Thursday, January 21, 2016

My Work Saviours || WIMB Work Edition

Caution: Too much yellow alert!! 
My shifts are usually around 9 hours maximum, which gives me two 15 minute tea breaks and an hour lunch break.
Within those breaks I like to touch up my makeup (if needed ofc), apply hand cream, lip balm and what not and most importantly eat!!
I found that working in produce, I do need to pack certain things to use during my break so I thought it would be good to share them with you as they help immensely if I don't unpack and bring them when I'm out shopping.
I generally dont bring my bag unless I have to take public transport to work or back home or if I have a 5+ hour shift as there are breaks. My bag acts as my little 'emergency kit'.

Late last year I was on the hunt on finding the perfect bag to bring to school that can carry my Macbook Air as well as schoolbooks.
I found the Tony Bianco Linda in Black on The Iconic Website and got it on a whim. Little did I know that it fit my macbook, a couple of school books, pencil case and water bottle perfectly (though nothing else bulky could fit...). After purchasing this bag I pretty much ditched my other bags and used this everywhere I went as it can carry quite a lot while not being as big as a tote bag. It also fits into my work locker perfectly!
There is a front zipper compartment (shown in the image) which is where I put my beauty items so it doesn't get lost i the mess that it already has inside.. old receipts and lost coins scattered at the bottom, my mum would be ashamed if she looked inside.

What I bring in my workbag

Cat Coin purse: My absolute favourite coin purse!! Its big enough to fit all my needed cards and cash yet small enough to chuck around everywhere. Sometimes I like to take it out of my bag and bring it with me to nearby cafes during my lunch break. And can I just say it looks exactly like my cat?!

Tissues: My dad always buys a ton of the small packeted tissues when he's overseas so I feel as though I have an endless supply of them at home and also in my bag, like Im not exaggerating when Im saying there is actually 4 of them in my bag. This always come in handy when Im eating at my favourite corner spot in Maccas and I forget to grab tissues at the front. Tissues are a must have for me!!

Handcream: I usually chuck any hand cream I can find into my bag as the number 1 thing I hate about working in produce is always coming back home with intensely dry hands. Even going off onto my first 2 hours my hands get dry as the Sahara Desert, so its quite satisfying getting them hands hydrated every break. Right now Im using the Crabtree & Evelyn hand cream in the scent Gardeners.

Phone: Obviously I bring my phone to work, I have the silver iPhone 6s with the best phone case ever, I don't know why I don't have a photo to show but guys it has bananas with google eyes at the back, produce appropriate? I think so. My phone is usually in my pocket but sometimes I like to chuck the phone in my bag to lighten up my pockets and to keep distractions away.

Ipod/Earphones: Sometimes I either like to bring my iPod for music or just earphones to plug into my phone during my work breaks, most of the time its when I don't bring my laptop I bring them!

Lipbalm/Lipstick: I always bring whatever lip balm I have as my lips will always be feeling dry during them 9 hour shifts. I actually have 2 lip balms in my bag now as the Nivea Repair & Protection doesn't do its job well so I just have my all time fav, Nivea Essential care ready to go!
If i happen to be wearing a lipstick I will bring it as well but for the time being, Im just too lazy to be reapplying that at work so I don't have it with me.

Pen: I find that no matter where I go, myself or some other person will need a pen so I have any ballpoint pen with me. Its also perfect for work as I have to fill in an adjustment when I get called into work (aside from my part-time roster) and most of the time there is no pen around.

Perfume: My brother happened to gift me the Marc Jacobs Daisy perfume set for xmas (btw absolutely in love with in!) and it had a rollerball version of it. Without even thinking I pretty much chucked it in my bag. Theres no bulkiness from the full sized one and its just so travel-friendly. The scent is also one of my go-to fresh scents for this summer.

Hand Sanitiser: At the end of a work shift my hands are dirty af and most of the time, water and soap doesn't clean that shiz off so my trusty Palmolive hand sanitiser works wonders in getting the dirt from my fingers.

Nailclipper: I feel like the cons of working in Woolies is the broken nails (always used to be a massive pet peeve of mine when working on the registers). Although in produce its a slight damage it still bothers me to the point that i have to bring nail clippers to just cut them off during my break.

Portable Charger: On the days I do take public transport where I'm constantly on my phone I like to bring a portable charger. My phone doesn't die that quick but I tend to panic when my battery hits 50%

Bandaids: Incase accidents happen, I keep some bandaids in my bag as well as the front pocket of my work shirt. During the first few months of working in produce I was lucky enough *cough* to have cuts and scratches on my hands and wrists hence why it taught me to bring bandaids every shift.

Macbook: I only bring my laptop if I need to use it and most of the time I dedicate my hour lunch break eating as well as writing up blogposts! I procrastinate a lot at home so its good to do the blogging elsewhere.

House keys: Comes attached with my favourite Aristocats souvenir from the Disney store at HK Airport as well as a Totoro keychain my brother got for me.

Hairties: I have a little fear that while I tie my hair up with only one hair tie it might snap so I like to keep at least 2 with me.

Most of the time I will have a drink bottle in my bag but there is a staffroom/kitchen area at work which is why I don't really bring a water bottle anymore. Though if I desperately need it, Ill buy water at work and it becomes my bottle for a month or two before I end up chucking it out.

 What do you bring in your workbag?


  1. Great set of work saviours you got there! Blogging during your break?! #dedicated. Hand sanitisers and pocket tissues are my life lol I'm such a germaphobe when I'm in public haha

    t w o p l i c a t e s

    1. Hahah I like to multitask while eating so its perfect to kill time like that. The only two things you really need in life though!! Please tell me you're also grossed out by touching metal surfaces in public?!

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