Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Dollywink Pencil Eyeliner - Black

My dad came back from Hong Kong/Macau just yesterday and bought me some makeup that I requested which I'll prob be doing more reviews on, so watch out for an EOS Lip Balm review and Skin 79 Super BB Triple Function!
Anyways this review will be about the Dollywink Pencil Eyeliner in Black, honestly I asked my dad to get the Liquid Eyeliner incase I ran out of present one but I did want to try the pencil one out so Im still happy (:

Top: Liquid Eyeliner  Bottom: Pencil Eyeliner
Front & Back view

Price: HK$79 around AUS$9-$10 

The price really didn't matter to me since my dad bought it haha, but if I used my own money to buy it I would definitely consider getting it! [[You will see why later on]]

Packaging: 4/5 Stars

Honestly, the packaging is the cutest I have ever seen, it just makes me want all the eyeliners to be packaged like it! The only downside to it is taking the lid on/off, i mean its easy to take off but when you put it back on I didnt even know if it was closed or not. This is my opinion so some other people may disagree, but silly Angel didn't fully put the lid on tightly so it fell off. All you have to do is push it in till it cant be pushed but I have an ocd if I push too hard on a lid to an eyeliner pencil that it might squish the product...yeah im odd.

Conducted some tests to see its power!

Product: 3.5/5 Stars

So the pencil pretty much glided in the skin very smoothly, it was quite pigmented, but not as pigmented as the Milani Liquf'eye (most pigmented eyeliner I have). So I did a few tests to see how it compared with Milani.
Smudge Test: I rubbed pretty hard with my finger and the Milani one smudged more than Dollywink but the Dollywink did smudge only a very small bit.
Water + Smudge: I ran my hand over with warm water, nothing happened so then I started rubbing and guess what? The Milani one started to go off, I was actually really surprised with the results. Dollywink has amazing staying power during the tests!
Used it on my waterline :)
Okay so onto the lasting power on the waterline!
[[I did cheat and reapplied on the "3pm" picture]] But I went out with the Dollywink from 3-6, walking around and eating and it did start melting off the waterline, but Im just happy it didnt run down and create panda eyes like most of the pencil eyeliners I use!

I really do like this pencil most than the Milani since the Water+Smudging test amazed me a lot. But they are very similar once on the waterline. But I would personally get the Dollywink since it lasts longer than Milani. Milani is much more creamier which wastes more product, in my opinion, but the Dollywink is creamy but isnt so creamy that the product goes low fast. But if you prefer a darker and creamier pencil eyeliner I would recommend Milani, but since I don't like harsh lines I prefer Dollywink. I would definately buy it again.

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