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Never-ending Acne Solution || Skin B5*

 Once upon a time (not that long ago) I had what I would say, clear skin. Free from acne but the occasional pimple here and there during my time of month but a monster of some sort attacked me, and I was left with the battle scars of acne upon my forehead. 
...Okay I may be exaggerating with my love of disney movies, hoping some prince or skincare product would swipe me of my feet and help fix up my acne but obviously it aint a fairytale this time Angel *insert crying face*.

Anyways the real story of my acne started about a year or so ago. From having clear skin and the occasional blemish usually around my nose and forehead. But I noticed that I started getting quite bumpy upon my forehead and my tea tree oil pimple remedy no longer worked on my forehead anymore as it wasn't that usual pimple. That was when i did some research and found out that I was suffering from acne (papules to be exact).

Lucky for me I was contacted by the extremely friendly and lovely staff of Skin B5 to test out their acne range.
Skin B5 sells 5 different products that help with acne:
Skin Purifying Mask
Acne Control Cleansing Mousse
Acne Control Moisturiser
Acne Control Caplets
Acne Control Extra Strength Tablets
I've never really done any research or bought any products for my acne as it wasn't bugging me that bad so it was quite the surprise getting to try these out.

Left: Acne Control Caplets Right: Acne Control Extra Strength Tablets.
The real star of Skin B5 is their acne tablets.
Upon receiving the set, I was pretty damn confused on which one to take and what to be taking and etc so i did contact them via email and got a speedy answer from the staff (5 star rating for you!)
The Acne Control Extra Strength Tablets is what you should be taking if you have serious acne breakouts, taking 2 tablets 3 times a day after a meal, never on an empty stomach. While the Acne Control Caplets should be taken if you have mild acne or occasinal breakouts which is also 3 times a day but only 1 caplet after finishing the Extra Strength Tablets or after your acne has recovered to your liking.
I actually haven't tested out the Caplets yet as I'm still yet to finish the 180 tablets but you can see above how the caplet is slightly smaller than the Tablets. 
(I will keep you guys updated when i try the caplets and do a little catch-up lifestyle post in the future!)
I know a few of my friends can't swallow pills and if you're one of them or you can't do big pills, then you may have a hard time swallowing this bad boy (I found them to be quite similar in size with  the panadol tablets in the big size). Lucky for me i can swallow pretty much any sized pills so i had no trouble with this!

Top: August 16th Bottom: September 12th
Yes I know the photo date is a little early as I found that this stressful VCE work has gotten me out of trail with the whole acne routine. Im not going to lie, I did skip a few tablets so the outcome wouldve been better if i didn't but guess what? My acne has still gotten better even without taking the tablets strictly 3 times a day daily.
You never really notice how much your acne progress improves until you actually see past photos! I only just saw the pictures of my acne and it shocked me how much it improved when it felt like it hasn't made a major difference. But I can safely say that the redness between my brows has disappeared and most of the acne scarring has reduced. Majority of my acne is situated between my brows and the occasional pimple is also around that area or above my brow but you know what, a normal pimple feels a whole lot better than the dreading acne staying on my head for who knows how long?!

The Acne Control Moisturiser helps 'unclog & tighten pores, evens skin tone and prevents breakout'.
It claims to be for oily, acne-prone skin that contains natural ingrediants of green tea, jojoba oil and vitamin B5 (which is considered to help reduce acne). 

It is in a pump form so I don't have to bother cleaning out underneath my nails whenever i dip my finger into a tub of moisturiser *cringes*. I found that one pump is perfect for my big ass head as the texture is somewhat watery so it will spread evenly on your face. I can sometimes get away with less than a pump when my face doesn't feel as dry as the desert.
Sadly for me i don't really see what this moisteriser does for my acne and also my oily/combo skin. I felt as though it just maintained what i already had instead of helping it out. But it may just be the oblivious side of me?!

The Acne Control Cleansing Mousse is one of my favourites in the set as you can guess from the name, ITS A MOUSSE! Nothing more exciting than getting a pumpful of foam that looks like you're holding the physical form of clouds.
It leaves my face feeling clean and hydrated which i love. The lightweight feeling of it when I put it on my face is also a bonus as I find with the typical cream cleanser that it feels quite thick and leaves my face feeling like it got dipped in moisturiser, that may give some people the tick of approval but for someone like me, lightweight products are the best of the bunch for me.
I use this one twice a day (morning and night) and theres not really any major cons to it aside from having to take off the lid and trying not to have it slip from your hands when its dripping wet. (it is sometimes a struggle whenever i use it in the shower)

applying the mask normally onto the forehead (thinner outcome)
Leaving the best till last, the Skin Purifying Mask is (*hi five to people who get this reference)
To put it short, this mask works a charm in fast forwarding my acne solution. With the tablets its a slow and gradual process but this mask reduced my forehead acne like a charm.
I try to use this one atleast once or twice a week as it really helps reduce the acne in a day, magic or what?!
The texture of it isn't too thick or too thin. You can apply it thick (which is what i do) or you can also thin it out.
I usually apply it on the problematic area rather than the entire face cause who wants to waste product?! You can also use it just like a spot treatment.
It says to allow 5 minutes for it to dry but personally, i never keep track of time so Im always doing my won thing while it dries!
With all masks it has the tight feeling when it starts to dry but then washing it off, it has a refreshing feeling like drinking an ice cold beverage on a hot sweating day. I love it.
Honestly if I were to run out I would definitely consider purchasing this one.

The entire set retails for around $130 (not sure about the exact cost) but it is cheaper when purchasing the products altogether rather than separately!

Costs for the products separately:

Acne Control Extra Strength Tablets: $49.95
Acne Control Caplets: $39.95
Acne Control Moisturiser: $22.95
Acne Control Cleansing Mousse: $22.95
Skin Purifying Mask: $34.95

I have to admit the prices for each product is pretty steep but considering that the tablets and the mask  worked pretty damn well for me, I personally find the prices quite worthy for them imo. But a moisturiser and cleansing mouse for $22/23 you can probably find cheaper alternatives/dupes but if no other product works for you and you want to try something new, whats there to lose in trying these out?!

I still suffer from the occasional breakout, but the acne on my forehead has reduced about half the amount since using the products. Ive got my fingers crossed that it will fully recover when I'm done with the tablets!

Do you guys suffer from acne? What are your hg products for it?!

Skin B5

*Disclaimer: Products were sent to me to trial + review \\ It does not change my thoughts on this in anyway.

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  1. One can not take chances with its skin and should go for skin products which are referred by your skin doctor. This one looks good to me but still I will ask my doctor if it suits me or not