Thursday, July 10, 2014


Since it is now the time where my skin hits me with flaky skin and dry patches coming out of nowhere. Ive been trying my best to fix it, but no matter what exfoliating device or scrub I use nothing really beats the flakiness around the nose/cheeks.
I was lucky enough to be sent some fancy exfoliating device that I had never heard of before. 
With not much of an expectation towards this, I did try it out. 
And to whoever is reading this, I present to you the Exfolimate, my new favourite tool.

Each Exfolimate you get comes with a free pair of wrist-straps. 
Now that may sound silly when you see it, but I find that I do drop my Exfolimate every once in a while due to it sometimes slipping out of my hands, I can say Im a clumsy person so you dont really have to use the wriststraps if you dont want to. I personally havent used it yet even though ive dropped my Exfolimate countless amount of times. But I might use it just so I can hang my Exfolimate in the bathroom somewhere.
You also get a sheet of paper that includes precautions and directions on how to use the Exfolimate.
And since I dont want to overload this post with pictures of the precautions and steps, Ill just be talking about the steps later in the post and including some of the precautions I think is important below if you are considering purchasing this.
  • Not to be used on broken or infected skin
  • Do not use for 7 to 10 days after laser or chemical peel treatment
  • If attending Medical Practitioner for a skin condition do not use in that area unless directed
  • Recommended for all normal, healthy skin types

When I think of an exfoliator I imagine a tool with bristles, plastic or silicone where you scrub it on your face in circular motions. Well the Exfoliator is pretty much the opposite, instead of bristles you have a blade and instead of scrubbing in circular motions you glide it on your skin in one direction.
The white plastic surrounding the metal blade does look somewhat cheap since it is just plastic but I find that the fancy looking dents on the plastic reminds me of a diamond so i like to think of it as a plastic diamond!
The smaller Exfolimate is for the face (can be used for smaller parts of the body) and the bigger version is for the body (can be used for bigger areas on the body). There really isnt any different when it comes to both of them as they do have the exact same design except one is bigger than the other (the blade is still the same size though).

As for how you use this tool:
  1. You simply wet your face.
  2. Using some pressure to glide it on the contours of your face/body in a 90 degree angle

Simple as that! But I do have to say that you need to make sure your face is always wet hence why it is better exfoliating in the shower but you can do it by the sink if you wish. 
This may annoy people but you do have to check the blades each time after you glide it along your skin, to check if you have any dead skin and debris leftover which you do have to wash off each time. I personally dont mind it, as it is one of those things that I enjoy doing, kind of like checking the dirt and junk left on the pore strips when you remove it (disgusting, I know but I cant help it!).

On the instructions they say that you should do a maximum of 4 to 6 glides which I dont follow. 
I just think as long as I dont go over an area twice then it is fine.

I have been using the face Exfolimate for quite some time now and it has made somewhat of a difference! Somewhat as in it has worked amazingly well but it also hasnt.
I was suffering from very patchy and flaky skin between my brows and around my nose (mainly around my pores) and when I used the Exfolimate around my cheeks  it seriously cured them, but on the nose and between my brows? Slightly better, I mean it's less flaky but it is still a tad patchy. Which was a bummer, Im still using it and there still isnt much of a difference besides how smooth it has made my cheeks.
As for the body Exfolimate, Im not a fan. I dont think my legs liked it, my skin had a burning sensation that lasted around a minute or two after using it, Im assuming that I probably applied too much pressure but I did use the same amount of force to my face and I didnt have that type of reaction.
Ill probably be playing around with the pressure as I only just found out that you only need a light amount of pressure for it to be effective, so the body Exfolimate may land in next months favourites!

You can check out the Exfolimate here

* This product was sent to me to review. It does not in any way change my opinon on it, honest review as always.

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