Friday, November 28, 2014


Im sure most of us have heard about double eyelid tape, especially in the Asian region where double eyelids are considered a good thing in the beauty world. Bigger eyes, and also a visible crease line. It is quite a hard product to grab especially in Australia unless you do live close to an Asian beauty store or even a Daiso. Which is probably a reason why it isnt a well known product, I mean most caucasion people have double eyelids, whats the point of getting one?! Well little did I know there is a product out there, which is very similar (probably identical) that helps lift the drooping and hooded eyelids to give a youthful look.

Before I go on, it would be best to watch this video [here] just to get the jist of how these are applied and also the before and after results, which I personally think is the best part!
Wonderstripes is targeted towards people who do have droopy/hooded eyelids and I can say that it would work wonders for people who have bigger eyes but I on the other hand have small hooded asian eyes and using the Wonderstripes did not suit me whatsoever but it did work to change my eyelid shape which would be handy when playing around with different eye looks and transformations!

They retail at $27 each and do come in two different sizes, small and medium and they also come in 2 sheets with 64 pieces altogether. Which lasts for a month if you are using this daily.
What I find surprising is how sturdy these tapes are, I mean I always think of eyelid tapes as thin stickers that would not last but the Wonderstripes are legit, they smooth onto your lids and when they are on your lids, they are on your lids until you remove them!
I know I wont be having much use out of these as I would like to but I do want to share a tip in which using the Wonderstripes may help you with. 
Uneven eyelids, I used to suffer from having a triple crease in one lid and a normal double eyelid on the other and how I fixed them was by using double eyelid glue, and if you havent figured already, eyelid tape is pretty much the same thing. Michelle Phan did do a video a few years ago on uneven lids which is how I figured out the trick. 
I still do suffer from waking up with a triple eyelid once or twice a year and I know it would be the one occasion in using the Wonderstripes to fix it. 

Honestly I am stoked that eyelid tape is starting to drift into the rest of the world. You would think that it would only be used for monolids but it works well for the double lidded people out there!
You can see above that it has made my eyes bigger just from making my lids more visible but the downside is that the tape did peek through which apparently isnt supposed to happen unless you apply it right but lets face it, my lids are small, it will be visible.
If you arent exactly used to eyelid tape or it is your first time using it, it's an odd feeling but I like to think that it literally lifts the eyes!
Definitely recommend to people looking for an alternative to eyelid surgery!


Disclaimer: I was sent this for reviewing purposes, as always it is my honest review!

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Morning Frizz || My top 3 tricks

Before I did my ends ombre last year, you could say that I had hair that I wish I had now. Before using the boxed hair dye that I forever regret using (talking about you Loreal Feria Ombre), I never experienced frizzy ends. I rarely woke up with tangled hair, a birds nest in my hair I never even bothered to touch my hair brush because I didnt have to use it. 
Now I've come to the conclusion I wont be able to get that hair back until I cut my hair short. And for those who dont read my tweets, I do want to get  short hair sometime soon. Get my natural hair colour back and start afresh but until then, I have came up with my top 3 tricks that make my hair somewhat manageable when I wake up in the morning.

1. Braid your hair before you sleep

This is one that I swear by! Braiding your hair before you sleep. There are two ways you can do it, dry or wet and yes they both do different things on what you want the next morning.
For those days where you want a fancy wavy hairstyle and less frizzy ends, I recommend you braid your hair while its damp and let it dry through the day/night and make sure you sleep with it dry. You can definitely just braid it while its dry but the waves may be less dominant. Also sleeping with it dry, you may end up folding your hair while you sleep (depending on how you sleep & where the braid is at). I personally like to do a side braid or sometimes pigtail braids.
As for the wet braid, the method behind this is: washing your hair 1-2 hours before you sleep and braid it while its damp and sleep with it while its damp, you will wake up with wet hair still but when you take the braid out your hair will be back to your normal hair, no wavy hairstyle, just like you washed it in the morning. 
This trick works for me well but experiment with this and you're bound to find the right way to do it if these dont work for you!

2. Use a hair treatment/conditioner

This is an obvious one, use a hair treatment, whether its a hair mask, hair oil or just a plain old hair conditioner, use it!!
The ones Im using at the moment are the MorocconOil Treatment and the Tresemme Keretin Smooth Hair Conditioner!
I do wash my hair everyday (yes Im aware its not good for my roots) and I use whatever shampoo there is in the bathroom but I purchase my own conditioner. I have been on the lookout for a good conditioner and this one has been my favourite out of the bunch. It states that it controls frizz for up to 48 hours which I personally think is not true, if I sleep with my hair not in a braid I will wake up with the ultimate frizzy hair so no it does not help in that way. But it is honestly great to use in the morning, keeps my ends super smooth and untangled through the day!
As for the Moroccan Oil, I wouldnt say its amazing but it does tame my frizzy ends if I end up having some in the morning. I love the scent of it and doesnt leave my ends looking oily.

