Sunday, May 27, 2012

Essence Eyeshadow- Dream Team

So I found this pretty baby at Target and I really wanted to try out the Essence eyeshadows since there was quite a lot of good reviews about it. I'm also on the hunt of trying out new cheap eyeshadows.

Price: $2

This is probably the reason why I bought it, the price was discounted to $2 in a bowl full of the rejected makeup. For $2 the eyeshadows would equal to $1 per colour which isnt that bad considering that you get quite a lot of product.

Packaging: 3/5

-To be honest, I thought the packaging was quite cool because of the logo on the side. 
-It was also a good idea that the lid was a slide out instead of popping it up. 
-Very sturdy, but opens easily as well

The eyeshadow is on my lashline and inner corner.

Product: 4/5


• It actually lasts on my lashline really well it stayed for around 5 hours and only smudged a small bit.
• It is buildable
• Compact
• Decent pigmentation


• Doesn't come with an applicator
• Takes awhile to get the desired amount of colour on since it's buildable.


Without flash

With flash


Overall I really love this product on my lashline and inner corners, it really does stay on better then my pencil eyeliners and gel liners, I would definately buy it again. It was worth the buy!

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  1. Nice eyeshadow colors but I believe they should have some more colors in it. Because we usually apply different colors.Black and white are not that common.