Sunday, August 16, 2015

My Skin But Better?! || Beaute FX*

Have you guys been outside? cause the weather is so beautiful today!
Winter is almost coming to an end which i am excited to say although there is a hint of coldness still in the air. And we all know when the weather changes our beauty routine usually changes aswell. 
I was lucky enough to review this bad boy of a bb cream, which was sent for me to try and review.
So les get on with this review.


The Beaute FX BB Cream claims to have a 7 in 1 Miracle Skin Enhancer that:

Hides Imperfections
Moisturizes and Enhances
Adjusts to your skin tone
Evens your skin texture
Enjoy a fresh dewy glow
Guaranteed 24 hour hydration
UV protection from the sun

And before i talk about whether the claims work or not, can we just talk about the packaging?!
The gorgeous hot pink packaging reminds me so much of the Skin79 BB Cream except I have to say that it is more slim and sleek.
With one of my school subjects being VisCom I can't ignore the logo design (I feel like no one appreciates it enough!!), it just looks really neat, doesn't have that tacky look and we should all know I'm a sucker for packaging.
Brownie points for those who can guess the book in the bottom left corner ;)

Taking the product out from the box, the nozzle comes with a plastic cover which you can opt to chuck out but i find it quite useful to reuse it for hygienic purposes and also if i end up bringing it with me to travel, wouldn't want the risk of accidental spillage (which probably won't ever happen but you never know).
The biggest pain with a pump bb cream is having to pump the product out when you first use it. Which means finger cramps and  having the patience for it to come out. And assuming from the height of the packaging it would make sense on why it took longer than usual for the product to come out. But once the product does flow out, you get complete control on how much product you want out.

Jumping back on the 7 claims, I can agree with 5 of the claims.
The two that i question, being: Hides Imperfections and Evens your skin texture.
I do suffer from small acne on my forehead (which i only started to get this year *insert sad face). And you can see from the above photo that it didn't really hide it, but it did reduce redness. I only put a layer on my face and maybe if i did another layer on my acne would hide it some more but I really don't like having to layer product on my acne.
As for evening skin texture, it does but then it doesn't. I mean if i did two layers, it would definitely even it out but it doesn't do a terribly great job at acne coverage on that type of texture. 

The pros do out weigh the cons, I have been using this product for a few weeks now, at work and school. And it has been my go to product for the winter time!
It has won my heart over the fact that it really is a product that makes it your skin but better. 
Im all about the natural face look, rather than having the full coverage setting so I'm not too fussed over covering my acne, but i will warn you that it doesn't do a hella great job at that so it might not be the product for you if you are looking for that. But this product is a light but build able coverage, it isn't super thick like some BB creams but it has a slight BB cream texture but a lot more creamy. 
It reduces redness like a charm and once its on your face it feels like you've been hit in the face with smoothness. 
The only thing that did bug me out was the application between my brows which is where the product did cling onto my dry patch. I found that the product did cling onto the dry skin but it didn't emphasise it. I mean unless someone was right up at my forehead looking there, it really wasn't that noticeable. 
Also another downside was that it didnt last an entire day specifically on the t-zone area, though luckily with the light coverage it is hard to notice unless you have redness around that area.

I am curious to see how this product goes in the warmer times. It has become one of my favourite BB creams from what I've tried so far!

You can get the Beaute FX here


*Product was sent to me for review


  1. 'once its on your face it feels like you've been hit in the face with smoothness.' <- HAHAHA LOVE THIS. Great review! This is the first time I've heard of this BB cream and at first glance it immediately reminded me of the Skin79 one. Glad it worked out for you and let's face it, when does a beauty product ever cover all of its claims? 5 out of 7 is pretty darn good. I also agree that it's your 'skin but better' because from the photos it's covered a lot of your redness but doesn't cake over blemishes. Thumbs up! What does it smell like and which country is it from?
    ~Weng ^_^ wengiful

    1. HAHAH I just had to :') Thanks so much Weng!! I hate to say it, but it has the granny smell which i completely forgot to mention, but I think I'm used to it now so it doesn't come to mind when i apply it anymore + it goes away after a while. And the product is made in New Zealand :)

  2. i got mine about 5 months ago went to use it today and see it expired in
    Dec 2016. I have only had 3 bottles for five months, what gives??