Saturday, February 9, 2013

Nivea Essential Care Lipbalm

[[ First off I would like to say Gong Hei Fat Choi! (probably not spelt like that, sorry for my bad Chinese) Happy early Chinese New Year to everyone! ]]

Now onto the review...

So a few of you should know that I suffer from extremely dry lips. (I have a habit of licking my lips due to my awkwardness or nervousness) and I never carry a lip balm with me since whenever I bring out my EOS lipbalm, most of my friends will look at it like it's a foreign object. They aren't very known to the makeup world sadly...
But last year I had a new student in my class and she always had a lipbalm with her, I asked her what lipbalm it was and it was the Nivea Essential Care Lipbalm, she told me it was the best and then of course I had to buy it.
I was really hesitant to buy it because I know the price is higher than the usual lipbalms but I did go and google it, if it was worth the buy or not. There was massive raves on this one, literally, so I had my hopes on this lipbalm really high.

Close-up of the back

I bought this at Priceline for $4.49.
All the Nivea Lip balms usually look like this but the colour and name is different.
I got the one in the blue tube.
I actually really like how the packaging is like a lipstick instead of the lid being a small cap.

The back

When you open it, it comes with quite a lot of product!
I've been using this everyday, in the morning, afternoon and before I go to bed, reapplying when-ever it is necessary. 
So far I only have half of what I had when I bought this. 
The texture is so soft and creamy once you apply it on your lips!  What I really hate is how lip balms go really hard in the colder weather so it takes forever to warm the product up and make it apply softly, but this lipbalm just melts on your lips! 
The actual product is also amazing, you only need to apply this around 3-4 times a day if you have chapped lips then you are back with your normal lips. This product is definitely a lifesaver and my HG lipbalm!
The only bad thing I have about this, is that the price isn't my cup of tea and it does run low pretty fast. (I'll probably have to go buy a back up one soon).
Other than that I really don't have any complaints. I will be repurchasing this tomorrow as it is currently on sale at Priceline for $3.34!

Have you tried the Nivea lipbalms? Which are your favourites out of them all?

Saturday, February 2, 2013

January Empties!

I'm actually proud of myself for finishing more than 1 product within a month!
I usually finish up a product within a few months since I'm the type of person who will try to use as little as possible to not waste everything, but after awhile I've had this urge to clear out some products so I can try out new things. 

Sunsilk Co-Creations Damaged Hair Reconstruction Conditioner  

As I've stated in my review, this is my one and only HG conditioner! Sadly I haven't been able to repurchase this conditioner so I've been using a Pantene Conditioner. But I will repurchase this one soon if I can manage to stop spending my money on un-necessary items...

BYS Water-Proof Liquid Eyeliner in Black

 I purchased this around 2 years ago when I was in my eyeliner craze addiction. (The days where I was trying out different types of eyeliner.) I heard a few raves about the BYS liquid eyeliner and I only found out that they sold BYS in my nearest Reject Shop, so I went in and bought this for $3 and sad to say this was the worse eyeliner I had ever owned and tried. It's not even worth $3 IMO. When I swatched it on my hand it was amazing, was waterproof, smudge-proof and stayed on very long! But on my lids it was so streaky and uncomfortable when it dried. Removing it was also a pain since it flaked off and I always ended up having bits of it in my eye. Not sure about the staying power since I never wore it out, I only managed to waste the product by using it to randomly draw on paper... Never repurchasing this again! 

(Unknown brand) Lip Balm

My dad got me this from one of those asian stores that stock up on a lot of Uggs, vitamins, facial cream and more, which sometimes contain lanolin. So I think this lipbalm also contained Lanolin but I'm not sure since I chucked out the box. This lipbalm gave a really nice glossy look but didn't do well on the moisturising part, though I think it did a good job on maintaining the moisture in my lips when it wasn't chapped. Won't repurchase this one since there are better lip balms out there that would do a way better job! 

Nature's Care Paw Paw Lip Balm

Stated in the review, I'de rather prefer my Lucas' Papaw Ointment over this.

Redwin Orange & Bergamot Moisturiser

Didn't start using this until a few months ago, I wasn't a big fan of the scent but it did a good job of moisturising my legs. It took a few uses of this until  my legs started to become moisturised. But I like to use my Vaseline Aloe Vera Body lotion which does the job faster! It was nice trying it out though.