Friday, March 14, 2014

Loreal Elvive Re-Nutrition Nourishing Conditioner

Loreal has been one of those brands that I have never reached out to when it comes to hair products, I usually go for Head and Shoulders or Pantene when I buy my shampoo and conditioners but since I was on a budget, I went to go find a conditioner that was on sale. 
I purchased this at Coles for around $4 on sale, choosing the conditioner for dry hair. (I have oily roots but dryish ends)

The packaging of this product is my favourite so far! I know most brands out there are starting to make shampoos and conditioners faced upside down to make the product flow more easily, this was still the same type of packing but I felt like the product and the packaging mixed so well together, like some conditioners I use just flow out automatically straight after I open the lid but this one doesnt until you squeeze it out yourself. So you get the perfect amount you want every time.

"From the 1st application, hair is transformed: soft, shiny and smooth."

I can say that I didnt believe this since most of the times I use a new conditoner, I notice a difference after days of constant use. But with the first time I tried this conditioner on my hair it did feel different compared with other conditioners but it wasnt like "oh my gosh, this is amazing!"  

I personally wash my hair every single day (yes I know its bad) but this conditioner lasted around 3-4 weeks of everyday use and that was faster than I expected. For 250 ml worth of conditioner it does seem like it would last awhile, I had to use 1-2 tablespoons worth of this conditioner since I love coating my ends until it becomes untangled, smooth and slippery but this product felt like you were putting a cream onto your hair, it just melted on and did not feel slippery like most conditoners, which was probably why I used a big amount than usual.

What's special about this conditioner is that it contains Royal Jelly and Omega 6 but also the scent lingered on for the next day until I washed my hair again, the smell is absolutely amazing, it's a lot like honey and a hint of vanilla, I could not stop smelling my hair.
Also my hair did air dry quicker than usual from using this, which is what I did like.
But for the ends of my hair, it's still that same as usual, not a massive difference from when I didnt use it. 
I wouldnt repurchase this since it didnt do much of a job with my ends besides making it smell nice. But if you have short hair, normal ends and love the smell of honey you could go check this out!


  1. I actually just finished this shampoo! I loved the scent, but nothing else really stood out much for me

    LilynotLouise | Beauty and Food

    1. it's a shame it was the same as the conditioner! But I guess the scent made it slightly better

  2. Its price is really nice~
    I like vanilla smell x)

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    1. i know right! It was 50% off so I would never buy it if it was $8

  3. Loreal is one of my fav brands- love this shampoo...

  4. I always walk past the loreal section in stores since they dont really appeal to me but hopefully I'll try more of their products in the future

  5. I use the hair mask in this brand! I quite like it. Its a really good price too ;) Would you like to follow for a follow? :)

  6. I've never seen this before but maybe it's because I live in the states or maybe I am not looking hard enough. The way you describe the scent actually makes me want to try it lol

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