Sunday, December 30, 2012

K-Palette Real Lasting Eyeliner 24h Waterproof - Super Black

Sorry for being MIA lately! My procrastinating has caught up with me once again but I finally took some time to force myself to write up this post since I was supposed to post this awhile ago, so now onto the review!

This eyeliner has been raved on about for so long, being compared with the Dollywink liquid eyeliner as its dupe. (would anyone like to see a comparison post about them two?)
Sad to say that they don't stock up this eyeliner here in Aus unless you goto the asian beauty stores in some places, which sell this for an expensive price. Though I'm lucky to have a dad that works in Hong Kong to get me things at Sasa! :D

The back 
You can get this at Sasa for $118 HK dollars or $15 AU which I think it's a fair enough price.

Close up of the black

If you have a scanner on your phone you can scan the code and go onto the K-Palette website.

The actual eyeliner looks like this, in a simple black pen like packaging with silver writing.

What I really like about the packaging is that the tip isn't a felt tip like how most eyeliners are, they're a brush form.
The tip is also really fine that allows me to have a really defined line which will also help on flicking out my eyeliner if I want to do a cat eye.
When I first got this I had really high expectations on this since they exaggerated on the 24hour part, I didnt believe that it lasted for 24 hours but I believed that it lasted longer than the eyeliners I used previously. I usually like to find an eyeliner that lasts on the pigmented, inner corner and lasts on the outer corner (eyeliners always smudge/melt off in that part due to my watery eyes).

I like to thickly line my eyeliner into a wing thats pointed straight instead of the classic cat eye. 
This eyeliner doesnt smudge, flake, fade unless you rub your eyes, but I don't think anyone would do that unless you forget that you had eyeliner on. But I was really disappointed on how it didnt last on the outer parts of my eye (the space between the top and bottom lashline at the end) it did start to fade and flake a bit but if I didnt line my eyeliner in there it would stay intact for the entire day which I guess is a bonus. 
But just to let you know it was not waterproof for me. 
Other than that I actually really like this eyeliner more than my Dollywink although it isn't my HG eyeliner.


Sunday, December 16, 2012

HadaLabo GOKUJYUN Lotion Super Hyaluronic Acid

Along with the HadaLabo TAMAGOHADA Daily Face Wash (review post here) I asked my dad to get the  lotion , since I was also looking for a face lotion. 
Though I was pretty hesitant to get it because I have super oily skin but I also have some dry areas on my face, but as I was looking at reviews on this, some people also had oily skin and said this still worked like a charm. 
Came in a pack like this
When I first saw this I thought my dad bought the wrong one since it wasnt an actual cream it was like water.  I thought he got me a toner. But I eventually googled it and found out that it was supposed to be a water consistency.

This came with the GOKUJYUN Paper Mask which I still have yet to try!

So for those who can read the words you can go ahead and translate it but sadly I can't do it myself so I took some pictures of it for those who can!

Ignore those horrible nails :s
Taken off the Hadalabo website 
What I really liked about this product was that it actually claims to do all the things it does.

Yes it  deeply moisturizes the skin
Yes it left my skin feeling super soft and supple
Yes is improved my dry and dehydrated skin
Yes it was free of frangrances

I remember before using this, I had really dry skin around my nose (due to the overuse of tissues) dry areas around my mouth, inbetween my eyebrows and some areas around my cheek.
I only used around 2-3 drops of this focusing on the areas I needed and it made my skin feel super soft and moisturised. After a day of using it I saw that my skin had been improved in the dry areas.

I have no complaints or bad reviews on this product! Though I wish they could sell this in Australia.

 You can get this at the Sasa website though I'm not sure if they sell it with the mask like mine. But it was still the same price.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

HadaLabo TAMAGOHADA Daily Face Wash

As I was beginning to run low on my face cleansers (my mum keeps borrowing mine) I decided it would be a good time to ask for my dad to get me one during his trip to Hong Kong/Macau. So I did some online window shopping at Sasa, browsing through the facial cleansers I found this bad boy. I actually couldnt decided between choosing that one or the GOKUJYUN face wash (but i'll probably ask for that one next) but I ended up choosing the TAMAGOHADA Daily Fash Wash due to the amount of postive reviews on the site. 

Had a massive egg shaped sticker at the top which I have no idea what it says but I still put the pictures up incase anyone else can read it.

