Sunday, March 9, 2014

Essence Eyeshadow in 55 Shrimp Me Up

Obviously most people in the Australian beauty community know about the brand Essence. Known for the cheap pricetag and some of their amazing products but also not so good products. 
I have tried their eyeliners (pencil and gel) and I was not a fan of them but I am a big fan of their eyeshadows and this eyeshadow has not disappointed me.

I purchased this at Priceline last year (around September) for $2.85 when they were getting rid of most their stock so most of the products on the Essence shelf was 50% off and more. 
I was actually hesitant to purchase this shade because it was a shimmer eyeshadow and I'm a "matte" type of girl, but I needed a pink eyeshadow to go with my formal dress and the price for the eyeshadow was probably the main reason why I bought it. I was surprised no one swatched this eyeshadow since most of the Essence products are usually either dirty, opened or swatched and if you're lucky, unopened. 

The packaging of the Essence eyeshadows come in a transparent plastic case with a flip lid. It just looks cheap but it's what you get for the price but the packaging is a lot more sturdy than you think, it does take some strong nails to open it up.
Also I'm guessing the size is similar to the MAC eyeshadows, it does look massive.
The metal case the eyeshadow is depotted in is magnetic so you can depot it into a separate eyeshadow palette. (All of the essence shadows have a magnetic base!) 

With flash

L-R: Artificial lighting, with flash

The eyeshadow seems like a pinky peach colour but when you swatch it, it comes out as a frosty dusty pink colur with really small glitter particles. 
It does take some layering over the lids until the colour becomes pigmented, but I find that if you use a light base at first (I use the NYX jumbo eye pencil in Milk), the colour becomes a lot more pigmented.
But what I love about this eyeshadow is how smooth it is to apply, it also blends like a charm. 

L: Essence eyeshadow over the crease, lids and bottom lashline R: No eyeshadow

Sadly since I do have very oily lids, it does crease on me without a primer (like all eyeshadows). 
I did pair the eyeshadow up with my Too Faced Shadow Insurance when I had my year 10 formal. And with 5+ hours of dancing and sweating, it lasted the entire day without creasing.
I wouldnt use this eyeshadow just by itself since the colour can make it seem like you have a rash or that you've been crying the night before. But I do like pairing this with a brown eyeshadow
 in the crease.
I am tempted to try out the other Essence shadows but I have too much eyeshadows that I would never get to the chance of using it.

Have you tried the Essence Single Shadows?


  1. The color is sweet~
    Thank you for the review dear. I don't have many experiences with Essence. I have only their powder but I love it! ^_^

    ❤ ✿ NEW POST ✿ ❤

    1. Quite hard finding pink drugstore eyeshadows! I just think their pressed powdered products are of amazing quality :)

  2. very pretty colour, i guess you can double up for blush as well! I've been dying to try essence products but I'm on a shopping ban :(

    LilynotLouise | Beauty and Food

    1. So true! Pink eyeshadow is such a versatile product but sadly I dont use blush since my face gets red through the day. You have to try Essence products once your shopping ban is over, I know it's hard but it will be worth the wait haha :)

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