Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Moroccan Oil Treatment

If anyone does not remember, last year was the time where I tried to ombre my own hair using just hair dye, and for those who dont realise, plain old hair dye is not effective compared to bleach. So I made the stupid mistake of dying the ends of my hair the same week.
Yes, shocking. And obviously the ends of my hair did start to get drier but mainly a lot frizzier.
I have actually rarely suffered from frizzy ends before this whole accident, so I did question why the ends of my hair was all over the place and tangled all the time. Sure enough, I did do my research on google and found out I 100% had frizzy ends.
Anyone else who suffers from frizzy ends can understand this pain, the pain of running my fingers through the ends of my hair and getting caught in some bundle of hair knotted together. Or looking at the mirror and seeing my hair have a mess in the ends. 
Long story short, I just had to find a way to get rid of the frizz. And I did come across Moroccan Oil while browsing through Adorebeauty 

Im sure most people have seen this brand at one point in their life. I know for sure a lot of the hairdressers that I walk past usually display this behind the windows, hence why i'm familiar with this. I mean, the blue and orange packing together just catches my attention.
It costed me $55 to get the 125ml from AdoreBeauty and for a couple of dollars cheaper you can usually get the 100ml. But I did get the 125ml because the 100ml bottle doesnt come with a pump, and being the clumsy person that I am, pouring out oil from a bottle would not mix well with me.

So what I love about this is how you can lock the pump by twisting the pump to one side (unlocking by twisting the opposite direction), it's like a child-safe lock so you can prevent any accidents that happent if somehow accidentally, something pushes or presses the pump.
I did read a couple of reviews on this and some people had a problem with the pump leaking on them. Luckily for me I havent had a single problem with that. 

The oil is more of a thick oil, but not as thick as honey. It comes out as a yellow-orange colour and one pump is a bit more than enough for my hair, though you can probably get away with 2 pumps if you have long thick hair.
I have used this when my hair was slightly damp and wow does it make my hair dry faster! Even at school I randomly play with my hair and cant help myself to just sniff the ends of my hair, I just love the smell, I mean its not a sweet amazingly smelling product but it is a good scent.
On the days when I shower late and dont have the time to use this product, I just use it the morning after and it untangles my hair so I dont have to comb or brush it (even though I dont brush my hair).
Sadly this product hasnt killed away the frizz, but it has somewhat reduced it. It has made my hair a lot more manageable if I use it after the shower but other than that it hasnt really done anything drastically. 
I wouldnt repurchase this since there are still lots of de-frizzers out there for me to try out.

You can purchase it on AdoreBeauty here if you're interested.

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  1. I've never heard about this before. That treatment looks nice! :)

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