Saturday, March 16, 2013

Wotnot Natural Organic Facial Wipes

I was sent these Wotnot Natural Organic Facial Wipes awhile ago and I've been replacing them as my make-up removers for the lazy days!

You can get the Wotnot Facial Wipes Travel Case which comes with 20 wipes or the normal facial wipes that have 25, tbh I would save up getting the travel case first then start buying the facial wipes since you can reuse the travel case and refill them for on the go or if you are going out on holidays! 

I thought the case was really unique since I have never seen wipes being stored in a case like this. It has a mirror on the bottom which I thought was very handy! But I would rather have it on the top in case it gets stained or scratched without me noticing until I look underneath. Probably just a small OCD thing for me.

Inside it came with 20 wipes which you can store make-up wipes after you finished using the ones that was in it before. You could also store your favourite makeup wipes, it doesn't have to be Wotnot branded!

As for the actual wipes, the first thing I noticed from it was the size of the wipes, it was a lot bigger than your average facial wipes. They also store a lot of moisture in it so 1 wipe is usually enough to wipe my full face of makeup (but I only do my brows, eyeliner, bronzer, concealer and some tinted moisturiser daily).

So far I've started using this after I ran out the current wipes I was using and they've done a really good job, they're 100% natural, soft on the skin, good on the environment and do well on removing makeup!

You can find these on the Wotnot website, they also stock them at a range of different stores around Australia (link here)! I only just found out that they stocked them nearby where I live so that is quite handy for me! :D 
They also have this campaign where you can swap your current facial wipes with the Wotnot facial wipes!

Website: Wotnot


  1. After using these, I realised that I probably can't go back to using the cheaper $3 wipes I used to use because these are just amazing! They are so soft and yes, the sheets are MASSIVE haha.

    1. Yes I completely agree with you! They are well worth the price :D

  2. Wotnot haha, what a cute name. I'd love to try these out, but they're all so hard to get, I've never even heard of those stores before! Why couldn't they just sell them at like, Priceline!

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