Monday, February 29, 2016

Stay Lean Tea*

Three months have nearly passed and the New Years resolutions of becoming healthier has somewhat been a success yet a fail at the same time, I mean walking everyday and swapping junk food with fruits recently while also having Maccas for dinner a couple days ago?

Any who I was contacted by the lovely company, Stay Lean Tea to try out their 14 day tea detox program which has been a lil trend lately with all the teatoxes, except this tea is a lot different to the usual as it doesnt contain any laxatives, so a tea that is 100% natural and organic is definitely a winner in my books.

The teabags are stored in a brown resealable kraft paper-like pouch, with their company logo on it. And for an ex vis-com student, I honestly love the packaging, its simple and reminds me of something very 'tumblr' especially the tea as you'll see how colourful the 14 day lean cleanse looks!!

Something small to point out as well. The tea bag is made of a cheaper/easily-breakable material but I find these tea bags are made of a fine mesh material that feels really sturdy, so theres no worry that the leaves and what not will come out.

L: 14 day lean cleanse R: 14 day lean burner
For the 14 day detox you have to drink the Lean Burner tea everyday in the morning (pictured on the right) and the Lean Cleanse every second day, with a tea bag in a cup of boiling water for 2-4 minutes.

Starting with the Lean Burner tea, it contains Longjing green leaf, Pu'er Tea Leaf, Dandelion Leaf, Lotus leaf, Lemon Grass, Oolong leaf and Goji Berry. 

I personally found with this tea that taking it in the morning before eating confused the heck out of me. Every morning I usually eat a bowl of cereal which keeps me at bay for a while, yet drinking this tea I didnt feel the need to eat as my appetite was gone, but with the habit of eating cereal pretty much every day  I didnt know whether to drink the tea as my breakfast or have both?! 
I did end up having cereal along with the tea as breakfast is the best meal of the day, which kept me full and not hungry till around late afternoon. Which I thought was great!
Also a lil bonus with this tea is that it tasted a bit like green tea which is one of my favourites, so i had no trouble consuming this even though I was expecting a herbal tea taste.

With the Lean Cleanse it contains Longjing green leaf, Chamomile, Chrysanthemum, Rose flower, Lavender, Roselle and Lemon Grass

To be honest I wasn't a huge fan of this one but i didnt hate it as well. The taste of this was a little more herbal which is what I don't like when it comes to some teas. So I was relieved that I only had to take this every second day, but after a couple cups from this, I did get used to the taste and it just reminds me of the fruity teas you can get at T2.
I found with this tea that it didnt suppress my appetite as much as the other one as i did end up craving food after but you do get quite a shocker when waiting for the tea to steep as you just come back looking at the pinkish tone in your cup of tea. Even with all the leaves and flower in the tea bag the colour looks really pretty, and I have to admit that upon opening the Lean Cleanse I did admire the teabag a lot more than the other.

Day 1- Day 14
For someone like myself who tends to eat quite a lot, I am blessed that I have a high metabolism but sad to say that I do take advantage of that. 
I am someone who craves food 24/7 so Im constantly snacking junk food and having overly sized portioned meals, so you can see above in day 1 how bloated my stomach was.
I have to admit that I kind of made a deal with myself to 'try' and have a better diet plan e.g. not eating all the time etc, when I start the Tea detox, to see if it really did work if you had a balanced diet as well as trying to 'exercise' which in my defence wasn't running around the block and doing weights at the gym, but instead trying to get up and move and walk more rather than sitting infront of the screen, so I did keep up this routine for 14 days but did occasionally have a few cheats of eating unhealthily (keeping it real here!). And I found that the tea did help a lot with the bloating which you can see in the second picture above. 
I didnt record my weight before and after the detox so I'm not sure if i even lost or gained any weight, but Im pretty happy with how the detox worked out, especially with the Lean Burn as it helped with controlling my snacking cravings after breakfast.

I know there are pictures of women with 'bikini bodies' from drinking tea detoxes but Im pretty sure 99.9% that solely relying on a detox will not give you that result if thats what you're looking for
But for those looking for a tea to try that will help with your appetite as well as bloating I can say that it really helped with my little food addiction.

Had to include a picture of the personal touch :')

Stay Lean Tea did kindly give me a 10% off code with any purchase on their store (modelled by my lovely cat Piper), and lucky for you guys they're currently having a sale online so feel free to use the code THANKYOU22 on top of the sales going on now!

Stay Lean Tea

*Disclaimer: This product was sent to me to review


  1. This is a dream come true for the bulky guys. They should try this once and update the results with others. I myself world definitely try this one. Hope it will work:0

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