3. Trim those ends!!

Last but not least, trim your hair. The only way to get rid of your frizz is to chop it from where it starts which for me is from my collar bones but until the day I go to the hairdressers and get it short, I just trim atleast an inch off. I did do it myself and yes it has made my hair so much more manageable, so ive dedicated myself to trim my hair atleast one a month until I see a huge improvement of my frizz gone! And if youre wondering, I use a hair razor to trim my ends.

What are your top morning frizz tips?

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The Purple Phase || Rimmel ScandalEyes Pencil Liner

For the longest time, I've always wanted to try out purple liner. Black was always my go-to colour, brown was average to me and other colours really didnt stand out. Well finally I purchased the Rimmel ScandalEyes Waterproof Kohl Kajal on Asos while it was on sale but you can pick this up at Priceline or Mychemist when the 50% Rimmel products are on.
I've been wearing this colour non-stop after receiving it in the mail and I am in love! 

I was hesitant in purchasing the one from Rimmel as pencil eyeliners do not last on me but I know for a fact that the darker the pencil liner, the more it will be noticable when smudged and with colours like purple, it may smudge on you but it wont give you a panda eye look compared with the black. So I bit the bullet and got the purple just knowing that this wont be the HG pencil liner that lasts all day, which of course isnt, but rather what got me loving this liner was the colour!

You could say that this is somewhat comparable to Urban Decays 24/7 Pencil Liner but I would say it's less creamier. I mean it is definitely creamy and pigmented, but I found it harder to apply when I applied eye primer underneath as it did start to tug on my lids after. 
The nib of the pencil does wear out fast so I did have to sharpen it after 2 days of use and since I do wing out my liner, pencil is pretty much the worst when it comes to getting a fine line, so with the use of a q-tip I pull the liner out and smudge the edges and it looks fine...from afar. But that is one of the downsides for using any pencil liners.

What I love about using purple liner is that you can get away with lining your eyes, applying some mascara and you're good to go for the day. It doesn't have the intensity that a black eyeliner would have but it does have the ability to show your natural eye shape instead of changing it. 
I have used this eyeliner, at work, school and for whenever I've been out and the lasting ability has been tested. 
Without primer, work for 3.3 hours: Slight smudging, eyeliner separating from the ends as a result of watery eyes (pictured at the bottom right)
With primer, at school for 4 hours, out for 1 hour: slightly noticable smudge near lower lashline, majority of the purple liner has faded/smudged away from the lashline also separation of product at the ends of my eye also from a result of watery eyes.
So the results is typical for me but Im just glad it doesnt give me raccoon eyes at the end of the day. 
I would label this pencil liner a favourite of mine due to the colour and texture but when it comes down to the lasting power, the smudging and fading on the lower lashline is frustrating.
But anywho I have been getting many compliments on this liner at school and does go to show purple liner is super pretty, so do try getting your hands on a purple liner if you dont already!!

Saturday, November 15, 2014


After experiencing the Mint Julep Masque by Queen Helene, I think my love for facial masks have grown. I've always been the one to use Asian sheet masks as I find them so hydrating and such a relaxing task to do after a stressful skin week!
But I do have a place in my heart for facial masks as they do make you feel like youre having a pamper session and they do make a great activity with the girls.
I was lucky enough to be send some samples of a new Mask that will be coming in Australian salons soon and wow has it made my skin hella smooth.

What won me over was an inpiring story behind the founder Carlie and the creation of Maskd which you can read [here]. 
The mask states that it will help with the following:

 Smooths lines and wrinkles

 Sooths damaged skin & reduces scarring
 Permits fresh, glowing skin
 Allows natural oil flow
 Moistens dry skin
 Covers blemishes
 Improve application of make-up

A little spoiler alert, I would say that yeah the claims are 70% true, I mean I've only tested it for 4 days and havent experience 'smooth lines and wrinkles' or 'reduced scarring'. It may be a product that could help if you use the Mask in the long run, but other than that Im quite happy with the other claims actually working. But I will say that no matter what skin type you have, it will cater to your needs.
Also the mask does not contain any of them nasty chemicals that's usually found in a lot of masks.

First things first, I know the full sized product is a squeeze tube so yes it wouldve been a lot neater than using the satchels but the sample sized product was obviously a mess and although the plastic satchel was visually appealing for me, it was hard to rip open so I was using scissors most of the time.  Now there are 4 easy steps in applying this bad boy.

1: Cleansing your face and drying your skin (it does state to cleanse twice but as long as your face is squeaky clean, im sure it would be the same)
2: Apply a thin layer of The Green Mask to your skin, avoiding your eyes and mouth.
3: Leave the mask on for 10-15 minutes while the active ingredients begin to work their magic on your skin. You will experience the 'sting" (but more on that later).
4: Using water and a clean washer, remove the mask.

