Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Rimmel London Glam'Eyes Professional Liquid Liner - Black Glamour

Popped into Priceline during the weekend just to go buy some new makeup products!
I saw in the Rimmel London area, some products were on sale and lucky for me that I needed a new liquid eyeliner to try out after my Dollywink Liquid Liner sadly ran out. I had to choose between 2 liquid eyeliners, one was just $2-$3 extra and was actually smaller so I just bought this one.

Bought the one in Black Glamour. Just the usual black liquid eyeliner.

Price: $9.56

Most liquid eyeliners were actually around the $10 price range so I just made up my mind to buy and try!
 It contained 3.5ml which isnt too bad. I think the Dollywink has more product though. So the Dollywink would be more worth it!

Packaging: 4/5

When I bought this and went home I didnt realise that it was already opened by someone else. The part where the lid and where the product is stored would usually be taped together but mine was broken so that people could open it. I was too lazy to refund it so I just left it. So if anyone is going to buy this make sure it is securely taped before buying! Now onto the applicator..
The brush tip is actually pretty thin but can also make thick lines. What I like about this is that it is a brush applicator and it is really easy to use (in my opinion). If you didnt know, my eyes are actually uneven, one has 2 creases on my eyelid so I have to make my eyeliner thicker than the other and this eyeliner is easy to do so. I can easily make a thin line on one eye and a  thicker line on the other.


-Dries matte
-Lasts a long time without smudging, fading or flaking if untouched throughout the day!
-Really easy to remove


-Takes a while to dry if you put too much product
-It's not waterproof, I repeat! It will smudge if water gets onto it.
-Can be hard to use the applicator if you arnt used to it

Lasts a long time even after my eyelid starts to get oily, it's amazing!
I really do recommend this to anyone who's looking for a liquid liner for an everyday use! I replaced this with my Dollywink and I'm in love with it at the moment, though Dollywink is still my all time favourite liquid liner!


  1. This sounds great, I'm looking for a new liquid liner, so I might give this one a try :) Great review!

    1. It's worth the try! It's pretty amazing for a drugstore liquid eyeliner :)

  2. I like the text on your title photo! It's a really pretty text

    and I want to try this now because I have oily eyelids too and it lasted all 8 hours for you! O:!

    most liquid liners I've used would dry slow and end up getting on my top lid (being a monolid and all..)

    Great review! Looking forward to more ♥

    1. I edited it on Photoscape! :)
      Yeah it's really good when it dries but you might deal with the same problem since it does take awhile to dry as well, it's not so good if you are in a rush! D;
      Thanks, more reviews to come! xx

  3. That sucks it was opened by someone else!

    I am terrible with applicators like these, I find I get along better with felt tip eyeliners. The last Rimmel eyeliner I tried really stung my eyes so I haven't tried another of theirs since. But this one looks to work really well on you! :)

    1. I know, at least I've learnt my lesson to check if it has been open or not! I agree too, felt tips are way easier! When I first tried this eyeliner I kept making mistakes but I'm used to putting it on now so it's all good now.
      Oh that's not good, luckily I haven't had any problems with eyeliners stinging my eyes yet. :)

  4. beautiful make up :) I'm following you now :)

  5. im looking for a new liner too, might give this a try though it isn't waterproof :(

    1. As long as you dont get water on it then you'll be fine! :)