Monday, February 1, 2016

January Favs!

I had a feeling that 2016 is going to be the year for me and I rarely say that, but going into uni this year and with all the new things I've been doing lately, theres really no assuming that its going to be like any other year.
This month has been quite the busy month for me, going camping with a few of my friends, uni offers/enrolment and also finally seeing the amazing Andy Warhol/Ai Weiwei exhibition which had such great artworks fyi.

Near the start of January, I went to Mount Disappointment with two of my close friends along with my friends family. And it was my first time camping so I didnt really know what to expect but I knew not to bring makeup. My friend warned me to bring hand sanitiser and sunscreen as theres no running water and it gets hot in the afternoon, so without a doubt I brought those and my trusty Lucas Papaw Ointment, it has pretty much saved me when my lips were chapping it out in the sun and I also have to say it saved my flaky nose when I decided to get sick using countless tissues a day to blow my nose.
From bringing hand sanitiser, I somehow found a strange addiction during and after camping of using my Palmolive Hand Sanitiser during the day, I can also swear that this hand sanitiser was 90% full (as a rarely used it) and it went down 3/4 after camping.
I brought a few skincare products while camping but the Puretopia Facial Mist & Toner* won me over. On a hot day sunning in the heat, its just so satisfying spraying this on the face, its also vey citrusy so its quite refreshing, I did go to Priceline with my friend as she wanted to buy it only to find out that they discontinued this brand and sadly I'm nearly out but it was loved very much :(

For Christmas my brother got me the Marc Jacobs Daisy Perfume which I've been longing to try. I didnt get around to using it until January, and its right up my alley  with the type of scents I like, it smells fresh yet elegant and I find that anymore than 2 sprays on the neck will get me smelling like the perfume from a mile away, though in saying that, i find that it doesn't last that long which is a bummer but the scent really does win me over.
I have been using the Urban Decay Makeup Setting Spray for quite sometime now and it goes into my holy grail products since using it. I haven't done a monthly favourites recently so I thought it would be necessary to showcase this baby. I don't use face products that often but I do 2 sprays on the eyes + brows with this baby and boy this makes it last so damn long, I find that I haven't seen any of the usual smudging from my eye makeup ever since using this and it has been a long time since whinging about my eye makeup smudging, love it!!
Ive started to use the Skin B5 Skin Purifying Mask more often, about 3 times a week and my face always feels super smooth after using it, it also does wonders in preventing any pimples from getting any bigger!
One of my favourite things that happened in January was going to the Andy Warhol/Ai Wei Wei Art Exhibition at the NGV. Ever since my English tutor told me about Ai Wei Wei, I became in love with his art works ever since,  I pretty much wrote about his activism and view on Chinas communisim throughout my english pieces and my year 12 English exam cause he is just so damn amazing (seriously google his works). Anyways after I found out that his works were coming to Melbourne I had to go. His works didnt let me down and the Lego room that everyone was talking about was stunning in person. If you guys are in Melbourne, do check this exhibition out.

I purchased the Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade in Granite last month due to my long black/brown regrowth happening, I did a review on this here. But long story short, its not too dramatic, does a great shaped brow that stays on my face (if untouched), Ive been using this pretty much everytime I go out.
From request my brother got me the Kat Von D Liner in Trooper on a Sydney trip last year and I didnt start using it until last month after using up my sample sized Stila Stay All Day Liner. I'll be doing a review on this one soon but spoiler alert, I think I may have found my holy grail liquid liner. It does an amazing job staying on my oily as lids and aside from the Stila liner, is that only liner that hasn't smudged on me.
If you haven't seen my review on the Fairydrops Mascara you won't know how good this makes my lashes look!! It holds a curl, lengthens a bit and separates my lashes (which is what I want).
I find on some occasions that I wake up with dull/lifeless lips, what I mean by that is waking up looking like a zombie where my lips don't look alive and the number one product I always use to fix that shiz right up is the Etude House Fresh Cherry Lip Tint. It comes out as a "my lips but better" in a orangey/pink shade on my lips which I absolutely love! It adds just the right amount of colour to my lips without being overly dramatic like a lipstick and it doesn't smudge as it tints the lips (best thing about lip tints fyi!) though it does fade throughout the day.
I didnt realise how long ago this was but 2 years ago I did a swapbox with Wengiful which you can check out here, and one of the products she sent me was the Hello Kitty Lipbalm. I find that this is such a on-again-off-again product for me as I hit pan quite quick with this so I save this for emergencies only now, but last month I did get a lip rash from my EOS lip balms which did leave my lips chapped up so I started to use the HK lip balm again and it fixed the chapiness within 3 days. I would say this is one of my favourite lip balms and has the perfect consistency and thickness without it feeling like theres nothing there.

Products marked with a * was sent to me for consideration, the rest were either gifted to me or purchased by myself.


  1. Ermagerd! Seeing the HK Lip balm featured in your faves totally made my day. The Revlon Lip Stain you got for me ended up being my most ever used lip product haha , I brought it along with me everywhere! Glad you hit pan on it quick haha (Aww yiss!) , the Lucas Paw Paw is forever a repurchase for me. Lasts aaaages man. The Daisy Perfume has also been on my wishlist for a long time, good brother your brother :p Awesome post Angel, let's post more this year xD
    ~Weng wengiful

    1. Will be a long time favourite of mine!! :') Aw so glad you like it, I was actually jealous when I bought it cause Ive still been longing to try it HAHAH! The Paw Paw ointment is so versatile as well. You have to get it, smells so good!
      Thanks Weng :DD Ive been aiming for a post atleast once a week, so far so good I presume :)

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  3. I love your posts and everything looks wonderful. I love your idea thanks for sharing.