Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Too Faced Shadow Insurance

Having oily lids can be a pain especially with all the eye makeup never lasting an hour without creasing, fading or even melting off. I had a school formal awhile back and decided that I might as well invest in an eye primer just incase any eye-makeup-mishaps happen. 
I was tossing between purchasing the Urban Decay Primer Potion or the Too Faced Shadow Insurance but of course us Aussie bloggers know that we cant get Urban Decay unless purchased online so I decided to just get the TFSI (I got mine at Kit Cosmetics for $26.95). I had my doubts about this product so I was hesitant to buy this, but after 5 hot sweaty hours of dancing, my eye makeup actually stayed in place.

The packaging is in a squeeze tube, which is more hygienic compared to the doe footed applicator and is also a plus since you can control the amount of product you want!
\When I first opened it, I found that a small amount of liquid comes out first then the product, so it helps to have a tissue or paper towel near you if you plan on getting this. 
Also the opening is quite small which is perfect because only a little goes a long way! Not even a pea size is needed, only a small blob is what I use for my lid and the lower lashline. 

When I applied this on my lid, the texture felt odd to me, it had a very liquidy/oily feeling to it (kind of like moisturiser) , which is why you dont need a lot since it spreads out smoothly. But you get a matte base once you finish applying the primer.
I found that it was just a tad harder to blend out my pencil eyeliner compared to having no primer, but it did make it last a heck lot longer so I really have no complaints.


  1. I absolutely love eye primers as they really make eyeshadow, eyeliner and mascara stay in place for the whole day! This Too Faced primer sounds good :) At the moment I am using Revlon's PhotoReady primer which gets the job done, and I have a little tube of Urban Decay Primer Potion (from my Naked palette) which I haven't used yet! Such a shame they don't sell it in Australia :(

    1. I have no idea how I lived without it before! You should def try the Too Faced primer but I have a feeling that the Urban Decay would be quite similar to it. When I run out of my primer (prob not anytime soon haha! ) I'll be sure to try out the Revlon primer and the drugstore primers out there :)

  2. I'm glad this worked for you, this does not work on my eyes at all sadly :(

  3. I wish Kit stocked Urban Decay :( but you can still get its products from lookfantastic / beautybay for quite a reasonable price :)!