Saturday, September 6, 2014

Winter Warriors || August Favs

August will always be one of my unforgettable months considering that 1. My birthday is in August, 2. My last school camp was during August and 3. Winter starts to end.
As you may know, I went off to Ski Camp for 5 days, which was definitely a highlight to 2014. I celebrated my bday, skiied for the first time but I left with unbearably dry skin and a few odd blemishes. It pretty much ruined my skin, but I did find my top products that have finally battled out the struggles.

Lucas Papaw Ointment
This product is my holy grail of all time, it is one of the best lip products I own and love. It's a savior to chapped, flaky lips that I always have to deal with during the colder seasons. Sad to say that I didnt use this as often as I did in August as I've just been trying out different lipbalms which isnt even as good as this one.

*B.liv Spots Got Shot
As I said before, I did get a few blemishes popping around my face, Im guessing due to the "Time of month". I found that tea tree oil wasnt doing its job quick enough so I thought about trying this again. This product did not work for me in the past, but I tried a different way of applying this by just dabbing a small blob on my pimples and left it overnight and my pimples started to fade so much quicker. 

*Optiva Daily Protection Cream
I had quite low standard when I first got this, I thought it would just be another one of those moisturizers that just did nothing, boy was I wrong! I came back from camp with extremely dry patches on my cheeks and forehead and pretty much none of my moisturizers worked, I used this product as a last resort one night and it just cured my dry patches back to my normal skin.
Ive been using this everyday, in the morning now and it hydrates the face so well! Im not a big fan of how it leaves the skin looking greasy but I fix that up with some powder on my t-zone and it surprisingly doesnt make my face anymore oilier than it is.

Ophelia Makeup Rounds
As much as the quality of the swissper cotton rounds appeals to me, the price is just something that bothers me, for about $3-$4 for a pack. I found the Ophelia Makeup rounds for I think $1.25 at the time? And the quality is just so much better than many cheaper brands, it's super sturdy, doesn't break apart and no fluff comes out! 

Nivea In-Shower Body Lotion
I was using the Nivea body lotion for a while but the laziness in me kicked in and I just could not be bothered applying it before bed, so I started to use the Nivea In-Shower Body Lotion and it is such a  life saver of mine. It's not the best moisturizer if compared with actual body lotions, but it does make the dryness better than before.

What were your favs in the month of August?

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