Thursday, August 23, 2012

Update;; New Camera!

My birthday was a few days ago (August 20) and I recently got a new camera (today) :D
I went into JBHiFi on the 18th and got told that it was all out of stock but a JBHiFi store from another suburb nearby had some instock so I got it ordered to be delivered into my JBHiFi store nearby.
Costed me $240 (on sale) which inluded a 4gb SDHC card.
Got a text during school today letting me know it had arrived. So I pretty much was anticipating it all day during school. 
But yeah I got it picked up and you guys can now look forward to some good quality pictures! 
Say goodbye to my Nikon Coolpix s3000 and hello to my Olympus SH-25MR!
Might be posting some videos on Youtube if I can think of video ideas.


  1. oh awesome a new camera!! looks funky!

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