oil pimple remedy no longer worked on my forehead anymore as it wasn't that usual pimple. That was when i did some research and found out that I was suffering from acne (papules to be exact).

Lucky for me I was contacted by the extremely friendly and lovely staff of Skin B5 to test out their acne range.
Skin B5 sells 5 different products that help with acne:
Skin Purifying Mask
Acne Control Cleansing Mousse
Acne Control Moisturiser
Acne Control Caplets
Acne Control Extra Strength Tablets
I've never really done any research or bought any products for my acne as it wasn't bugging me that bad so it was quite the surprise getting to try these out.

Left: Acne Control Caplets Right: Acne Control Extra Strength Tablets.
The real star of Skin B5 is their acne tablets.
Upon receiving the set, I was pretty damn confused on which one to take and what to be taking and etc so i did contact them via email and got a speedy answer from the staff (5 star rating for you!)
The Acne Control Extra Strength Tablets is what you should be taking if you have serious acne breakouts, taking 2 tablets 3 times a day after a meal, never on an empty stomach. While the Acne Control Caplets should be taken if you have mild acne or occasinal breakouts which is also 3 times a day but only 1 caplet after finishing the Extra Strength Tablets or after your acne has recovered to your liking.
I actually haven't tested out the Caplets yet as I'm still yet to finish the 180 tablets but you can see above how the caplet is slightly smaller than the Tablets. 
(I will keep you guys updated when i try the caplets and do a little catch-up lifestyle post in the future!)
I know a few of my friends can't swallow pills and if you're one of them or you can't do big pills, then you may have a hard time swallowing this bad boy (I found them to be quite similar in size with  the panadol tablets in the big size). Lucky for me i can swallow pretty much any sized pills so i had no trouble with this!

Top: August 16th Bottom: September 12th
Yes I know the photo date is a little early as I found that this stressful VCE work has gotten me out of trail with the whole acne routine. Im not going to lie, I did skip a few tablets so the outcome wouldve been better if i didn't but guess what? My acne has still gotten better even without taking the tablets strictly 3 times a day daily.
You never really notice how much your acne progress improves until you actually see past photos! I only just saw the pictures of my acne and it shocked me how much it improved when it felt like it hasn't made a major difference. But I can safely say that the redness between my brows has disappeared and most of the acne scarring has reduced. Majority of my acne is situated between my brows and the occasional pimple is also around that area or above my brow but you know what, a normal pimple feels a whole lot better than the dreading acne staying on my head for who knows how long?!

The Acne Control Moisturiser helps 'unclog & tighten pores, evens skin tone and prevents breakout'.
It claims to be for oily, acne-prone skin that contains natural ingrediants of green tea, jojoba oil and vitamin B5 (which is considered to help reduce acne). 

It is in a pump form so I don't have to bother cleaning out underneath my nails whenever i dip my finger into a tub of moisturiser *cringes*. I found that one pump is perfect for my big ass head as the texture is somewhat watery so it will spread evenly on your face. I can sometimes get away with less than a pump when my face doesn't feel as dry as the desert.
Sadly for me i don't really see what this moisteriser does for my acne and also my oily/combo skin. I felt as though it just maintained what i already had instead of helping it out. But it may just be the oblivious side of me?!

The Acne Control Cleansing Mousse is one of my favourites in the set as you can guess from the name, ITS A MOUSSE! Nothing more exciting than getting a pumpful of foam that looks like you're holding the physical form of clouds.
It leaves my face feeling clean and hydrated which i love. The lightweight feeling of it when I put it on my face is also a bonus as I find with the typical cream cleanser that it feels quite thick and leaves my face feeling like it got dipped in moisturiser, that may give some people the tick of approval but for someone like me, lightweight products are the best of the bunch for me.
I use this one twice a day (morning and night) and theres not really any major cons to it aside from having to take off the lid and trying not to have it slip from your hands when its dripping wet. (it is sometimes a struggle whenever i use it in the shower)

applying the mask normally onto the forehead (thinner outcome)
Leaving the best till last, the Skin Purifying Mask is (*hi five to people who get this reference)
To put it short, this mask works a charm in fast forwarding my acne solution. With the tablets its a slow and gradual process but this mask reduced my forehead acne like a charm.
I try to use this one atleast once or twice a week as it really helps reduce the acne in a day, magic or what?!
The texture of it isn't too thick or too thin. You can apply it thick (which is what i do) or you can also thin it out.
I usually apply it on the problematic area rather than the entire face cause who wants to waste product?! You can also use it just like a spot treatment.
It says to allow 5 minutes for it to dry but personally, i never keep track of time so Im always doing my won thing while it dries!
With all masks it has the tight feeling when it starts to dry but then washing it off, it has a refreshing feeling like drinking an ice cold beverage on a hot sweating day. I love it.
Honestly if I were to run out I would definitely consider purchasing this one.

