Monday, June 4, 2012

Nails of The Week!

Too lazy to watermark my pictures :/
My friend requested me to do her nails in a leopard print last week so I decided to go practise on myself before doing her nails! Here are the final results (:

So I just painted my nails with a base coat beforehand then painted the base white.

Used my dotting tools to dot random shapes/blobs kind of like a giraffe print or cow print (:

Then used the smaller side of my dotting tool to draw C's  on the outline of the shapes :D pretty simple!

I will be uploading more reviews soon, I just dont have the time atm since exams are coming up so I have more work aswell to practise :C


  1. Loved the nails!! Tutorial please?

    1. aw thank you (: I will try after my exams! But im not sure if i can capture doing the details while on video :3