Saturday, February 21, 2015

My Brow Routine

Late Gong Hay Fat Choy! (Happy Chinese New Year!) Finally have time for blogging, honestly did not realise how much work year 12 gives you but it has made me miss blogging so much more! Will be forcing myself to schedule some posts before tomorrow as i have tried out some new products and are waiting to be written up. 
This blog was originally 'beauty reviews & tutorials' but lets face it, I changed the 'tutorial' part as I have not done any tutorials for about 2 years and that's due for a change!
My brows have gotten so much more better over the course of 5 years and for those who didnt know, I completely messed up my brows in grade 6 (yes when i was 12..) lil background story, I found my mums tweezers and tried plucking/shaping my eyebrows. I oddly found it satisfying plucking each hair so i over plucked and ruined my brows, from thick eyebrows to a super thin shape. 

Near the end of 2011
The only photo i could find that could show the shape of my brow was from 2011. They were still pretty similar to what my brows were like in 2009 but just so you get the jist of things they looked terrible and it doesnt help that i used a crappy daiso eyebrow pencil to fill them in.

Start of 2015
This is what my brows look like today. Since i am in the stage where i am somewhat content with my brows, i thought it would be time to do a brow routine and how i fill in my brows. I have ordered the Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade and i do have a feeling my brow routine will change after getting it but i have been doing this routine since last year and hasnt failed me yet. And it would be nice to look back on how i do my brows if my routine ever ends up changing dramatically!

First thing i do is line the bottom of my brow, following the natural shape. I start from the inner parts working my way to the tip. 

Then i draw in the outline of the top of my brow. From a daily basis, i go for a slightly curved arch in my brow as i find it suits my natural brow shape.

After, I fill within the outline with the brow pencil then brush it out. The pencil acts out as a template/base before i start to apply powder on top. Though some days i use the pencil to draw the outline then use powder to fill it in.

I apply my eyebrow powder on top to intensify the brow colour and to fill in the gaps where my pencil may have missed

After brushing it out again, there may be some days where brushing it out will remove the brow shape/pencil step so the last thing i do is usually to fix it up is by using the pencil to reline the brows.
Then i repeat each step again to the other brow!

Not sure if im the only one but since my brows are uneven, I find that my right brow always looks thicker/darker in photos so its always embarrassing taking a selfie and realising that my right brow looks so much more intense than the other.

Anyways the products I use for my brows are:
Etude House Drawing Eye Brow Pencil
NYX Eyebrow Cake Powder


  1. Your eyebrows are looking great! I have uneven eyebrows too where one sits lower than the other so filling them in to make them look 'normal' can be a task! Can't wait to see a review on the Dipbrow.
    xx Kat @ Katness

    1. Thanks Katness!! The struggles of having uneven brows D: xx

  2. They look great! It too me a while to grow out my brows after over plucking! Sure did learn my lesson.


  3. They look good! I still haven't gotten the hang of doing my brows, it always looks so unnatural to me when I fill them in.

    Sheri | Behind The Frames

    1. Thats alright you probably dont need to do brows if your makeup isnt that heavy or overtaking. My brows feel naked whenever i just do my eye makeup as they arent that full-looking!

  4. Your brows actually look so nice!! I got my brows done back in the days but it's all grown back now >_<
    I really need to stop being lazy and start fixing them up haha!! Thanks for the tutorial! You should actually do more because they're really helpful :P btw good luck with your year 12 work :))))