Sunday, October 28, 2012

Essence Smokey Eyes Brush

Honestly finding the perfect crease brush seemed pretty hard for me. Seeing as though I had the typical Asian eyes, small eyes and a bit of the hooded eyelid. Finding a crease brush that was inexpensive and fitted my crease took a while to find. Luckily while I was searching through Essence online, I found out that they sold this Smokey Eyes Brush! I found mine at Priceline for $2.55, I know they also sell this at Target if you don't have a Priceline store near you :) 

At first when I saw this I thought it was a small eyeshadow brush which made me not get it. But up close it looks like a small crease brush (although don't take my word for it since im not a brush expert) 

So the back it shows you how to do a makeup look using the Essence Smokey Eyes Brush and other of their products too!

I actually really like the packaging! The handle is a matte black and it has the Essence logo in purple.

Now the brush itself is a dark purple colour. The bristles are more rounded in person than in the picture, now when I first felt the bristle it felt so soft! Probably not the softest I've felt but pretty standard in brushes.
When I used it, it was prefect for applying eyeshadow to the outer V and crease, though it might take longer to blend with but its just right for my eyeshape! 
Sadly the bad news to this product was that it did start shedding. But it didn't really bother me that much since I'll be buying another one as a back up! :D

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Shopping Spree Haul!

Seeing as though I had nothing to save up up, I thought why not have a shopping spree? It's nice to indulge yourself and try some new things once in a while! So the blazer I bought for my job interview a while ago, I actually didn't wear to my interview and luckily I didn't rip off the tag, I got my refund which added $40 to my spree budget :D (I had $100 on me) 

Rimmel Match Perfection 2 in 1 Concealer & Highlighter in 010 Ivory @ Priceline - $11.16

I actually didnt buy this for myself, my friend asked me to get her this concealer off of ebay but I found out Priceline sold it for cheaper so I went and got this for her. I heard some good reviews of this!

Rimmel Eyebrow Pencil in 001 Dark Brown @ Priceline - $6.80 

I've have my eyes on this for a while now, I'm not a fan of eyebrow pencils since I prefer the natural look but I'm glad I finally crossed this off my shopping list! Might as well try it out.

Essence Smokey Eyes Brush @ Priceline - $2.55

So a while back I was searching for crease brushes, and I came across this. Although I ordered a Sigma crease brush, I couldnt stand the wait and got this as a brush to use before the Sigma one arrived. I tried it out when I got home and I must say that it is amazing. Going to buy a second one as a backup!

Maybelline Fit Me Powder in 120 Classic Ivory @ Big W - $10.24

I was actually contemplating between this powder or the Rimmel one, while I was at Priceline, but I said no. Then I was walking around Big W and saw this on sale and yes..I did say yes

Rimmel Stay Matte Powder in 005 Silk Beige @ Priceline - $10.36

I've seen this everywhere! It was one of those products I wanted but also didn't one, kind of like an unnecessary thing. But my powder was low and I needed one so I chose this one.

BOE Beauty Bronzer in #1 St Tropez Bronzing Powder @ Big W - $2

This was cleared for $2 at Big W, I thought why not, it was $2 and I'm still on the path of trying new bronzers.

BOE Beauty Pressed Powder Compact in #1 Translucent F/Powder @ Big W - $2

You're probably wondering why did I buy so much finishing powders... I wonder why myself. But it was just calling out my name in its clearance bowl. :(

Sunsilk Conditioner for Damaged Hair @ Safeway - $4.79

Ran out of my previous conditioner and needed to get this ASAP since my ends started feeling dry again. I can say this conditioner is a lifesaver, made my ends silky smooth (weird since I straighten my hair every day without heat protectant..oops). Anyone want a review on this?

Dettol Hand Sanitizer @ Safeway - $2.99

One of those products you need in your purse if you're feeling germaphobic! 

Models Prefer Manicure 5 PC Set @ Priceline - $5

I was looking for new tweezers and nail file and came across this, came in a few colours but I preferred the black one the most! I've already started using this, so a review should be coming very soon!

