Saturday, November 17, 2012

Rimmel London The Max Bold Curves Mascara - Black

Got this mascara in a part of the Rimmel Xmas 2011 Pack (post here).
Rimmel Mascaras honestly never caught my eye (besides the bright colours), I was always interested in the Maybelline mascaras so I was happy to get it in the gift pack. 
I needed to try out some new mascaras, which is pretty hard for me to find the perfect mascara. I like to look for non clumpy, flake free, holds a curl, lasts all day and easy to take off mascaras. (I have high expectations in my mascaras).

Back of the tube
Got the colour in 001 Black

Claims to give 'Big, bold lashes in a flash, Exponential Volume and Lift Mascara.

The wand

The wand really shocked me when I pulled it out of the tube, it was pretty big. The curved shape was supposed to 'curl' and lift your lashes, which never works in my books since I have stick straight lashes, but the curved shape was big enough to cup majority of my lashes in one sweep.
The formula was quite drying and clumpy on the bristles which you would have to wipe off the excess. 
I am no mascara expert but the brush itself seemed like one of those clich√© curling/volumising brush.

Bare lashes, curled lashes, one coat of mascara...droop
Sad to say I didn't test the lasting power since I gave this mascara away to my friend due to the fact that it didn't hold a curl. After a few minutes it started to droop. Though I did like how it made my lashes look, it wasn't that clump, lengthened a tiny bit and volumised a tiny bit, looked very natural and it didn't flake!
I would'nt repurchase this but for those who would like to try this mascara out you can get this at Priceline for $15.50 or any store that stocks up on Rimmel products! :)

Birds eye view

Natural Looking


  1. Oh how I hate drooping eyelashes! Rimmel's Glam Lash is amazing! It actually holds a curl really well and is my favourite mascara (the one I have has a gold lid, can't remember the exact name!) Thanks for the review :) So many mascaras claim things that don't exist :(

    1. Ill keep a look out for that mascara! i think i've heard about the one with the pink/black lid. I know! I wish they were more honest about the product :(

  2. Thanks for following my blog! Just followed yours!
    Awesome review! I love the pictures of your eye :)
    Its awesome that your from Melbourne! So am I :)


    1. No worries! aha thanks :)
      Yay! nice to see another Melbournian blogger :D