Monday, August 24, 2015

End of a great birthday week || LOTD

Inglot Lipstick in 124

Unless you follow my twitter, you may or may not know it was my 18th birthday on the 20th.

I've had a non-stop celebration from the 20th to the 23rd celebrating with different people each day which was a blast. Cannot thank my family and friends enough for the amazing time. 

Anywho, I'de like to display one of the gifts my friend gave me which I finally got to use yesterday, it was a tiring day so I didn't get to post up the lotd yesterday but thank you so much Tarini!

This is my first Inglot product i've ever used, so its quite exciting getting out of the usual products and trying out a different brand!

Thinking of Ingot I just know them for the eyeshadow palettes that you pretty much build yourself. Otherwise, I haven't came across anyone talking about the Ingot lipsticks (they may have but Im just too oblivious to realise).
The picture here doesn't do its pink justice enough!

Opening up the lipstick, I got quite a surprise with the shade. It is not like any of my coral lipsticks I own. It has that neutrally/blue-tone pink in natural lighting but has a pink coral shade in other lighting!

It comes out with a good balance of creaminess and doesn't drag on the lips. There is slight shimmer in it but isn't enough that it looks like you dipped your lips in glitter.

The lipstick also smells a lot like bubblegum!!

Upon receiving this lipstick, my friend said she saw this shade in the store and thought it would look amazing with my skin tone and I have no idea how she has the eye for that but she was right and picked the perfect coral for me and I mean perfect!

I found with coral lipsticks that they were always too bright for me and this one has a good orange to pink ratio and it also isn't a super bright shade.

I did wear this one out to dinner at Om Nom eating both their dinner and dessert range so I did have some oily food (seared duck breast *drools*). The lipstick did last when I was snacking before going out aka water, chocolate and some jelly my friend made me, and the lipstick did not budge off but with dinner it did start wearing out in the centre of my lips. So if you plan on not reapplying you will end up with that unsightly lipliner look at the end of the day.

I assume a day with light snacking with friends, it won't need reapplying.

This has got to be one of my favourite coral lipstick shades I own.

Some FOTD pictures from yesterday