Face of Australia Lip Quench in Lychee Crush @ Priceline - $9.45

Saw a few blog posts about this and the colour looked so pretty on the lips, cannot wait to try it (suffering from chapped lips)

Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick by Kate Moss in 16 @ Priceline - $9.56

This has always been on my wishlist but I never decided the colour i wanted, I was contemplating between the coral one and this, and I thought to just try this one out since coral might be too bright for me.

[[ If you're wondering, the cotton buds are from Big W for $1, not that interesting ]]

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

HyunA Ice-Cream MV Eye Makeup

Recently HyunA came out with a new MV for Ice-Cream, to be honest I don't really like the song but HyunA was so pretty in the music video! 
She had different looks for different scenes and the eye makeup I did was when she was by the icecream truck. There were a few other makeup looks but this one stood out to me the most!

The stars shows the eyeshadows I used for this look.
 For the eyeshadow I'll be using my 48 Eyeshadow Pallette by DB which my friend got me as a birthday present last year! I actually rarely use it since I don't use shimmery eyeshadows or bright colours. Starting to use it more now.

Also if you're wondering, I'm using my Ecotools Eyeshadow brush to apply most of the eyeshadows and I'm using a gel eyeliner brush that comes with the Maybelline gel eyeliner to make a wing.

Step 1: Apply your base

Using my NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in "Milk" I applied it all around my eyes blending it up to the crease.

Step 2:  Orange eyeshadow 

Using my eyeshadow brush, mixing and applying colours 1&2 to the inner corners and blending it up to the crease. Afterwards using the tip of the eyeshadow brush to extend the orange eyeshadow halfway on the lower lashline.

Step 3: Light Blue eyeshadow

Mixing colours 1&2 together to create a light blue shade. I applied it all over the lid and up to the crease, blending in with the orange to create a transition effect.

Step 4: Dark blue eyeshadow

Mixing colours 1,2& a bit of 3. Using the tip of the eyeshadow brush, apply the eyeshadow to the outer lower lashine and extending the line towards the lighter blue shadow.

Step 5: Eyeliner

Using my Rimmel Glam' Eyes Professional Liquid Liner, lining my eyes except stopping at the end of where my lashes are.

Step 6: The wing

Using a black eyeshadow and a small eyeliner brush, make a wing that extends from the end of the liquid eyeliner then straight across then connect the tip to the bottom lashline.

Step 7: Pencil Eyeliner

Using my Milani Liquif'eye black pencil eyeliner, line the entire waterline then the inner corners.

Step 8: Mascara

Curling my lashes then applying Maybelline The Falsies to the top and bottom lashes.

And then you're finished! 
I was going to make a video version of this tutorial, except I still havent found the right position to put my camera and film, so just wait until I buy a tripod and one day I will start making beauty videos!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Nature's Care Paw Paw Lip Balm

I don't know about you, but whenever I walked around Priceline I always notice this, hanging on the lip balm  wall (what I call the area in Priceline full of Lip Balms) it always seemed to catch my eyes, in its lovely pink packaging. But I never stopped to see what it was, but when I was researching Paw Paw ointments I found out what the pink thing in the lip balm wall was, and I decided to go try it out.

Bought this for $2.96, compared to the Lucas Papaw Ointment, it's a lot cheaper!
I've also heard that it works wonders just like the Lucas Papaw Ointment though it doesn't contain Petroleum Jelly.

The ingredients & Directions

When you take it out of the box, it did surprise me a little, since it was a lot smaller then I thought it would be. Perfect to throw into your pocket or bag when you go out though!

when you opened the cap, the applicator is slanted. What I like to look for is slanted applicators when it comes to these. It's a lot easier to apply since you don't need your fingers, I usually like to have long nails so it comes in handy.

