Sunday, December 30, 2012

K-Palette Real Lasting Eyeliner 24h Waterproof - Super Black

Sorry for being MIA lately! My procrastinating has caught up with me once again but I finally took some time to force myself to write up this post since I was supposed to post this awhile ago, so now onto the review!

This eyeliner has been raved on about for so long, being compared with the Dollywink liquid eyeliner as its dupe. (would anyone like to see a comparison post about them two?)
Sad to say that they don't stock up this eyeliner here in Aus unless you goto the asian beauty stores in some places, which sell this for an expensive price. Though I'm lucky to have a dad that works in Hong Kong to get me things at Sasa! :D

The back 
You can get this at Sasa for $118 HK dollars or $15 AU which I think it's a fair enough price.

Close up of the black

If you have a scanner on your phone you can scan the code and go onto the K-Palette website.

The actual eyeliner looks like this, in a simple black pen like packaging with silver writing.

What I really like about the packaging is that the tip isn't a felt tip like how most eyeliners are, they're a brush form.
The tip is also really fine that allows me to have a really defined line which will also help on flicking out my eyeliner if I want to do a cat eye.
When I first got this I had really high expectations on this since they exaggerated on the 24hour part, I didnt believe that it lasted for 24 hours but I believed that it lasted longer than the eyeliners I used previously. I usually like to find an eyeliner that lasts on the pigmented, inner corner and lasts on the outer corner (eyeliners always smudge/melt off in that part due to my watery eyes).

I like to thickly line my eyeliner into a wing thats pointed straight instead of the classic cat eye. 
This eyeliner doesnt smudge, flake, fade unless you rub your eyes, but I don't think anyone would do that unless you forget that you had eyeliner on. But I was really disappointed on how it didnt last on the outer parts of my eye (the space between the top and bottom lashline at the end) it did start to fade and flake a bit but if I didnt line my eyeliner in there it would stay intact for the entire day which I guess is a bonus. 
But just to let you know it was not waterproof for me. 
Other than that I actually really like this eyeliner more than my Dollywink although it isn't my HG eyeliner.



  1. Looks and sounds awesome! Will pick this up :) x

    1. This will surely not disappoint you! Though it isn't very waterproof :(

  2. have u ever tried koji dolly wink, Dear?

    1. I have, I prefer the k-palette eyeliner though!