Note: I tested the mask for 4 days in a row

During the time I left the mask on my face, 3 minutes in the "sting" hits. For the first two days the sting was a burning sensation which made my eyes tear, it stung like a bee. But the last two days was just a nice tingling sensation which was a nice refreshing feeling. 
I read up on the sting and it did state that the stinging effect will vary from person to person as we all have different PH skin levels and also the more you use the mask the less discomfort you will experience. 

Compared with my experience with the Mint Julep Masque, Maskd does not dry to tell you when its done, it will stay movable so that was one of the cons for me as I prefer facial masks to dry.
Also the last con was somewhat of a pro/con for me. The scent reminded me of my childhood, which was a pro but the scent was like a playdoh/Plasticine scent/children paint could not wrap my nose around the scent but it was definitely something that reminded me of being back in the art room.

Testing the mask for 4 days in a row may sound daunting but it did not dry my skin out! It was more moisturizing rather than drying surprisingly. 
My skin is combination/oily skin and when I washed this off as my room was sweltering in heat, it felt like I applied a thick face moisturizer, but did not make my face any more oilier than it was which was good.
I am lucky to say that I dont really suffer from any skin problems aside from the casual pimples but it was a coincident that I had a growing pimple while testing this product and yes Maskd did reduce that pimple after 2 days use which is why I give it a big thumbs up! I assume from the ingredients that it was because of the salicylic acid.

I would definitely recommend this one for people who have dry,acne prone,combination skin as I feel you will get loads more benefit compared with oily skinned but such a lovely product to use for the colder months aswell!
This product does cost $49.95 for 50ml which I know is such a big price tag, but considering the benefits that you may be looking for, it could be something worth while to save up for as a little pick-me-up or something to pamper yourself with.

Twitter: #GetMaskd

Thursday, November 13, 2014


The last time I got a new perfume was last year when I got my DKNY Be Delicious Fresh Blossom perfume. Ever since then Ive only stuck to my small perfume collection, which only gets a new addition 1-2 times a year. 
I was lucky enough to be able to choose 5 samples off of SCPerfume to test out and try and with the massive selection of perfumes they have, trust me it was hard to choose only 5...

To my surprise I was given a full sized of the Nova No.0 which I was going to test out last but with the packaging that the samples were in, using the full sized bottle is a lot more handy and easily accessible but Ill get back to that later on.
The bottle is in a matte glass casing which I absolutely love but to be honest, the plastic white lid kind of ruins it. 
Now as we should all know, I cannot describe the scent for the life of me, but lucky for everyone, SCPerfume sends along a small summary of the different scents and details that the perfume has.

Class:  Woods>Crisp>Citrus Fruity
Top Notes: Bergamot, Lemon, Mint, Orange Blossom
Middle Notes: Geranium, Jasmine, Lily of the Valley
Base Notes: Cedarwood, Sandalwood

And looking at half the scents, I still am clueless in comparing the scent to the summary but Nova No.0 smells great for the spring/summer time as it isnt too heavily scented. The first time you spray it, the scent will be heavy but 10 seconds later the scent will be a light scent which isnt noticeable unless you sniff yourself up close. It's great for everyday use especially for work or school as the scent isnt overpowering but just so you know, it doesnt last that long maybe up to 1-2 hours before its a super light scent. 
You can purchase it here: [Link]

Aroma Link Harmonizing (N3)
You will be seeing a pattern and link with the samples Im about to show, they all are supposed to be "fresh" scents. Which I have described that as one of my favourites. For the N3 I dont think I smell anything fresh about this one.
It does kind of remind me of moisturizer with a hint of lavender and some musk in it.
The scent first applies quite strong and burns when you smell it so you do have to wait about 1-2 minutes before it dies down to the moisturizer-like smell.
Its not my favorite out of the bunch as I dont think it is my kid of perfume but if you are into that kind of scent you can check it out [here]

Cindy Charming (N43)
 Now this is the one scent I can see myself using all the time, it definitely reminds me of walking into the perfume section of Myer and spraying every perfume that looks fancy to me.
It doesnt scream floral but it does have a hint of fruitiness mixed in with a bucket load of fresh.
Just like the rest of the perfumes they dont last considerably long so I would keep this as a nice refreshing touch of perfume when you dont want to have the obvious smell of perfume.
Perfect for spring, i'de say.
Check it out [here]

Miss Vietnam Hanoi Platinum (N29)
I was excited to use this one as the sound of apple,peach and base note of Vanilla lured me in.
It does remind me a bit like the DKNY Be Delicious fragrance which if you love the fresh apple scent.
If it werent for the super annoying sample packaging I would be using this all the time!!
Check it out [here]