The entire set retails for around $130 (not sure about the exact cost) but it is cheaper when purchasing the products altogether rather than separately!

Costs for the products separately:

Acne Control Extra Strength Tablets: $49.95
Acne Control Caplets: $39.95
Acne Control Moisturiser: $22.95
Acne Control Cleansing Mousse: $22.95
Skin Purifying Mask: $34.95

I have to admit the prices for each product is pretty steep but considering that the tablets and the mask  worked pretty damn well for me, I personally find the prices quite worthy for them imo. But a moisturiser and cleansing mouse for $22/23 you can probably find cheaper alternatives/dupes but if no other product works for you and you want to try something new, whats there to lose in trying these out?!

I still suffer from the occasional breakout, but the acne on my forehead has reduced about half the amount since using the products. Ive got my fingers crossed that it will fully recover when I'm done with the tablets!

Do you guys suffer from acne? What are your hg products for it?!

Skin B5

*Disclaimer: Products were sent to me to trial + review \\ It does not change my thoughts on this in anyway.

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Whitening foam magic?! || Puresmile*

Confession time: When i was a child i hated brushing my teeth, i brushed usually once a day. Sadly my parents were never the type to check my teeth after brushing just to see if i brushed them, so all my life I've known to not have the whitest of teeth compared to everyone else.

I've had multiple, teeth whitening services while at the dentist growing up yet i always neglected my teeth and they weren't the best.
But realising that my teeth should be cared for, they've been a lot better for a couple of years.
I was lucky enough to be sent a whitening product from the services of Puresmile and although my teeth isnt a stained that bad, I did want to start trying out whitening products again in hope for a whiter set of teeth, so what better time to try it than now?!

The way the whitening and cleansing foam works is by dispensing the foam onto your toothbrush and then brushing your teeth like usual with it. 
While brushing, the foam pretty much doubles in size in your mouth but you let the foam dissolve into your teeth, which gives your teeth the whiter factor.
As I'm used to wetting my toothbrush before applying toothpaste (anyone else like me?!), it was weird having to get out of my usual habits for the sake of testing the product.
But for those who question this, i did accidentally wet my toothbrush before applying it and i found that the foam turns into a gross mess, like liquidy toothpaste that didn't foam up so yes A DRY TOOTHBRUSH IS A MUST.

Clumsy me, happened to lose the lid before taking pictures.

When i first saw the pump, it instantly reminded me of a submarine periscope. It just looks huge, though I'm assuming the bigger the better..foam?
Anyways the Teeth Whitening & Cleaning Foam retails for $39 AU, which sounds pretty ridiculous but comparing it with the toothpastes sold at your local woolies or coles that claims to whiten teeth this one actually does whiten your teeth, believe it or not.
Before getting onto my whitening experience i do have to say that the foam does have a taste that isn't that great, i mean its not pleasant but its not great, it reminds me of going to the dentist which makes sense as it does include the same ingredients that dentists use. The taste makes it hard for me to not rinse my mouth after as it does state to not rinse your mouth for 15 minutes, but i like to think that the foam is whitening my teeth by the second which helps me try to handle the foam taste.

Excuse the lighting difference
I have been using the foam for about 2 weeks and it does state to use it for 10 days in the morning and night.
Though i have been using it for 2 weeks i did switch it out for toothpaste a few times as i found that my teeth didn't feel as clean as it would with toothpaste. The usual toothpaste kept my teeth pretty clean from plaque up until about after dinnertime whilst the foam had it up before the afternoon, it felt horrible and made me want to go brush 3 times a day.
Aside from that the outcome of the foam did work for me, even though the pictures doesn't really do much justice unless you look closely. I find that my teeth are noticeably whiter on my front top and bottom teeth. The surround teeth are slightly yellow but it isn't to the point that its screaming yellow which i like.
I'de have to say that out of all the whitening products I've used this one did do a little something something on my teeth, I'm surprised this one actually worked for me even though it was a slight difference. I've spent quite a lot on whitening products and services and they just never worked out for me so its good knowing not all is a sham.
I may just try incorporating this as my nightly toothpaste while using my normal Colgate in the mornings, just to see if it will whiten anymore but other than that ill be keeping this bad boy for the future when I have white teeth to maintain them.

You can check out the Whitening foam here


*Product was sent to me to review. 100% honest review as always

Monday, August 24, 2015

End of a great birthday week || LOTD

Inglot Lipstick in 124

Unless you follow my twitter, you may or may not know it was my 18th birthday on the 20th.

I've had a non-stop celebration from the 20th to the 23rd celebrating with different people each day which was a blast. Cannot thank my family and friends enough for the amazing time. 

Anywho, I'de like to display one of the gifts my friend gave me which I finally got to use yesterday, it was a tiring day so I didn't get to post up the lotd yesterday but thank you so much Tarini!

This is my first Inglot product i've ever used, so its quite exciting getting out of the usual products and trying out a different brand!

