Saturday, July 7, 2012

Latest Haulage!

Sorry for the inactivity! I just don't have the time to blog even though it's the holidays but here's the latest beauty haul I have done.

So a few weeks ago I went shopping and bought a lot of stuff which were on sale since it was the end of financial year sale :D I bought a lot of jewellery & clothes but not many beauty products which is kind of sad... but I only bought 2 things which were:

Maybelline One by One Volum' Express in blackest black- $10 @ Priceline

A review will be coming soon on that, and all i can say is it is best mascara I have ever used in my whole damn life.

Ulta3 Nail Polish in French Pink- $2 @ Target

I needed a new pink nail polish since I used all of my pink ones so I bought that, its a very sheer polish that I think is supposed to be used for a base of french manicures since it is the perfect baby pink colour but it goes into a a deeper baby pink after a few coats of it.

I also bought an eyelash curler at Daiso! I didnt take a picture because I forgot I bought that

Then today I also went out shopping to go buy my penpals birthday present which was a toy giraffe and a penguin witeout, I'll probably be buying more presents for her next week, which means more shopping! Ill be visiting Priceline and hopefully buying the new Savvy by db nail polishes, and Ill maybe do a review (: Anyways onto the haul!

Garnier Clean Sensitive 2 in 1 Gentle Make-Up Remover- $7 and something cents, sorry I didnt even print out a receipt -__- @ Safeway

Might do a review! It was on sale and I was tempted to try it so I bought it.

Ulta3 Nail Polish in Red Glitter- $2 @ Safeway

All I can say is it is sosososoo pretty on the nails and with a red base! (I will take a picture once my pink nail polish starts to chip on me)

Homebrand Make-Up Removal Pads- $1.70 i think @ Safeway

Yeah I needed them so I could use the Garnier makeup remover, it was the cheapest alternative too.

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