Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Purr by Katy Perry

Celebrity fragrances have always been on the top of my wishlists, they're usually highly raved about in terms of the scent and/or the bottle.
The fragrance I have always wanted to own (besides many other celeb perfumes)  had always been Katy Perry's Purr and Meow, mainly because of the perfume bottle, I mean come on a cat?! How can I not refuse?

side of the box, with the ingredients

I bought the perfume at Priceline for $29 a few months ago on sale (near the end of November). So sadly the sale is over now but I know Mychemist is currently selling the 30ml one for $19.99! 
I was really tempted to get the 100ml bottle (bigger bottle = bigger cat haha!) but my Dad strictly forbid me to buy big bottles of perfume unless I like it and it is cheap, but I'm thankful that he did that because the bottle is the perfect size to sit on my desk and also because I wasn't a big fan of the scent. 

I am horrible at describing things, let alone scents. So with the help of internet I was able to find that it was best described as a "florally-apple-peach scent."
It does have a sweet side to it kind of like a mix of vanilla and peach. As for the floral scent it isn't overpowering but it is noticeable enough to know that it is a floral scent. (my mum uses floral fragrances a lot so this perfume reminds me of my mum). 
The scent lasts on the skin or clothes for around 5 hours, when you first spray it the scent can be quite floral but it starts to die down to a sweet scent after awhile which I like.
Also can I say how much I like the spray?! it sprays a nice mist compared to the Fantasy by Brittany Spears, one spray with that is usually too much for me to handle!

The front and back of the bottle!
As for the pacakaging it is the most adorable perfume bottle I've seen! (apart from the Harajuku Lovers Fragrances...)  I like how they added a collar to the cat and bejewelled the cat eyes, made it seem a lot more cat-like. But the down side to the packaging was the part where you have to open the cats head to get to the spray, I mean opening it was easy but when you tried to attach the head back, I had to apply a lot of force to it which felt like I was going to break it.

Close-up of the collar!
I wouldn't repurchase this fragrance because I know I won't finish this any time soon, so far I've used it 2-3 times. I also have a lot of other fragrances to try out, this just wasn't a favourite of mine.


  1. Wow, you certainly grabbed a great bargain on this one! I was tossing up between the two and ended up buying Meow. It was cheaper and also I already have a few floral scents. Meow is very sweet, so for some it can be quite headache-inducing!

    1. I just found out that Priceline is selling it on sale again! :D
      I wanted to try Meow, but I don't think I can stand super sweet scents thanks for the heads up! I have a feeling I'll only purchase that for the bottle again...

  2. wow, nice bootle design ! love that cat hat haha :-D

  3. Hi, I nominated u for versatile blogger award :)