Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Cheap Steals!

Being the typical self, I always end up going to the beauty section of the supermarket after buying the groceries. Just in case any items have gone down in price for clearance or if any sales have started I will always go down the aisle looking at every single product. 
I was shopping at Coles yesterday and found a few products which had been marked down and a few products that were just cheaper than it's original price.
I would like you to first guess the price of the products below then continue reading.

Biore Scrub: $2
Maybelline Illegal Length Mascara: $3
Maybelline Dream Matte Powder: $3
Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick: $3

I actually picked the Biore scrub at the clearance shelf, there was a lot of other skincare products which were under $5. There was the Invisible Zinc products for $4 which I was tempted to get but I had to limit myself. 
I then went to the beauty section of Coles and I saw that Maybelline was having a buy 2 get the third free, then I saw a few products with their prices highlighted, they were under $3! I squealed on the inside when I saw it, 2 of their mascaras were $3 but IU just picked one of them. Then I saw the powder for $3 then there was a few lipsticks which I didn't really want but I picked up a mauve colour just to give to my mum, I mean it was for free so why not?! 

Did you pick up any bargains this week?!


  1. Such good bargains :) I love when coles and woolies clear out cosmetics!

    1. Yes! and it's the best feeling when you pick up the last one :D

  2. Omgosh! Crazy that you got all these goodies for such a low price. I dont think Ive never seen my coles/woolies mark down products like that! :(

    1. Aw that sucks D: You've just got to keep an eye out just in case any sales or discounts are happening secretly on the shelves

  3. Great picks!