Saturday, October 31, 2015

Long hair is back?! || Irresistible Me*

I feel as though once someone gets the big chop, half the time they usually regret it and complain about short hair. For me, I still love my short hair (that has quickly grown out to be a medium length).

A little fact here, but my goal is to get rid of all the previous/past bleach/dyed parts of my hair so i can get my natural hair colour back and have fun with a new canvas. My hair is still half brown so i do have a long way to go to get it back but it the meantime I was lucky enough to choose a product from Irresistible Me.

As they are known for their extensions, I thought why not just try them out as Ive never thought about trying hair extensions out.Just letting you all know, I am a complete hair extension newbie, so I just played it safe and went for the Silky Touch range as its their best-selling line. I choose Silky Natural Black Extensions in 18 inches and 140G which I assume was going to be perfect for my thin hair which is in need of volume.

For their extensions, you're allowed to choose the weight as well as the length of them.

The different weights and the length included that are available:

200g (10 pieces) - 14", 18", 20", 22", 24"
140g (8 pieces) - 14", 18"
100g (7 pieces)- 14", 16"

After opening the lid?!

The extensions arrived pretty fast and can I say that any company or brand that sends out their products in their own packaging wins me over any day!

Coming in a black box with pretty artwork when you open it, yes it deserves it own picture.


Sample weft
Anyways, with myself and online shopping I tend to find myself buying sizes that are either a size too small and large so I try to make sure I only buy things that I know will fit. But with extensions it is a hit or miss if you end up with a different hair colour. Luckily for me I had the perfect shade. 
The extensions come in a plastic zip bag with two pockets, the bigger pocket stores all your extensions while the second pocket contains a sample weft of hair that you should open first to make sure the colour, length and the quality is what you're wanting incase of return. (I found that to be such a smart idea). 

My hair is thin and is pretty much half natural colour and half pink/brown (pink dye is gradually fading) so obviously the extensions don't blend in with the coloured parts, but since i am planning on getting my natural hair colour back, it will have to wait until I use it out in public.
So first time trying out the extensions, I think it was a horrible first attempt, where my straight hair contrasted against the wavy long hair and being able to feel the clips as well, didn't exactly put me off extensions as seeing past it, it flooded me with memories of having long hair again. I think i spent about 10 minutes gushing over the hair. 
Anyways I tried it a second time but this time I straightened the extensions beforehand and planned out what clips to put in my hair. 
From the bottom of my head going towards the top, I used 3 clips, 4 clips, 2x 2 clips, which stayed pretty well on my head.

Left: Normal hair length Right: Extensions

[hi five to me for attempting to hide my coloured hair haha]

I found that for my own hair, 140g is a lot of hair, it contains 8 clips but I managed to fit in 4 and bunching it all up in a ponytail it is pretty heavy! 

I have to admit, it has made me miss my old hair so much but then again I think they have persuaded me into cutting my hair shorter so I can just live off extensions rather than ruining my own hair, you know?!

But honestly I love these. I still have yet to play with them a bit more and making sure it fits with my thin hair but 100% real hair, long, soft and perfect color fit for me. I will be purchasing some more for the sake of bleaching them and dying them some fun colours!

I found out that they do sales on some occasions (25% off for halloween recently) but the extensions I got retail for $139. So make sure to snatch them up when their on sale cause its a pretty damn good deal.

Irresistible Me

*Product was sent to me to review, as always the review is my honest opinion on it.


  1. These hair extensions look really good and natural on you!!! They're pretty expensive but I guess they're worth the price hey ;P
    They have pretty cute packaging as well hehe!


  2. Looks good! I got the 22 inch and the pieces were so filling!! I have quite a bit of hair so I probably won't wear it on a daily basis. But still cool though.

    Raincouver Beauty

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