Monday, June 11, 2012

Ecotools Eyeshadow Brush Review

I've heard soo many great reviews on the Ecotools brush line. After wanting it for so long but not being able to buy the brush set, I decided to buy the eyeshadow brush.

Price: $7.99

The price seemed decent, wasn't cheap but wasn't expensive but it really is worth its price!


So the brush came in a reusable pouch which I thought was handy for it to be stored in. But the pouch is kind of like a zip lock bag except the lock is very hard to open (well in my opinion it is) took a lot of my strength and fingernails to get the thing open, it was a pain, I did not store my brush in it.
But the pouch does have some good sides to it like the writing on the back, I thought it was cool that it had a Green Tip on the back, taught me some new things! and the pattern on the front was also cool!

Used white eyeshadow to show how much it can pick up


[[Just going to let you know that this is my first ever eyeshadow brush I own so I cant really compare with other brushes.]]


• It picks up the eyeshadow really well
• Very soft
• The bristles are tapered in, so it's easy to get into the inner corners
• No stray hairs yet after a week of using it! :D
• The hair hasnt fallen out


• Washing the brush is a pain. (I use soap/dish washing liquid to clean it and the bubbles get into where the metal is)


I would buy def buy this again, well the other brushes! But the prices are way too pricey for my money in my opinion. but I will be saving up to buy more (:

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