Monday, May 19, 2014

French Dot Tips

I'm happy to say that I'm officially back to NOTW posts! 
Although my nails aren't fully back to its healthy state, it hasn't broken on me considering the length it is at.
Anyways I have been painting my nails a lot more recently since I have been using the Maybelline Express Remover Pot
I did feel like using my dotting tool and so I thought of doing some fancy smancy French Tip Nail Art.
All I did was use a purple polish to paint over my white tips then start to place random dots everywhere but making sure to do a gradual dot (bigger dots towards the tips). Then I used a similar colour to do a gradual dot.
The thing is that I didn't use a base coat since I didn't have time to wait for it to dry. (Lazy me)

Nail Polishes & Tools:

Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Hardener
Chi Chi Nail Polish in Social Butterfly
Colour Theory Polish in Mocha Mauve 
OPI Top Coat
Dotting Tool