Sunday, November 11, 2012

Rimmel London Eyebrow Pencil - Dark Brown

I don't know about you but doing my eyebrows would be the first thing I do after my face routine. Eyebrows are the first thing I care for seeing as though I accidentally messed them up in the past.
If you didn't know, awhile ago I had a little spree and decided to spend my money on the Rimmel London Eyebrow Pencil, I had been using my Daiso Eyebrow Pencil which was just...crap. I thought why not spend more money on a brand I trust more?
I got it at Priceline on sale for $6.80, it usually retails for $8.50.

There were only 3 colours available, Hazel, Dark Brown and Black Brown. 
I got the colour in 001 Dark Brown since my hair colour is a brown colour (naturally black hair).
Not that happy that they didn't sell a wide range of colours. 
You would probably have to buy the Black Brown if you have darker hair. 

On the lid of the pencil, it had a brow brush which did come in handy to blend out the harsh lines made by the pencil while also grooming my brows.

Plain old eyebrow pencil
Now what I don't like is that the pencil itself wasn't sealed up with plastic. Its lid was free of anyone just opening it and testing it out.
I forgot to check if mine was tested or not so when I got home I saw that the pencil was blunt, flat looked used but luckily it wasn't fully noticeable (blunt to the very tip) so it wouldn't do any harm to just sharpen it again!


No flash
With Flash

I know I didn't go to the very edge of my eyebrows, I usually like to fill them in naturally and also put eyebrow powder over it. I only use pencil to line the edges since I have some spaces which powder won't do the job.
For the lasting power it did start to fade. I have school for 6 hours and I have very oily skin, I don't like to touch up my make-up during my breaks so it's important for me to find products that last. Sad to say this pencil didn't reach to my standards. Though I am still finding my holy grail eyebrow pencil.

Have you guys used this product? What's your favourite eyebrow pencil? :)


  1. I just bought this today! Its disappointing to know it doesn't last long, thanks for the heads up hun! My face gets oily too throughout the day.

    1. Glad to find another person with oily skin :D I hope it works for you, its pretty amazing...excluding the lasting power

  2. Yes I am trying to find the perfect eyebrow pencil too! I did see the Rimmel eyebrow pencils but I decided to be cheap and go with the Essence brand. Sadly stay power isn't too great either. Thanks for the review, I'll probably try something else besides Rimmel when I look for another pencil!

    1. Too bad the Essence one didn't last, I was going to try that one next! I'll probably be happier to use the Rimmel one during winter (less oil on my skin). When you find your perfect eyebrow pencil, let me know :)

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