Saturday, May 12, 2012

Revlon Lip Butters - Peach Parfait

This review is mainly on Peach Parfait

Today I went Mothers Day Shopping, I planned on buying the Revlon Lip Butters in Tutti Frutti for her since she liked the orange colour and buy myself Peach Parfait. So I went around the stores trying to find the cheapest one, which was Mychemist

Price: $18.65

Australias prices aren't worth it since I heard over in America the Lip Butters are around $7 I think? 
It was on sale, 15% off, so I saved myself $3.29 which isnt that much but from all the good reviews about it everywhere I had to get it. You really only get that much product so I'll only be using it for outings/special occasions

Packaging: 4/5 Stars

The packaging looks really classy from the diamond patterns on the 2 sides and then the other sides were frosted . What I didnt like about the packaging was actually opening the lid, you really only have around a centimetre on the bottom to hold onto and why that's bad is the lid is actually tightly held together with the bottom, so it takes some strength to open it and sometimes my hands slip and it made me drop it on the ground and made the product all dirty :( But It's good to know that it's closed while its in my bag.

The colour isnt that pink, my camera made the colour brighter :(

Product: 3/4


• The Colour is buildable
• Lasts a few hours after eating, drinking talking etc
• It's not sticky
• Moisturising
• Has no taste 
• Smells really nice, but the smell isn't noticeable, only if you smell it very closely.


 There's glitter in it.
• The colour doesn't do that much to my lips, it looked like a very sheer red colour. But the colour did look like what it was on the tube.


Overall I did like this product, just not the colour. I would definately buy it again only when it's on sale. I will probably try Candy Apple, Sweet Tart, Berry Smoothie, Sugar Plum or Pink Truffle, just the natural pink shades.

I will now end this post with a swatch of it (:

The colour reminds me of Eyeko Fat Balm in "Strawberry" when it's on my lips.

Have a nice day!
and btw, The Everyday Makeup Tutorial will be filmed tomorrow, I bought my tripod today (:

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