Thinking of Ingot I just know them for the eyeshadow palettes that you pretty much build yourself. Otherwise, I haven't came across anyone talking about the Ingot lipsticks (they may have but Im just too oblivious to realise).
The picture here doesn't do its pink justice enough!

Opening up the lipstick, I got quite a surprise with the shade. It is not like any of my coral lipsticks I own. It has that neutrally/blue-tone pink in natural lighting but has a pink coral shade in other lighting!

It comes out with a good balance of creaminess and doesn't drag on the lips. There is slight shimmer in it but isn't enough that it looks like you dipped your lips in glitter.

The lipstick also smells a lot like bubblegum!!

Upon receiving this lipstick, my friend said she saw this shade in the store and thought it would look amazing with my skin tone and I have no idea how she has the eye for that but she was right and picked the perfect coral for me and I mean perfect!

I found with coral lipsticks that they were always too bright for me and this one has a good orange to pink ratio and it also isn't a super bright shade.

I did wear this one out to dinner at Om Nom eating both their dinner and dessert range so I did have some oily food (seared duck breast *drools*). The lipstick did last when I was snacking before going out aka water, chocolate and some jelly my friend made me, and the lipstick did not budge off but with dinner it did start wearing out in the centre of my lips. So if you plan on not reapplying you will end up with that unsightly lipliner look at the end of the day.

I assume a day with light snacking with friends, it won't need reapplying.

This has got to be one of my favourite coral lipstick shades I own.

Some FOTD pictures from yesterday

Sunday, August 16, 2015

My Skin But Better?! || Beaute FX*

Have you guys been outside? cause the weather is so beautiful today!
Winter is almost coming to an end which i am excited to say although there is a hint of coldness still in the air. And we all know when the weather changes our beauty routine usually changes aswell. 
I was lucky enough to review this bad boy of a bb cream, which was sent for me to try and review.
So les get on with this review.


The Beaute FX BB Cream claims to have a 7 in 1 Miracle Skin Enhancer that:

Hides Imperfections
Moisturizes and Enhances
Adjusts to your skin tone
Evens your skin texture
Enjoy a fresh dewy glow
Guaranteed 24 hour hydration
UV protection from the sun

And before i talk about whether the claims work or not, can we just talk about the packaging?!
The gorgeous hot pink packaging reminds me so much of the Skin79 BB Cream except I have to say that it is more slim and sleek.
With one of my school subjects being VisCom I can't ignore the logo design (I feel like no one appreciates it enough!!), it just looks really neat, doesn't have that tacky look and we should all know I'm a sucker for packaging.
Brownie points for those who can guess the book in the bottom left corner ;)

Taking the product out from the box, the nozzle comes with a plastic cover which you can opt to chuck out but i find it quite useful to reuse it for hygienic purposes and also if i end up bringing it with me to travel, wouldn't want the risk of accidental spillage (which probably won't ever happen but you never know).
The biggest pain with a pump bb cream is having to pump the product out when you first use it. Which means finger cramps and  having the patience for it to come out. And assuming from the height of the packaging it would make sense on why it took longer than usual for the product to come out. But once the product does flow out, you get complete control on how much product you want out.

Jumping back on the 7 claims, I can agree with 5 of the claims.
The two that i question, being: Hides Imperfections and Evens your skin texture.
I do suffer from small acne on my forehead (which i only started to get this year *insert sad face). And you can see from the above photo that it didn't really hide it, but it did reduce redness. I only put a layer on my face and maybe if i did another layer on my acne would hide it some more but I really don't like having to layer product on my acne.
As for evening skin texture, it does but then it doesn't. I mean if i did two layers, it would definitely even it out but it doesn't do a terribly great job at acne coverage on that type of texture. 

The pros do out weigh the cons, I have been using this product for a few weeks now, at work and school. And it has been my go to product for the winter time!
It has won my heart over the fact that it really is a product that makes it your skin but better. 
Im all about the natural face look, rather than having the full coverage setting so I'm not too fussed over covering my acne, but i will warn you that it doesn't do a hella great job at that so it might not be the product for you if you are looking for that. But this product is a light but build able coverage, it isn't super thick like some BB creams but it has a slight BB cream texture but a lot more creamy. 
It reduces redness like a charm and once its on your face it feels like you've been hit in the face with smoothness. 
The only thing that did bug me out was the application between my brows which is where the product did cling onto my dry patch. I found that the product did cling onto the dry skin but it didn't emphasise it. I mean unless someone was right up at my forehead looking there, it really wasn't that noticeable. 
Also another downside was that it didnt last an entire day specifically on the t-zone area, though luckily with the light coverage it is hard to notice unless you have redness around that area.

I am curious to see how this product goes in the warmer times. It has become one of my favourite BB creams from what I've tried so far!

You can get the Beaute FX here


*Product was sent to me for review