Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Dads back!

After a few months, my dad is finally back from Hong Kong!
Whenever he goes back to Hong Kong I always ask him to buy me stuff from Sasa. (I wish i went there myself)

K-Palette- 24 Hour Real Lasting Eyeliner
His first trip to Hong Kong this year, I asked him to get me Dollywink Liquid liner, sadly it has nearly ran out (probably 10-20% left) and I asked him to get me the 24hour Real Lasting Liquid Eyeliner. I've just started using this and I can say it is just a little bit better than Dollywink!

HadaLabo TAMAGOHADA Daily Face Wash
My Nivea face wash was running dangerously low (my mum used the rest today) and I did a bit of research on the HadaLabo brand and found this, it had so many fantastic reviews (literally). Used it yesterday and all I can say is... wow 

HadaLabo GOKUJYUN Super Hyaluronic Acid Lotion
Along with the Face Wash I also asked for the Lotion, since I am suffering from dry patches of skin around my nose, fore head and parts of my cheek (i also have oily skin) I also used this aswell, and so far so good. :D HadaLabo is amazing, cannot wait to try out more of their range!

I didnt expect my dad to buy me this but it reminded me a lot of the Anna Siu mirrors, the whole design looked similar besides the picture of the rose. Looks so fancy and princess like!

Random Masks
This wasn't in the first picture because I only got this today while my dad was clearing out his suit case, he gave me 2 Beauty Diary Masks and a MissFace Mask, can't wait to try them out! :D

Any of you tried out these products? Which should I review first? (excluding the masks) :)


  1. The mirror (wait, is it a mirror? hehe) looks so pretty! Definitely looking forward to a review on the HadaLabo face wash and lotion! I've heard so much about Dolly Wink eyeliners but I am absolutely terrible at using liquid eyeliner, so I stick to pencil and gel :)

    1. Haha yeah it's a mirror! I agree that pencil and gel is way easier to use, sadly they don't last on my eyelids so I have to stick with liquid :(

  2. i love that kpalette eyeliner! it's amazinggg <3 i'm a new follower btw, hi! :D

    1. Me too, I wish it was more available here in Aus! :( aw thank you, welcome to my blog! :D