Saturday, November 3, 2012

Sigma E40 Arrived!

Bought the Sigma E40 around 1-2 weeks ago and recieved it yesterday!
I was completely excited when I got this in the mail, seeing as though this is my first ever Sigma brush I own. 
So the brush came in a long parcel, which included card, brochure and a box containing the brush (reminded me of the apple pies that Mcdonalds sell)

The card contained instructions on cleaning and maintaining the brush. Pretty helpful if you don't know what Spot cleaning and Deep cleaning is!

The brochure showed the collection of the individual brushes, I really want to get the F40 next for my bronzer and probably the E30 & E65. 

Lastly the box containing my brush.

Review coming soon~

The brush I got was the E40 or the Tapered Blending brush, I did mention I wanted a brush for blending and  for the crease so I really wanted this one. 
I'm definitely going to save up for the Mr Bunny set next, so happy with the quality and the fast shipping! 


  1. Sooo exciting! Got my Real Techniques brush set this week also!:)

    The Misty Mom

    1. I've heard good stuff about the Real Techniques brushes! Sadly they are too pricey for my wallet :(

  2. I love this brush! Great choice in first purchase :)


    1. Thank you! It's being apart of my makeup routine ever since I bought it :D

  3. What a huge box for one brush, haha good choice of purchase though! Love the E40 :)