Sunday, March 24, 2013

Orly Nail Lacquer Thinner

Excuse the ugly pixelated background, the background was just too messy .. which you'll probably see on the other pictures anyways :(
I remember when I was little, I used to borrow my mums nail polish to paint my own nails. She always had the same exact polish for years and the consistency of the polish changed overtime and became very thick, gloopy and unusable. I always thought that it was because the nail polish "expired" but that wasn't the case when I heard about Nail Polish Thinners.

I heard Saaammage talk about this in her October Favorites and I was pretty keen to get it afterwards, but I couldn't find this in any stores or any nail polish thinners that was being sold nearby. So I gave up the search and went to buy it on ebay. [link here] (I actually recieved this last year around the start of December so I forgot how long it took to arrive, but I know for sure that it was quick)

When I opened the cap, the applicator was like a dropper. It's super easy to control the amount you drop in, I just squeezed on the bottle slowly till a droplet formed.
The smell of the thinner smelt a lot like nail polish, which was surprising, I was expecting a heavy chemical smell.
So on the bottle it said to put in 1-2 drops to thickened Nail Polish, shake well and to add more if necessary.  I put around 3 drops, but added a few more drops when it was still thick. There was a time where I put more than 5 drops and the nail polish was still thick, but I guess it takes time for it to settle. 

I tested the thinner on my Daiso Nail Polish which had been so thick and gloopy, I was on the verge of chucking it out and getting a new one! The first 3 pictures was when it was thick and the bottom 3 is after I used the thinner, you can compare on the last two pictures (top and bottom) that it stopped being thick, HG product? I think so. 

Back in its original state! Swatched the colour over NYC Color in 'Lemon' 

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  1. Wow! I need to pick that up. I've tossed so many nail polishes because it was too goopy!