Sunday, May 26, 2013

B•liv by Cellnique

*Caution: People who cannot stand looking at blackheads may not want to read this* but I'll be leaving the picture at the very end of this post so it can be easily avoided~
L-R: Off With Those Heads || Spots Got Shot
Last month I received these two products from the lovely B•liv. Now when I was contacted by them I got pretty excited cause I did hear about them from one of Bubzbeautys videos. (*fangirling on the inside*)
Anyways I was sent the Off with those heads Blackhead Sebum Gel and the Spots got Shot blemish treatment serum to treat my blackhead and pimple problems.

Can we just stop and think about the names of the products?! It's probably the most creative names I've seen! 

So Bliv caters to many skin types from blackheads, large pores, acne, blemishes, dry skin, sensitive skin and oily skin. So anyone could find what they're looking for.
They also offer free shipping worldwide and a free sample with every product!

Off With Those Heads Blackhead Sebum Gel

Off with those heads || $49.00 || Link
It says on their website that this product is their number 1 best seller and it also had so many raves and reviews, so I did have pretty high expectations towards this.
What I really like about this is the packaging, it comes in a bottle with clear-ish packaging so I can easily see how much of the product is left and it's also in pump form, so very hygienic! 
When I was reading the box it came in, the ingredients actually contained some things I knew which was a relief. Witch Hazel, Tea Tree and Peppermint, if you didn't know, all three ingredients do help get rid of pimples.

  • It is normal for more oil to be secreted during initial period
  • Those with sensitive skin may experience mild stinging sensation 

When I applied this, it had a cooling sensation from it, which felt really nice and refreshing, it also smells quite nice too! I apply this mainly to my nose which is basically a city of blackheads. Then it sets in after a few minutes. I did this 2 times a day, and the results weren't instant but I did notice a difference after a week, the blackheads towards the tip of my nose started to go away! But they do start to come back once you stop using it which was a let down.
I've also let my brother try this out with me and I still have a lot of the product left, so it does last a long time.
For $49 it is pretty depressing towards my wallet, but I would consider repurchasing this when I run out... which I don't think will happen anytime soon.

Spots Got Shot Blemish Treatment Serum

Spots Got Shot || $25.00 || Link
As for this, it's actually their 4th best seller! 
Since I do suffer from blackheads, it's obvious that I get breakouts once in a while, but I will always get mini breakouts everywhere on my nose so I treat my pimples everyday with Tea Tree Oil. 
Now being a daily user of Tea Tree Oil, my nose isn't used to the salicylic acid that it contains and probably the other ingredients. So this product actually made my pimples worse. I had 2 small pimples on my forehead   that had been there for a few days, so I thought I would test this product on it but little did I know that the next day, the pimples were bigger than usual, it looked like it would pop at any second, sadly nothing could save it and yes it did pop when I was using my cleanser... gross I know.

 The product was like a cream that didn't have a pleasant smell, but it was bearable. 
Aside from the horrible incident I'm going to retry this product in the holidays to get my skin used to it and hopefully see whether it works or not. 

Overall I give these products altogether an 8/10!

Bliv have also gave an 30% discount code
*Doesn't apply to all the kits and gift vouchers
* Valid until June 30th 2013

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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Old vs New? Rimmel London Quad Eye Shadows - 001 Smokey Noir

So awhile back, I was going through my make-up and realised that two of my quads looked exactly the same in terms of colours. And to my surprise they were the same besides the fact that one is called Glam'eyes and the other is called Colour Rush.

If you can't tell, the left is the new formula and packaging (Glam'eyes) the the right is the old version.(Colour Rush).
I bought the Colour Rush back in 2010 when I first started experimenting with make-up (it's actually the first eyeshadow I own), they were selling it in one of those super cheap make-up sales usually nearby Mychemist, I got it for $3.
As for the Glam'eyes I bought it as part of the Rimmel Xmas Pack.

Colour Rush (CR)
The packaging for this isnt that fancy, it's quite cheap and just feels like the lid will break off very soon.
For the colours, clockwise starting at black, I'll just be labelling it as 4, 1, 2, 3 (matching it to the Glam'eyes colours)

Glam'eyes (GE) || clockwise: 4, 2, 3, 1
The packaging to this is much more appealing towards me cause if you didn't know, I have an obsession with  quilted patterns. And the quilted design in the shadows had gotten to me!

Swatches L-R : CR 4, GE 4, CR 2, GE 2, CR 3, GE 3, CR 1, GE 1

As you can see, the Glam'eyes pigmentation was a lot better compared to the Colour Rush, although for all the swatches I probably went over it more than 5 times. 
The only matte colours was the black (4) but they did turn out very chalky. On the eyes the black is very sheer and appears to be a dark grey unless you build it up, the dark grey (2) turns out as a light grey on my lids, the silver colour (3) turned out as a very light colour which isn't as noticeable unless on the inner corners  and as for the last colour (1) it didnt even show up as anything except as glitter on the eyes.

Using the GE Quad || 4 on the outer corner, 2 in the center of the lids, 3 on the inner corner  and inner lids, 1 over the top of 3.
I'm pretty disappointed with both the quads, I mean the only usable colour is the black which isnt even black?! But the only good thing is that they upgraded the Colour Rush into a slightly better formula.
So I guess Glam'eyes wins this battle!

Do you prefer old over new or new over old?