Now when it comes to the product, it comes out as a oily sticky liquid, but when its colder the product becomes a bit like petroleum jelly, but still looks like oil when applied on the lips. I didn't really like the feeling since it just felt like you had oil on your lips, but what I did like what the smell, smelt strongly of mango, but don't get fooled by the smell because it tasted the opposite, it wasn't disgustingly bad just tasted...meh.
Now it stated that it "Soothes dry and chapped lips naturally" and yes I agree to that only if you kept reapplying it, it didn't work instantly or the day after, it worked slowly for me compared to Lucas Papaw Ointment. Which is why I wouldn't repurchase this but it comes to good use to keep the lips moisturised.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Diva Nail Polish in "Cheeky"

Cut my nails short due to my upcoming Job Interview and I thought why not paint my nails, incase this would be the last time wearing nail polish for a long run. (taking it off tomorrow though.)
I got this nail polish along with a red one from the CokeUnleashed website, you can get it if you have 45 points. Link here

I applied a base coat and a top coat. The colour came off very pigmented only took 2 coats (takes one coat if you apply it thickly). Sadly it chipped on the next day.
The colour came out as a bright peachy pink, not my type of everyday nail polish colour except it would come in handy for some future nail art!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Job Interview Clothing Haul!

So I have finally got my job interview message and I needed some new clothes to wear before wednesday! The message said that I had to wear appropriate business attire and I pretty much had my outfit all sorted in my mind.

Colour Longline Blazer @ JayJays -$39.95

I've always wanted to own a blazer, seemed like an essential to every closet. Sadly JayJays only had 2 more blazers left and the only sizes were size 8 and size 14, size 8 was very tight on me and size 14 was a bit more baggier. 

Sleeveless Button Up Shirt @ Vallygirl- $6.95

Finally Valleygirl has opened in my Westfield! I was so excited, since the nearest Valleygirl from me was around 15-30 minutes away from me. The store had a 30% off opening sale. I actually own a yellow one of these and I love it! I am probably going to buy all the colours if I ever get a job.

Short Black City Dressing Bi Stretch Pants @ Target- $20

Lastly I bought some work pants, I'm pretty sure majority of the major retail stores and fast food chains require black pants. So I don't have a worry if I don't get in Coles. It was pretty sad that I was the only teenage girl shopping around the work clothes at Target, but luckily the womens sizes fit me.

Now I was also contemplating between swapping the blazer to a black cardigan, I have a feeling that I'll be the only person wearing formal-ish wear, if not then the only teenager wearing formal-ish wear. Any thoughts would be helpful! I'll also be wearing some cute black bow flats from Rubi Shoes. It would also be pretty awkward for me to walk around wearing formal wear around a shopping centre (I mean there's nothing wrong with it but, teenager in business clothes seems off to me)

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Essence Coverstick- Matt Beige

After seeing Missglamorazzi on Youtube rave about this, I really wanted to try it out!
Costed me $3.95 at Priceline, I think it had around 4 colours and I'm not the type of person who likes to try out the colours, I usually just buy one and hope for the best (not a good idea). But luckily this did suit my skin colour. I chose the one that was the lightest colour out of the bunch.

States that "the coverstick reliably conceals skin imperfections with a fine matt finish. the formula with allantoin calms the skin. ideal for all skin types. dermatologically tested." 

The ingredients. 
So I did a bit of research on 'allantoin' and apparently it is actually really good for the skin. Allantoin is odorless, non-toxic and non allergenic. It is moisturising and softens the skin. It also has a few skin healing properties. Now doesn't that make you want to get this? 

Contains 5g
So the symbol with the tub and lid and 12M means that it has a good use of 12 months before I have to throw it out.

05 Matt Beige

When you take the stick out of the cardboard packaging it looks like this. Reminds me of a lipstick. It's not very eye-catching but very simple.

It contains about 3cm of the concealer stick. Also really looks like a lipstick! 
This is the first concealer stick I've used so I'm not concealer expert.

Just going to let you guys know that you should never try our your concealer on your hands since they will be   very diferent in colour. My face is lighter than the rest of my body, pretty weird if you tell me.

When you apply is quite creamy and pretty easy to blend, I'm very happy with this concealer, since it gives a light-medium coverage. Covers the dark tinge around my eyes! 
But the only con I have about this product would be, during the colder days the stick will be harder to apply and also harder to blend. I only use this during warmer/hotter days. Oh and it also goes in the cracks of my undereyes so I try to make sure it isn't too dry under my eyes (I have conbination skin).
I would definitely buy this again, I mean only $3.95 now that's a bargain!