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Colour Theory Review*

Recently I was lucky enough to be sent to try out some of the new Colour Theory range that is sold at Amcal and Guardian Pharmacies.
They range from 4 different price points of $4, $6, $8 and $10. 
This is going to be quite a long review/post so be warned.

Eyeshadow in See Princess

When I first saw this eyeshadow, it had the most beautiful eyeshadow colours I've ever seen.
The royal blue colour at the bottom just spoke out to me. 
I was also shocked to see a drugstore eyeshadow quad that contained a small brush that looked perfect to use to put eyeshadow on the lashline or the inner corners but also the typical sponge applicator.
I find that the colour theory packaging consists of a thick transparent casing which is surprisingly strong. It did take awhile for me to get used to opening the eye shadow with some force, but after awhile it is quick to open.

They each dont have a name but for swatching purposes I'll be labelling them 1-5

Starting for the top left and clockwise to the middle colour. It contains a frosty mint green shade (1) , grey (2) , gorgeous royal blue (3) , dark purple-blue (4) and a deep purple shade (5) all being a shimmery shade.
The grey shade does look more matte on the lid though but has a hint of shimmer that isnt detectable unless you look up close.

Eyeliner: Colour Theory Eyeliner [[no primer]]

I applied 2 to the inner corners, 1 to the inner third of the lids and on top of 2, 3 to the outer 2 thirds of the lids and up to the crease, 5 to the outer V of my eyes and 4 to the bottom lash line.

L-R: 1,2,3

L-R: 4,5
L-R: 1,2,3,4,5
I find that shade 1 was the most pigmented out of all the colours, it came out as a silver eyeshadow which I do use on the inner corners. The other shades come out more pigmented after a bit of layering but once you get that perfect colour it is surprisingly pigmented.
It feels almost buttery to apply and blends like a charm which is what I love most about these eyeshadows.
I do have very oily lids so they don't last long on me and do crease without a primer like most eyeahdows but with a good primer you wont be disappointed with the pigmentation and lasting power especially for $10.

Black Liquid Eyeliner

I was most excited to try this one out since I am a eyeliner fanatic, it retails for $6 and is a felt tip.
I personally have a hard time with eyeliners in felt tip pen form since they do smudge on me and my very first experience with felt tip pen liners (Sportsgirl) was horrible and ever since then I just avoid purchasing them, although that was 4 years ago... 

The felt nip is actually smaller than I expected but it does help those people who just started using eyeliner for the first time. It allows you to do smaller strokes and you can easily do a defined wing if you want to try a cat eye look.
The eyeliner dries super fast and is matte, it's also really quick and easy to use.

CT Eyeshadow 1 in the inner corner || CT eyeliner [[no primer]]
5 hours later
I did use this eyeliner without a primer to school and sadly it did not last and did smudge and fade at the end. Was disappointing since it did claim to be smudge proof, even working for 3 hours it still smudged a teeny bit. But I did want to see how long it lasted without a primer and assuming with a primer on, it probably wont budge at all. 

Bronzer in Natural Glow

I actually thought this was a blush rather than a bronzer since the colour looks more of a pink toned brown which I have never tried before but dont be fooled with first looks since this bronzer isnt as pigmented as you think.

Even swatching with a finger it just does not come up as much, but this is the lightest shade of bronzer out of the 3 they have, it isnt the perfect shade for bronzing nor contouring but it is perfect for a very subtle tan on the face, I love using this product below my cheek bones when my face looks pale since it gives me a very natural glow (like the name suggests!). I actually have no idea whether it even lasts on my face since you just cant notice it at the end of the day.
The only con I have about this bronzer is how hard it is for my brush to pick up the product, you need a very dense brush to pick up the product, I use a fluffier brush which doesnt pick up any product until you swirl the brush half a dozen times.
This retails for $8.

Lipstick in Flirt Alert & Baarbie Girl || Lipgloss in Fairy Floss

(I have a slight confession, I have only ever used lipgloss once in my life way back when I was 11. So you can probably not trust me on my first impression of this lipgloss!)

Retailing for $6 on lipsticks and $8 for the lipglosses I think the lipsticks are a bargain to get. I would compare these to the Savvy lipsticks on the quality and the price range. I find that they dont have a wide range in colours on the Savvy lipsticks but the CT lipsticks comes in 16 different shades so you can definitely find your perfect shade. The lipgloss however comes in 8 shades.

 Flirt Alert is a matte coral red shade, Baarbie Girl is a purple pink shade and Fairy Floss is a light pink gloss but just shows clear on my lips (hence no swatch).

I find that the scent of these lipsticks smell very similar to the MAC lipsticks which I do love!
But I do wish they had a label on the lipsticks that said whether they're matter, creamy or shimmery since I had no idea that Flirt Alert was a matte red lipstick.
Flirt Alert does cling to the dry area on my lips but Baarbie Girl is just so creamy and moisturising that you cant really tell.

As for the lipgloss, it feels and looks so much like the lanolips lip ointment texture wise, it isnt sticky but feels thick.
I did try this gloss on top of flirt alert and I really do love the combo, it makes my lips feel moisturized and isnt highly glossy (really dont like that look), it just turns the look of a matte lippie into a creamy lippie. 

I absolutely love applying a light layer of Flirt Alert on my lips, it makes my lips redder but isnt overly red. As for Baarbie Girl I'm just not used to wearing purple pink lip shades...yet (may change in the future). Flirt Alert lasts around 3 hours with eating and drinking and just fades which I prefer over the dreaded lipliner look (what MAC Russian Red does).

Nail Polishes in Mocha Mauve, Flamingo, Tangerine Dream and Cherry on Top

I've actually been on a ban from painting my nails for awhile now since my nails were pretty much breaking in layers but after a few weeks I've grown them out to get rid of the broken layers! So it was the perfect timing to paint my nails again. (oh the great feeling)

I do own nail polish colours similar to these besides Tangerine Dream since they are my most used colours to paint my nails with.
My favourite out of all the colours is Mocha Mauve, it's a taupe colour that leans on the purple side which is quite different to the taupe polishes I've seen before.
Flamingo is a bright pink colour which I do see everywhere. 
Tangerine dream is a deep orange colour.
Cherry on Top is a raspberry colour that leans on the red side.

All with 2 coats besides Cherry on Top which I used 1 coat.
These polishes are opaque with just 1 coat if you get the right thickness  but usually do the job well with 2 coats. And retailing for $4 each, they would be highly compared with the Ulta3 nail polishes and MUD polishes sold at Safeway.
They do chip after 2 days but they only just chip on the tips instead of massive chunks which I like, so you can get away with wearing the chipped polish until it starts chipping around the sides!
They do sell a huge range of other colours which I really do want to go and check out.

For the price points of the Colour Theory range, I do recommend you go check out their products, especially the eyeshadows! 

*These products were sent to me to review, but that does not change my view on the products*


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    1. Me neither since I dont shop at Amcal. No worries! I didnt want to drown people with too much pictures so I had to cut many photos down :P