Cindy Classy (N42) 
The Cindy Classy is quite similar to the Cindy Charming but smells more of a peach scent. This has got to be my favourite out of the bunch, as its not overwhelmingly sweet but just enough to know there is some fruityness hidden in the musky smell. Again the scent is not super strong but very light scented.
Check it out [here]

Cindy Pure (N40)
Out of all the samples, I have used this one the most even though it isnt my favourite out of them all. It has that everyday fresh scent I just like to use but does have a bit of a moisturizer smell so it smells like you put on a lovely scented moisturizer. Dont really know why I just stick to using this but it would have to be at least 2nd or 3rd best scent out of the 5!
Check it out [here]

Although I regret going out of my comfort zone and trying out other fragrances that isnt considered "fresh" I'll  probably be sticking to all the Cindy scents as they are more my type of scent!
So I havent talked about this yet but on their website, they do have a fragrance wheel of floral,fresh,oriental and woody so you can choose whichever one you are most comfortable youre with. I think that was a great idea if you have a mindblock on what scent you want to go try out.
Its super easy to find what scent youre after.
They also list similar perfume scents under each perfume they sell so if you arent sure about liking the scent they will having a massive list of known perfumes that have a similar scent which is a smart idea.

*Disclaimer: I was sent these for reviewing, as always it is my honest review*

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Spring Refresher || Puretopia

The time of blooming flowers, hayfever 24/7 and the bipolar Melbourne weather will finally dwindle. Summer will soon be upon us guys! 
I know for a start, that I do have a love hate relationship with Spring, as I love that perfect sunny weather but then again the hayfever really gets me down in the dumps. I was sent a couple of items by Puretopia that have been some picks for this season and will definitely be of great use for summer.

Puretopia Gentle Exfoliating Face Scrub
I would say this scrub is life changing! My beloved Exfolimate has lost its holy grail status because of this one, it will make your skin hella smooth and flake free! I do have some troubles if i apply bb cream as it will always stick to whatever dry spot there is but using this scrub in the morning or even the night before will completely diminish it. 
It says to apply this scrub after you cleanse which I do, atleast once a day. The scrub itself is very fine and doesnt feel rough at all, I use atleast the size of a 10 cent coin per use. 

Puretopia Facial Mist & Toner
I absolutely love facial mists especially during hot days, its like my way of cooling down since I dont have a fan in the room. I will say that it hasnt done anything spectacular to my skin, maybe it has hydrated it maybe it hasnt, but I use it when my face is in need for a cool down.
It has a unique orange citrus scent but doesnt linger on the skin for much and also the spray is some-what of a big mist (pictured above). Do you ever feel like a wuss when you spray something for the first time onto your face?! well yeah this is one that gave me a shock when I did my first spray but it does spray a lot so you will only need a max of 3 sprays. Will be saving this one when the famous heat wave comes around. 

Puretopia Daily Face Moisturiser SPF15
Im saving this one for the sunny days as this contains SPF but it really is a great daily face moisturiser.  The packaging did put me off slightly but the product is well worth it, I find that a little does go a long way and this doesnt leave a greasy residue behind so I can get away with not putting powder on top to mattify it. It's light weight and compared with many other facial moisturisers that contain SPF, this one is less work! And being a lazy person anything that's less time consuming and less work is a win in my books.

Disclaimer: I was sent these products for consideration. As always, it is my honest review on the products

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Rimmel Kate Lasting Finish 05 || LOTD

Put your hands up if youre downing in sweat! 
Stuck indoors, upstairs with no fan is a bit of a challenge but Im glad the suns out, bringing back the bright coloured lipsticks even though you could probably rock any coloured lipstick in whatever season and weather there is. But I like to take it as an excuse to try out different coloured lipsticks rather than sticking to the one favourite colour.

 As one who cant resist a sale, I got this lipstick for only $6.65 for sale at ASOS thinking that I would be receiving a pink berry shade, but of course silly me forgetting that the colour is always different to the picture.
05 is like your typical pink lipstick but loads more wearable for everyday. It has little hints of glitter that makes the lipstick look a tad frosty on the lips but isnt noticable unless you shine light onto it. 
Like always I do dab this one on yet it is quite pigmented even when you try and blot it.
If your lips are dry it does cling onto dry areas but doesnt accentuate them, though it is a bit drying but nothing that a good lipbalm can fix after! 

I had plans on going to the library today so I did pop on this lipstick, I mean why not?! 
Though before I did go eat breakfast and this doesn't last long if you have a light meal or even a muesli bar on the go, the centre of the lips will start to wear out,  so you do have to reapply this bad boy. But considering that its me, I dont reapply lipstick and with eating + drinking and 3 hours of studying in the library, it was completely gone in 4 hours.