Monday, January 13, 2014

Essence Rebels Lip & Cheek Pot in Peach Punk

Anyone else remember the old Priceline?!
Awhile back I went to a small shopping centre, where it usually doesnt have much people. I found out they opened a small Priceline, so I obviously went to go check it out. They had all these sale tables covering half the store and I found this Lip & Cheek Pot for only $3.40! There were also some Essence lipsticks for only $2 but most of the bullets were already used or battered up.
This was part of the Essence Rebels collection, which I dont think you can get anymore, but honestly it is not worth it.

I don't own that many blush products since I don't use blush so I thought this product would be the perfect thing to get, as it is versatile. I've always had a thing for peach coloured lip products aswell.

There was some bubbly oily residue at the top.

I'll be a hypocrite but I find that swatches on the hand can be very misleading, so the picture above really doesnt do any justice. 
I absolutely love the colour in the picture but in reality, when applied to the lips, it's more of a peachy tint. The product also clings into fine cracks on the lips. What's worse is that, when applying the product it feels like it's drying the lips as you put it on.
I did try the product on my cheeks and found it to be a natural light flush of peach, I wouldnt mind using it if I was doing a natural look. But I have naturally flushed cheeks so I find that using blush makes my cheeks lookmore like a clown. 
Though on the brighter side, a little does go a long way if used on the cheeks.
I do love Essence products but this was a big let down.


  1. Oh my gosh, I reckon this product is years and years old! What a cool find, although it's a shame it let you down. Essence can be a bit hit and miss at times. x

    1. two years to be exact! I did some research on the collection and it came out in 2012. I have no idea why they still have the old Priceline price sticker though! So true, but I guess the price of Essence products lures me in to buy most of their stuff, haha!

  2. I love finding things that are on clearance but since I have such a growing makeup collection now, I'm very particular with what I buy! This colour looks gorgeous but the oily residue doesn't look appealing at all! And I have the same problem as you- my cheeks look quite pink and flushed already that there is no need for blush :P

    1. Yes! I love finding clearance products!! I'm actually on a makeup ban until I finish a few of my products, but it's not really working well... I was pretty grossed out when i first opened the product! Finally someone who has the same problem! It frustrates me when I find a gorgeous looking blush but can never use it, but i guess it's just one less product to worry about.

  3. I love how essence products are always so cheap yet the quality is really good!
    You got this for such a great price and it looks like its super creamy, the colour is absolutely gorgeous as well :)
    Following you now <3


  4. Ooooh, I love the color in the photos. Too bad it's not the same color and is a let down for you. :/ I like clearances sales, its how I get good brand products for great prices! ^^ Thanks for this review! <3

    <3 from Chuonie