Monday, March 7, 2016

AG Viva Glam & Velvet Teddy || My Experience with Shipito

Late last year I heard about Ariana Grande working with Mac to create a Viva Glam lippie with her. And of course me being a massive fan of her music I was dying to grab my hands on it and it was also a bonus to know that the shade was a dark berry shade which is one of my favourite shade stop wear on a night out if I decide to go all out!
I saw her posting on Instagram a couple months after that her viva glam lipstick had released and I rushed onto the MAC website to go grab it while I could but sadly being in Australia, it is a tad bit slower for new releases to come so I did end up going on the US Mac website to purchase it through Shipito.

For those who don't know, Shipito is a forwarding company that allows you to purchase items from any website that don't ship to your country. They give you one of a few warehouse addresses they own which the items you've purchased gets sent to the address which then gets sent to you.
I've only tried one other forwarding company PriceUSA, which I used to use all the time when I didnt have paypal. You can check out the post I did on my Mac Purchase with PriceUSA here.

So I did get my order last month so excuse the late post on this but it arrived safely in the original Mac postage box.

I forgot to mention while browsing through the Mac website, I was tempted to go buy a couple more shades of lipsticks but held myself down so I ended up just buying 2 lipsticks, Ariana Grandes Viva Glam and Velvet Teddy which I've always wanted to try and see what the hype was about!

I'll be posting more details about these gorgeous lippies in a future post, so there isn't a swatch in this post but I can say they are definitely shades that I won't be dumping at the back of my lipstick collection!

Signing up with Shipito they let you choose between 4 addresses depending on what you want, like shipping rates, photo updates, more storage for more packages and etc. I chose the Hawthorne address which has a lower shipping costs and fast speed. After that I purchased my Mac order on the website and used the Hawthorne address for them to send it there. I had to pay through Paypal which I find is easier for me to track the costs.

Mac took a day to process my order so they sent a day after and arrived at the Shipito warehouse within a week.
I got an email from Shipito saying that the order arrived and they also included a picture of the package which is what I love about it!
After it arrives, you choose the shipping option and there are loads you can choose from. I chose the cheapest shipping which also meant it took up to a month to arrive but you do have the option of more expensive rates for quicker shipping and/or a tracking number.

I don't remember which one I chose but I did choose the shipping that was fairly cheap (under $10) that included tracking and didnt take a long time to arrive.

The package did arrive in 2 weeks though which Im alright with.

The entire thing took 3 weeks to arrive to me from ordering to the shipping which is pretty quick. 
I highly recommend people try out this site as they do send you email updates on when they receive your order, receive payment and when they ship your items to you. 

I found the website to be hella easy to use compared to PriceUSA and you always save money ordering from the US Mac website paying the USD price. Though the more products you buy the more you do save. I personally spent about $58AUD through Shipito which is about $29 per lipstick so I did save $14.


14th Jan - Ordered from Mac ($37.06 USD)
15th Jan - Mac shipped to Shipito
20th Jan - Order arrived at Shipito
21st Jan - Shipito shipped order to me ($4.97 USD for postage)
2nd Feb - Arrived at my doorstep

Days: 19 days     Price: $43.03 USD / $58.43 AUD

Have you used a forwarding website? What are your thoughts on Shipito?

Disclaimer: Not sponsered, purchased the Mac products with my own money!


  1. Wow! That Ariana Grande Lipstick looks amazing, although I'm not sure if that colour would suit me. Would love to see how it looks on you though.

  2. Oh my God, those two lip colors and Ariana Grande color. You made me fall for this, girl. Soon after finishing this comment, I am going to order one for myself too.

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