Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Benefit They're Real Mascara

Been quite a while since ive done a mascara review so i thought why not do one. I've been long overdue for one anyways! 
Probably the only full sized mascara ive used and havent reviewed yet is the Benefit They're Real mascara. I've had this for a couple of months now, gifted to me from my Brother for one of my birthday presents! But the thing is i actually wrote him a list of products which contained products i really wanted or ones that i kind of want to try and the Benefit mascara was pretty much one that didnt really catch my attention but from all the hype it got it was one that i was willing to try.

 With the Benefit They're Real line, which contains the Push-up Liner and the Mascara, the body shape is pretty much makes the packaging a whole lot better. I mean obviously the shiny purply grey barrel will catch attention of many but its the little things that makes the products stand out from other mascaras. The bottom starts off circular while it gradually turns into a square shaped barrel, which i love! It's like the chubbier version of the liner. Though it may be a downside if youre travelling as the mascara is quite the bulky one and will take up some space if you're low on it.

Whats different about the mascara wand is that it is a plastic brush and the bristles extends down to the very tip creating a dome-like wand, which is supposed to help with "fanning" out the corner lashes.
At first that was something different to me and definitely exciting but when it came down to applying the mascara to my lashes, it was somewhat of a mess as my eyes are small and hooded and if you chuck in a mascara with a big wand, it is tough to avoid getting mascara on your lids. The bristles at the very tip did help with the corner lashes but it didnt help separate the lashes and was also the perpetrator of getting mascara on my lids.

Top L-R: Uncurled, curled
Bottom L-R: With mascara, After 3 hours
You can see on the third picture that the mascara does hold a curl pretty well after applying it and letting it set. It lengthened well and was quite good in separating! I find it weird for me to go out with just mascara as i just dont think it suits me at all as im an eyeliner girl so I did line my eyes with some purple eyeliner which did make the lashes start to droop down a bit.
I went out shopping for 3 hours and did go out in the heat for some time which resulted in just a small bit of smudging and flaking but the lashes remained undrooped which is the only upside. You cant really see the smudging in the last picture but it did smudge underneath the lower lashes which is no surprise as all the mascaras ive tried smudge whenever i apply it to the lower lashline. My other eye on the other hand did end up flaking a small bit but the mascara didnt claim to be flake-free just smudge-proof.

This isnt my all time favourite mascara, i just find it average. With me, my lashes look the same 80% of the time with any type of mascara on so I could find some cheaper alternatives with a different formula but overall the same look. This mascara doesnt claim to be waterproof but it does have a formula which is a pain to remove when on the lashes, you will need an oil-based makeup remover to remove it. 

I will be using this once school starts (tomorrow, yay *sarcasm*) just to make use of it. But most likely wont fork out $38 to buy it.

What are your thoughts on Benefit They're Real Mascara? Have you tried it/planning on trying it?


  1. Just by the eye picture, I think your eye looks lovely sans eyeliner. I can't believe the mascara held your curl! Mine just flopped as soon as I applied one coat. I might give it another go, maybe the formula dried up a bit. Luckily, it's only a sample size.
    xx Kat @ Katness

    1. Thanks Kat! Dont worry i usually have the same problem with most mascaras but i find that applying with a light hand onto the tips gradually going towards the roots but not on the roots helps my lashes keep curled!

  2. I also bought this mascara a long time ago because of all the hype but I really didn't like it either :(
    It smudged a lot and didn't even hold my curls T_T although i have to say it looks quite nice on your eyes in the third picture! Not worth the price though LOL! Good luck with school hun!


    1. Definitely not worth the price!! Could find so many better drugstore mascaras out in the market half the price of this one. Thanks Fif :)

  3. I actually own this mascara also! I thought it was pretty average too lol
    It looks super pretty on you though~

    xoxo Payton
    My Blog~My New Outfit Post!!!

    1. Thanks Payton! Oh yeah just a tab overratted imo! xx

  4. I use this mascara for wet days and special occasions, I still prefer mascaras I can rinse off with warm water. I found that if I curl my lashes well enough, the mascara is more effective

    1. Man dont get me started on the removal process for this mascara!! My mascara will usually run off in the shower when im feeling lazy so can totally related with that. Thanks for the tip though, ill be using this mascara a bit more to see if i can work with it a different way

  5. Sweet blog! Would love to see you on mines :) I love the Benefit They're Real.. even though I tend to wear fake lashes a lot it's nice on days I take a break!