Sunday, August 31, 2014

Lioele Glittering Jewel Liner in Marine Blue

For most of my life I've been on the hunt for the best pencil liner that actually stays on the waterline (mainly black liners). So I do have copious amounts of black pencil liners that I've collected through the years. 
I went on ebay looking at some Korean branded makeup and stumbled across the Lioele Glittering Jewel Liners. It was actually love at first sight, Im not a big fan of shimmery products let alone 'glittering' but the swatches on the models eyes for each of the pencil shades looked so damn pretty! 
I was about to purchase the black eyeliner but I had a feeling it would be another one of those eyeliners that will stay at the back of my collection so I thought "hey why not get a blue liner?".
Even though I knew it would be a colour I would rarely use out in public, I have no regrets in purchasing this one.

I've never been one to try Lioele products since majority of their products just dont appeal to me.. packaging wise. 
The pink just makes the packaging look cheap. I love the matte pencil body along with the pink writing but along with the non-matte lid, ruins it all. They couldve done better in my opinion!
But what I do love about this is how it is plastic rather than wood, when it comes to sharpening pencils it just sharpens so much smoother than wood. It reminds me a lot like the NYX jumbo pencil but in a smaller diameter.

If you dont already know, pencil liners just do not get along with my eyes. On the lids they end up transferring to the bottom, on the waterline they either start to separate or start sliding to my lashline and since my eyes are watery 24/7 near the ends of my eyes it will start to separate and leave a line of liquidy liner.
This liner on the other hand actually lasts on the lids and the lashline with very slight fading on the lashline but no smudges. On the waterline it lasts a nice 3 hours before it will start separating on the ends.

Im actually one to cringe at swatches on the hands because most of the time, the swatch on the hand is never 100% what it will look like on the lids, especially with the smudging test and the water test, it just doesnt work that way! But what you see above on the hands is what you will get on the lids. It is super pigmented and beautiful and Im just in love with the colour.
This product has a similar texture as the Milani Liquif'Eye Liners as it is very VERY creamy. This can be a con to the product because you may want to keep sharpening the pencil if you are looking for sharp lines.

I purchased the liner on Ebay here
Im actually eyeing the navy and champagne shade to buy someday!!

How do you use your blue liners?


  1. I love the Blue!!! It's so pretty!!
    I wear my coloured eyeliner similar to how you wear yours~ except I like to make the lines a little thicker sometimes XD
    btw, I want to invite you to join my new korean cosmetics giveaway, worth $90, open to Australian Residents! I hope you will join (๑╹っ╹๑)
    xx Charmaine

    Charrmyn || Kara Youngji Day&Night Makeup Tutorial || Korean Cosmetics Giveaway

    1. I know right! So gorg :')
      I would never be able to do thicker lines, my lids are hooded so sadly my eyeliner cant be too thick :(
      Will definitely check it out!!

  2. WOW this looks amazing! I love it x

    1. It leaves a great first impression to whomever sees the swatch haha! It is awesome :) x

  3. Oh wow! the colour is so pigmented! but I don't think something this bright suits me! I love the way you do your eyeliner!

    Steph | datewithsteph.

    1. I wouldnt have the guts to wear it out like that!! But thank you :)

  4. Hi i was wondering, how do you sharpen the eyeliner. Mine is blunt now and im not sure how to get the lead out to sharpen it, hope you can help me please? thankyou