Thursday, January 28, 2016

Fairydrops Mascara

I personally believe that "Asian" branded mascaras works wonders for me, I like to think that they inject a special ingredient into the formula so that it works with my lashes (a little crazy, but someone needs to explain how they do it?!)
I remember watching beauty videos on youtube a couple years ago to see that the Fairydrops mascara was the new craze. Hearing about the fibres and the unique wand shape intrigued me as a lil makeup newbie.
Anyways after chucking out my beloved Maybelline Hyper Curl Mascara from using it daily, I finally got the chance of opening my unused Fairydrops mascara that I've been craving to try out. 

As always, packaging to me is like icing on the cake. 
Would ya just look at it?! (hi five to those who get this reference*)
I just love the white cartoonish artworks, it looks like a combination of anime crossed with a cartoon show. And also the metallic pink body is so eye catching, it makes it so much easier spotting the mascara from afar in the clutter of my makeup which really helps when I'm in a rush.
Honestly if there was a line of makeup where they packaged their products with a pink metallic case, I would cry. IT JUST LOOKS SO DAMN GOOD!!

Aside from the lovely packaging, Fairydrops is known for its wand shape (I like to think of it as 3 blobs), as well as the fibers in the formula to create a lengthening effect.
My main concern with my lashes is keeping a curl as well as separating the lashes while keeping it voluminous. But if a mascara can hold a curl, thats still good enough for me even if it doesn't tick the other boxes.
With the Fairydrops Mascara Im proud to say that it ticks everything in the good books for me. The pros outweighs the cons for it.

Top-Bottom: Natural, Curled, Curled +1 coat Fairydrops mascara
Theres something about the way my lashes look with the Fairydrops Mascara that I love. I think its because it holds a friggin curl and separates the lashes without a clump, whats more to love?!
I find that you can build it up for more length without it becoming clumpy as the fibres helps tremendously in lengthening.
The oils on my lids (aka lid sweat) actually cant defeat the formula to this as I'm always coming back home at the end of the day with my lashes looking the same way as it did after applying mascara to them.
Even if you shed tears or have water splashed onto your eyes, this fella will not budge. 
In saying this though, you do need an oil based remover to remove the mascara properly.

Looking at the pictures above, it makes me gush over this mascara. But like I said how the pros outweigh the cons, they really do.
Theres only 2 things about this mascara that I wouldn't say would make it my all round holy grail mascara.
Sadly the wand is a tad too big for me to neatly apply it to my bottom lashes without it smudging. Though working with it slowly while looking closely to a mirror will prevent the smudging, I am a lazy person so if a mascara can do the job quick its a winner but sadly for the Fairydrops its not that great for the bottom lash department.
Lastly one that doesn't really bother me that greatly is the distribution of the fibres. Most of the time it blends in greatly with the top lashes with no problem but for my bottom lashes it doesn't evenly spread across all my bottom lashes. Some days I might get one fibre stuck onto one lash while the other lashes get no fibre, so I usually end up pulling the fibre off in order to make my lashes look even. 
I have been using this as my go-to mascara, as theres no need to think whether this will smudge or not or if my lashes will be curled. Highly recommend this to those who have issues with their mascara not being able to with stand a curl!

Have you tried the Fairydrops Mascara? If so, what are you're thoughts?


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    1. thanks Lily!! Props to this mascara I would say :D

  2. Your natural lashes are so long! I'm trying out an Etude House lash primer with fibres but I'm so tempted to just buy this one now LOL
    And by the way- your brows are so perf hehe

    t w o p l i c a t e s

    1. Aw thank you!! Definitely try this one out if you get the chance :)