Monday, June 30, 2014

Sleigh Ride For Two || OPI

Recently I've been loving dark berry/maroon shades (which will be obvious in my June favourites coming soon!). It such a gorgeous shade on the nails, I personally dont follow the whole nail trend of dark colours in winter, bright colours in summer, pastel for spring and etc. I just wear polishes that I feel like using.

Lucky for me, I was browsing through Adorebeauty and most of the OPI polishes were on sale so I took advantage of it and chose a polish that I knew I would be using all the time. 
And for $14.96 I have no regrets in purchasing this purple-ly maroon polish.
Sleigh Ride For Two is one of two maroon polishes that I own, it may not be a favourite colour in a few peoples minds but I know for sure that I would have never worn dark polishes from last year and the previous years. 

Ever since using this polish it has changed my view on OPI, I always thought that I would never spend my money on OPI polishes since you can definitely get polishes a lot cheaper with similar quality. But OPI has pretty much won me over by how quick it dries, I mean its not like instantly dry within a click of a finger but it is quicker than a standard drugstore polish. I could get away with the polish being fully dry within 1-3 hours but with a standard polish it will usually take up to 6 hours just to be fully dry. (and when I mean fully, I mean hard polish on the nails that does not leave any prints!).
But I can say the down side is that it did start to chip on me after 2-3 days, there was very minimal chipping on the first day as well sadly.

I find that in yellowish lighting it can look somewhat brown on the nail and I can say that I am not a fan of brown polishes (hope I dont offend anyone there). But in white and natural lighting it comes out as a deep maroon-berry shade, which is the perfect shade for me as it isnt as dark as black but it isnt an obvious berry shade from afar. 
I can also get away with 1 coat of this but I did apply 2 coats to get a fully opaque colour!

Can purchase this polish on AdoreBeauty here

What's your favourite OPI shade?

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