Why I also wanted to get this was also because of the AHA + BHA that attracted me. I actually had no idea what it was so I did some research myself. But since I'm pretty bad at explaining ...

Taken from Paulaschoice

The back
Costed $69 hk dollars. (Around $8 AU)

Some more pictures!
The back again without the plastic wrapping

The opening is just a normal pop up cap. You also just have to squeeze out the product which is pretty good packaging since you can easily squeeze all of the product when it's running low.

The product itself is a cream texture, which foams really nicely on the face with water. 
What I really liked about it was that after I rinsed it off, I could immediately tell the results. My skin felt tighter and a lot softer. I'm surprised that  It has done wonders to my face. :D

And for those who want to know how they used AHA + BHA in this face wash, I took a picture off the Hada Labo site

Have you tried out the HadaLabo Face Wash? 

Monday, November 26, 2012

Pink Gradient Glitter Tips

A while back I painted my nail tips a gradient glitter. After seeing so many people doing this, they looked so pretty so I decided to try it out myself.

Nail polishes I used
 Just going to say that I still have a lot of nail polish posts to post out so they may be months/weeks old. I usually only post them once every few weeks.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Sunsilk Co-Creations Damaged Hair Reconstruction Conditioner

I was never the type of person who would be into hair products, I always thought 'just buy some cheap shampoo & conditioner' I was the low maintenance hair girl. But after awhile I began to buy shampoos for my oily scalp and conditioner for the super dry ends. 
As some of you may not know, I still do break so many hair care rules like, straightening my hair every single time I go out, not using heat protectant (still don't own any), dying my hair 2-3 times a year, washing my hair everyday and never having regular hair trims. This all started around the end of last year and it gradually made the ends of my hair drier and I eventually had gotten a lot more split ends than before. So I went on an adventure to find my HG conditioner. 
But I actually didn't think this conditioner worked until I finished one of the bottles and realised none of my past conditioners made my hair feel soft and glossy.

Front close-up
The one I have is in the orange bottle, for "Dry & Damaged hair"
You can buy it probably anywhere that sells shampoos & conditioners, I got mine at Woolworths on sale for $4.79

The back

My least favourite thing about the conditioner would be just opening it. Since the lid is placed at the bottom of the bottle, whenever I open the lid, the conditioner will usually come rushing out. making everything messier.
The conditioner itself just looks and feels like the average type of conditioner you would buy.
I like to apply it to the ends of my hair (bottom of my ears to the tips) and leave it for 1-2 minutes before washing it out. 
I should start to apply the conditioner to the hair above my ears since my hair is layered and the layers around my ears feel super dry compared to the tips. (atleast I know its working!)

No Flash

This is probably the only conditioner I've ever repurchased and I will keep repurchasing it until a better conditioner comes along (doubt that'll happen anytime soon though)

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Rimmel London The Max Bold Curves Mascara - Black

Got this mascara in a part of the Rimmel Xmas 2011 Pack (post here).
Rimmel Mascaras honestly never caught my eye (besides the bright colours), I was always interested in the Maybelline mascaras so I was happy to get it in the gift pack. 
I needed to try out some new mascaras, which is pretty hard for me to find the perfect mascara. I like to look for non clumpy, flake free, holds a curl, lasts all day and easy to take off mascaras. (I have high expectations in my mascaras).

Back of the tube
Got the colour in 001 Black

Claims to give 'Big, bold lashes in a flash, Exponential Volume and Lift Mascara.

The wand

The wand really shocked me when I pulled it out of the tube, it was pretty big. The curved shape was supposed to 'curl' and lift your lashes, which never works in my books since I have stick straight lashes, but the curved shape was big enough to cup majority of my lashes in one sweep.
The formula was quite drying and clumpy on the bristles which you would have to wipe off the excess. 
I am no mascara expert but the brush itself seemed like one of those clich√© curling/volumising brush.

Bare lashes, curled lashes, one coat of mascara...droop
Sad to say I didn't test the lasting power since I gave this mascara away to my friend due to the fact that it didn't hold a curl. After a few minutes it started to droop. Though I did like how it made my lashes look, it wasn't that clump, lengthened a tiny bit and volumised a tiny bit, looked very natural and it didn't flake!
I would'nt repurchase this but for those who would like to try this mascara out you can get this at Priceline for $15.50 or any store that stocks up on Rimmel products! :)

Birds eye view

Natural Looking